How to increase your penis size?

Most men, about 75% are quite normal and the Standard penis size, and it is about 12-18 cm in the location of Erection. However, surveys show that, despite this data, many still dissatisfied with the size of your Penis and want to increase it. Doctors often discourage their patients from thought make a surgical Operation to enlarge.

Why is it necessary at all?

how to enlarge his Penis

Causes it can be very many, and every man his a good reason to see a doctor or start taking drugs. Of course big sex organ is certainly a reason for pride. On the beach, in Sauna or steam room, show anywhere where it is possible, in all their Splendor, each of the astonished looks of the women, and envy will catch the men of. Someone sincerely believes that the enlarge the Penis you must first and foremost thus, the self-consciousness appeared. Taken to the assumption that the large size associated with the power, aggression and male sexuality. Therefore, apparently, long and thick Penis inspires a sense of confidence in the man itself and, perhaps even superiority over others.

Methods of penis enlargement

The reasons are actually, it can be very many, but all are in finally, a toast to a simple question: "how can you enlarge the Penis?". To answer is problematic, because currently there is quite a lot of techniques, each in their own way effectively, and can to different results. Among the most popular is, of course, a surgical the Operation, as well as the ingestion of various drugs, which, according to the claims Manufacturers can increase their Penis size without the intervention of doctors.


Everyone knows that the surgical method is always sure it is, with some difficulties to come Operations always. This is especially true if you operate this an important Organ. No one would argue that medicine can offer today Patients the advanced approach, highly skilled professionals and the latest Equipment, but the risk always remains. The doctor tries in the first line convince the patient of the necessity of the Operation to increase, with the argument the fact that the size is not the most important. By the way, many women also talk from this, of course, and the surgical intervention is better to abstain. However, if You have decided, then we must be willing to a long Period of the restoration, does not run quite smoothly, but it will tell you the skilled in the art. In General, there is an opinion that a surgical procedure can useful only if the Patient is there is any physical Deformation of the Penis, which then need to be fixed. Penis enlargement the same thing serious and responsible, therefore here it is necessary to think carefully a number of times. Although the effect usually reaches a pretty good, but at what price...



Currently, the pharmaceutical market is simply overflowing Drugs, the promise, the male Penis increase rapidly and without Operations. All of these Tools work on the same Schema by Effect on the cavernous body of the Penis, the stretched, full to the brim with the blood, which promotes in any way visible increase. However, there is the opinion that all of this primarily effects rather sub-conscious level, so that after a prolonged ingestion of these or those Drugs the man begins to think that sex organ really was more. An increase in the size, of course, but it is not as big as it is after the surgery, but goes much easier and safer.

What to choose, just decide you. Here, you can never forget that the effects on any organs, including the sexual Member — it is not always safe, so before you do something you must seek the advice of a specialist.