How to enlarge his Penis with the help of baking powder

In today's world, many men agony began to experience, due to the small size of his Penis. Someone begins to think that their Penis is not big enough after watching pornographic films, happened to someone sexual organ looked at a neighbor in a public restroom, and someone expressly declared Partner.

It should be understood that there is no uniform Standard, so no scale, according to the attributed to a member of a small, a medium-sized or larger aggregates. Clearly known, that excited Penis whose length is less than 8 cm, a deviation from the Norm. Length 12-16 cm than the average and if the tail has a length such that they should not interfere with complex, out of the blue and all of the questions "how to enlarge his Penis".

how to enlarge his Penis Soda

In Fairness it should be noted that on the pleasure provided women penis size has to know the last value is much more important to how your instruments. One way or the other, the attempt, the member at all times there have been many, and today there are a dozen ways to do it at home and with the help of medical techniques.

Methods of penis enlargement

Penis pumps can with the help of special additives, the centrifugal weights, vacuum. Not less popular special massages, surgery, special ointments, and gels. It is not all of the methods, but becoming more and more popular lately is the use for these purposes the usual baking powder.

Soda is good because it is easily accessible, has no contraindications, and the recipes of their application does not require any special preparations or any specific techniques.

There are several ways to make your Penis with the baking powder at home. A possibility is the current effect, the better FR is suitable for the carrying out of sexual intercourse. The other Option requires long-term use, but the effect is more stable and durable.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that, in General, Soda has a positive effect on the human body and helps to strengthen the immune system. It has long been known that good health and self-confidence have a positive impact on the degree of excitation and the duration of sexual intercourse.

So you use baking powder in a Wellness Plan helps to improve the potency.

But baking soda can would not only increase the gain of potency, but also dimensions.

Short-term enlargement of the Penis Soda

The first method involves the short-term effect, which is perfect before a date. According to reviews on the Internet, you can say with certainty that this method of Phallus increase to several hours to 2-3 inches, also, the erection is much stronger. Which means that the man can have his lover meet not only size, but also the elasticity of the Penis.

Soda Penis Enlargement

The method is very simple. A teaspoon of baking powder a member to dissolve in a glass of water, and after lowering him to 10-15 minutes. The procedure should have done an hour before the sexual intercourse to a baby tub. This recipe does not require constant use and, if necessary, only when necessary. There is information, that the way soda used, a few hundred years back, and the prescription penis enlargement with the help of Soda came to us from that time.

A long-term penis enlargement Soda

This method promises a longer effect, that is, it enables you to increase sex organ to a meeting with a girl, and on a continuous Basis. It is understood, however, to achieve high results, you can only after a long execution of the procedure. In this case, baking soda used as an exfoliant and it is necessary to RUB into the Penis to.

Of course, this should apply to cleansed skin directly after showering or bathing, when the skin and muted fabrics better absorb. Prior to the start of the procedure, the Penis is wet, it should, although some of the practice say that it is smudge best massage oil to include. This is the process even more enjoyable and safer. Thereafter, the baking powder should be rubbed with slow movements in the Penis.

Someone says that this is best done with the hands, others recommend the use of a soft sponge, in order not to damage the delicate skin on the Penis. RUB for about five minutes to produce, and have to wait another two to three minutes, then baking powder can be washed off. Perform the procedure three months to several times a week for two. Only then you can to any effect.


To use or not to use baking powder for penis enlargement every man should decide personally. Someone says that the technology really helps, someone says no. Doctors do not recommend the use of Soda ash during the procedures you can on the mucous membranes and a burning cause sensation.

Some men write in the reviews that sometimes after namazyvanie carry out a redness and some discomfort is generated. It can be explained by the individual sensitivity to the Soda, as well as excessive rubbing, because, during prolonged contact with the body, delicate skin of a member can be damaged, and taking into account the baking powder and this is the redness and pain could, the sensations.

Before the use of soda, you should check your sensitivity to. This will help you to understand whether you stay it or you should walk away from this method. It should be said that in pharmacies sells a special Spray on the base of soda, sprayed by the member States, and also in the Penis massaged. It is not convenient that they need to experiment with the dosage of baking soda to water, and in addition, the concentration of baking powder is not so high to cause any adverse reaction.

The rise of the Phallus – that is the dream of many men, and many women would not see your Partner's Penis more Standard size. However, as mentioned above, not always the size matters, and if the man in the bed is experiencing discomfort, you should search for the other stimuli, and rethink your approach to Sex, and if nothing works, then acquisition of the Penis with the help of Soda.


The best option would be an appeal to the doctors, but if for some reason the man hesitates, then Soda is one of the most effective and safest methods of penis enlargement at home, besides the cost is not so high to worry about that even in the absence of results of in vain spent money.