Ways to increase the size of the Penis

All men, without exception, no matter the size of your Penis. And if it's not enough, then there are many complex and the question arises how you can enlarge your Penis. But not always, this Problem should be the angle of this view. In General, people underestimate themselves, and as a small Penis, the length of which fits perfectly into the framework of the "Standards". Normal Penis size is 13 to 16 cm men's with such a "warrior" is not to worry about the increase of the member. Now, those whose dimensions are small, can you enlarge Penis in several ways.

The Operation to increase the Penis

how to enlarge his Penis

It is the most expensive way to enlarge your Penis. The surgical treatment is carried out in the clinic, but does not require a long hospital stay. Its essence consists in the fact that is deleted and to the front underside of the Penis, which is hidden behind the pubic bone cloth pushed. This process enables to enlarge your Penis up to 3-4 cm after the surgical treatment there is a shift of the Penis – it is a bit lower than before the Operation and in the case of the erection – more gorisontalen.

The disadvantages of this method of penis enlargement is not only in high costs but also the need after a while, Extender wear, keeps the base of your Penis and there is not return to the starting position.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercises to enlarge your Penis, a man you can spend at home. Therefore, it is one of the most comfortable and most effective methods. You are in vytjagivanii of the Penis during erection. With the fingers in a tight Ring base member is clamped and produces fast, intense movement forward. The exercises effectively and safely, you must follow a few rules:

  • Tail and hands must be clean;
  • use special lubricants and creams;
  • Pretreatment in the Form of massages;
  • by running regular.

In the "extrusions" need to change the direction by tail-to-top, bottom, and sides.


Can you pump your Penis through a vacuum or a pump. This method is for those men who can not achieve, the extension of the Penis by exercises because of the lack of excitement. It consists in the fact that a member is in a vacuum, with the aid of the conditions for the additional supply of blood to the tissues of the body. It is a medical procedure, and it is called hyperemia.


Your Penis can enlarge with a special Instrument called an Extender. There are several types of these devices:

  • Cingulate cortex;
  • Vacuum.

But the principle of operation is about the same. The Extender consists of 2 parts, one of which is worn on the underside of the Penis, and the other on the head. Between the ties rods are inserted, the distance between them is adjustable, and increase. Through the strain relief, the Stimulation of growth of tissues and male sex organ "is growing".

Extender you need to carry a few hours of the day, but he makes no strong complaints. But the result of many men – 3-4 cm will be like in a few weeks.

Medicines and ointments

If for any indicators of the previous methods Penis don't fit, then you can have recourse to the most simple way – the admission of drugs. But here, too, there are "pros" and "cons". Ointments and gels, the enlargement of the Penis, have only a temporary effect and act on the principle of the flood of the blood to the tissues. This procedure can be up before the intercourse, but after 2 hours, the effect of the ointment and the Penis comes to its usual standard.


Some men take hormone supplements that can help with prolonged regular use, the sexual owner of a large Penis. But the application of hormones can be dangerous for the health.

All of these methods are in varying degrees of effective and help, to feel a man, something special, sexy, and self-sufficient. So, if there is a Problem with the size of the Penis, you can try to solve them, with a little effort and diligence.