How to enlarge his Penis

All of the magic drug, the advertising shows, in the best case, you will be poorer, in the worst case, harmful to health. The only surefire method of Penis — to-make Operation, but it is unlikely that it costs victims.

What is the size — normal

The size of a normal Penis during erection — 10-18 cm, as the most. The average length 13,12, you will find a large scatter, and this is even without taking into account the thickness and shape. Pathologically small institutions (less than 7.5 cm during erection) are extremely rare. So it is likely the man who dreams of centimeters to purchase, in vain.

how to enlarge his Penis

Of the 92 people complained to the small tail, and in the University of Cairo, the really short body, none was found. That is, 92 perfectly normal guy, decided that this was a small genitals, if that's the case. Men with very small members do not exist, their number is so great as it seems, the people themselves.

How to enlarge his Penis with the help of the operations

The penis size has to urge no influence on the urinary and erection. So normally, every Operation after the increase in the member's only cosmetic and it is not recommended anywhere, except plastic surgery clinics. At the beginning of such an intervention for men have been developed in which it can difficulties with the water due to injuries, or deformities.

During surgery serious complications:

  1. The Infection.
  2. The formation of scars.
  3. Impotence.
  4. The loss of sensitivity.

So you grab in the extreme case: if you do not, and if there is a medical Problem. There are various techniques, the dimensions of the member.


This intervention by a bundle of between the Penis and the bone. Sexual organ, does not appear to be in the vicinity of the bone, in the case of the erection for longer because it keeps Lig.

After the Operation, it is not necessary to create illusions. The member is neither double, nor a year and a half. Not a surgeon, if he is conscientious, not to say exactly how much the Penis will increase. Everything depends on the anatomical features of the individual patient, but the growth of more than 3 cm — this is either luck, or a myth. Therefore, the result of such an intervention is satisfied, only 35% of patients.

Even with a successful surgery, unwanted side effects can occur. Because of the transection of the ligaments of the angle of the rise of the Penis during erection, and part of the shame of the skin changes together with the hair blanket is transformed in the skin to the base element. Better not imagine how it looks.

Operations on Penis thickening

For thick cock, to use different implants made of silicone or from the own tissue of the patient. The controversial procedure, in which also many contraindications.

With the help of injections the Penis is also thicker. Patients take the fatty tissue and lead to your cock. As a result of Organ swells and becomes wider. But in short: the method of many unpleasant consequences. The most common fatty tissue begins unevenly moved under the skin. At the end in some places, clumps, and other Dips. You can correct the shape and appearance only by surgical intervention.

How to enlarge his Penis without surgery

the Operation according to the increase of the member

There is no "home" methods that would help make sex organ bigger and thicker. Everything that it promises infinite growth, is a Marketing ploy or deception. This is what works:

  1. Tablets. Penis enlargement pills is a food Supplement made from a blend of vitamins, herbs, and extracts made of rare ingredients and hormones. No such funds are not on the size of the member. Also, you are not registered as medicines, which means that their production is controlled by no one. Therefore, what is actually in the tablet (well, if anything) is unknown.
  2. Creams, Lotions. There was the same as in the case of additives, just another Form of tax. Because of the local irritation, or swelling, you get to increase may be a temporary effect, but it is unpleasant and dangerous: these cosmetics is not also check.
  3. Hell Of A Mix. Advertising offers can be found on questionable sites and offers, something from the balm "asterisk" and baking powder, or from other, not less strange ingredients. In which the shares are neither offered ingredients, mixing we do not recommend to apply the result to the Penis, as anywhere else.
  4. The Pumps. The mechanical action on the Penis is causing the flood of blood and a little swelling, so that for some time a member seems to be more. But it passes quickly, and if the pump frequently to the tissue of the Penis damage, so that it is deformed or the problems begin with the erection.
  5. Exercises. The technology "Jelking" is this self-massage is a member of the base to the head with a delayed ejaculation. As with any other DIY methods to increase the exercises is no evidence of the work, but there are complications: pain and deformation.

It is still an invasive method for the application of Extender, the modest efficacy of confirmed by a little research. Several months of use an Extender can make your Penis 1-3 see But these studies are too small and are not one hundred percent confirmation of the effectiveness of the methodology. To not recommend, in addition, stand-alone increase: this could be used to damage the blood vessels, narrowing of the urethra, priapizmu.

What can I do if a member appears to be small

To repeat how much the that the size is not important, take care of the men.

The most interesting is that according to surveys, women in 85% of cases, the extent of the partner like. Men of the same length and girth of your Penis fits in only 55% of the cases.

If not, you are not thinking about the size, try to at least, what is in your power.

The real way to enlarge Penis size — reduce the size of what is around him. Of course, it concerns only men with overweight. Sometimes it is enough to lose weight, to the surrounding tissue stopped hiding sex organs. Solid press than the average member looks better abdomen the large.

small cock

This is easier to put in order, the Vegetation, if it is too hard. For example, with a Trimmer.

And remember: what to show in the porn, is the result of the Castings and of the peculiarities of the recording. To suffer as because of the often imaginary problems, pay attention to the physical health, power, and art of Sex.