Methods of penis enlargement at home

Penis at home – a simple and affordable Option for any man. Thanks to the techniques, not simply sex organ longer and thicker, but also to eliminate or prevent problems with the reproductive System.

Penis at home

Advantages of home increase

If you don't bring strictly to all the rules for the implementation of the method, no harm to the body homemade methods

The enlargement of the male member in the house conditions, the men performed very often, so how to to the doctors are reluctant to units. In these methods its positive sides. These include:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Home remedies do not require large Cash costs in contrast to medical methods. This makes penis enlargement every man is affordable.
  2. Easy. Requires no special skills for the extension of the member. Enough rules to perform certain procedures, training, watched videos, and follow strictly.
  3. The absence of the necessity in creation of conditions for the increase. Many of the techniques you can at any time and anywhere. A special preparation is not required.
  4. Security. If you don't bring strictly to all the rules for the implementation of the method, no harm to the body home-made methods.
Attention! The ways of penis enlargement, there is a minus. The effect of them over a longer period. Requires patience to achieve the desired result.

Despite the fact that the methods refer to the traditional penis extension, should previously consult with a specialist.

Techniques, of which it is better to refrain

There are several methods of penis enlargement at home, one of which is to be abandoned. In the opposite case, a high risk of complications.

Attention! Many of the methods on assumptions and no confirmation of their efficacy is based. Only a doctor can effective penis enlargement tactics to pick up.


The most important negative effect of the drugs is a disturbance in the hormone balance

Most of the pills have in the extension of the male sexual organ, in its composition, hormones and biologically active substances. Similar means, in General, a greater number of contraindications and side effects.

The use of hormone preparations in the is able to help in increasing the penis size only in adolescence. In the pubertal period, the body actively grows and develops. After the completion of the growth of such tablets can help.

The most important negative effect of the drugs is a disturbance in the hormone balance. This, in turn, leads to a variety of side effects. This includes:

  1. Failure of erectile function.
  2. Malfunction of the gonads.
  3. Decreased Efficiency.
  4. Impairment of the psycho-emotional condition.
  5. The emergence of somatic pathologies.

Also hormonal agents are able to a negative effect on the activity of the liver, and the kidneys, since they lead to increased Stress on these organs.

Ceiling Suspension Cargo

Penis at home recipes

The other method is not allowed for the increase in the size of the Penis, is the suspension of the charges to the Penis. The methodology has been used in ancient times by the African tribes. The young still in the age of the child suspended loads on the body of the Penis.

To increase over time the weight of the load. This process allows for the pulling of the Penis a few centimeters. But by such a procedure, thin tail, and impaired erectile function. Therefore, the hanging exercise is not necessary.

Effective methods to enlarge Penis

Penis at home – a simple and affordable Option for every man

There are several methods, which are able to increase manhood length and width. They also have a positive impact on the work of the sex organs promotes erection promotes the potency.


Massage – a real way to enlarge the Penis. The procedure not only helps body extend, but also to achieve the following effects:

  1. A normal blood circulation in the reproductive system.
  2. The strengthening of the erection.
  3. To prevent premature ejaculation.
  4. Boost your stamina of the body during intimacy.
  5. They increase the potency.
  6. Control over erection.

The Massage is with the help of various techniques. Which one is chosen, the man himself to decide. It is advisable to consult with a doctor. Enlarge male Organ can be 5 cm in length and 3 cm in thickness.

Attention! Only a regular and sustainable implementation of the Massage helps to achieve the maximum effect. It is recommended, cock massage every day. Positive changes occur already after a month a Massage.


The technique of Jelqing is a massing of the Penis. Because of the peculiarities of the procedure, it is as "milking". The technique produces a good effect, the increase in the size of the Penis, as well as normalize the potency.

Prior to the implementation of the technology of the organ to warm up. To do this, use different methods. You can just use a little hot, but not hot. Then the Penis result in semi-erigere condition.

Performed Jelqing, there are two possibilities:

  1. Organ maintained lubricant, prevents his body with two fingers by the Ring. Slowly, the hands from the base to the head, a little pulling on the Penis to move. The fingers should not be in contact with the head. You start the exercise with 40 reps, then gradually increase, but more than 200.
  2. Uncto liquid do not use. Member to bend the entire hand surface, evaporation to 10 seconds and deceleration to the front and side. Jamming strong, but so that he is not in pain.

Reviews about the technique of Jelqing positive. Men will notice that it can help your Penis to enlarge to a few centimeters, but the massing should on a regular the course of the long time


With the help of the exercises would extend and make it thicker

Exercises for Penis at home helps to normalize the blood flow to the Penis, strengthen the growth of the tissues of the body. With the help of the exercises would not only extend, but to make it thicker.

Effectively, the following exercises are:

  • Close the head with the Hand and pull the tail upwards to the right and to the left. Each time the repair, the Position for 10 seconds requires.
  • Buckle the Penis with the Hand, slowly raise your hands upwards. Reaching the maximum Amplitude, remains still for a few seconds, then slowly lower member.
  • Clasp body and turn in different directions.
Attention! The exercises should not bring pain. If you should the pain, the lessons be stopped immediately.

Ingestion of decoctions and infusions

Traditional methods of penis enlargement are taking the medium in the Form of infusions and decoctions of herbs. They are of the men is very rare. Homemade drugs act due to the presence of tannins in the composition of the plants. You can increase the size of your manhood alone, the herb will not be able to, but the means, on the basis of creating favorable conditions for the growth to normalize and potency.

Men use an Infusion of thyme. To 100 G of plant brewed Cup of boiling water, leave to cool. The resulting drug drink for two doses in the morning and evening before meals.

Good effect on the sex life prescription on the basis of garlic. 200 G of the plant is crushed, add 200 ml of alcohol, mix thoroughly, and give it brew for 10 days. You take the medicine, 2 times a day 25 drops.

Application of baking powder

Prior to the use of national funds for penis enlargement take a hot shower, steam, and cleansing of the skin

Traditional methods not only ends the intake of decoctions and infusions on the Basis of medicinal plants. To enlarge the Penis at home men with normal baking powder can apply. The product is available in every house, so that this method is not for all to see.

Prior to the use of national funds for penis enlargement take a hot shower, steam, and cleansing of the skin. After washing, the skin is wiped dry. Member smeared the entire length of the vegetable oil, and on top sprinkle the Soda in small quantities. For several minutes the organ is massaged with a sponge and washing Soda.

After completion of this procedure, manhood a couple of mm should increase. But the effect of Soda is temporary, the Penis back to its original state after a couple of hours.

Penis at home is possible, but without prior medical consultation methods go undesirable.