Vitamins for men to improve the potency

A healthy person can lead the sexual life in the course of life. The ability to have a sexual intercourse is called potency. This word is translated from Latin as a "possibility". In a broader sense criteria for the potency of the Penis are the voltage, the duration of sexual intercourse, the normal Libido. The reduction of the potency harm to recommend to the male conceit and affects his relationships with the opposite sex.

The reasons for the decline of male Libido

On the sexual performance of the man greatly his way of life, diet, heredity, and ecology influences. And if any of these "let you down", then it can lead to sexual disturbances, loss of erection, impotence. The Problem of the weakened potency, you can with the help of vitamins for men. But there are vitamins for the improvement of the potency, and how you choose the right one?

The reasons for the decline of male Libido

Reduced Libido or of a permanent nature can carry over. The loss of male forces, such factors can lead to:

  • Wrong diet with a predominance of fats and carbohydrates,
  • Bad Habits: Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs,
  • Bad ecology,
  • Inheritance,
  • Long Abstinence,
  • Stress,
  • Distrust,
  • Lack of exercise,
  • Disease.

<and>Temporary decline in sexual activity occurs because of fatigue or Stress, and here in the foreground, and psychological factors.</and> Permanent problems with potency - the Problem is more serious and requires diagnosis and treatment. Decreased sexual activity can occur as in the case of boys and adult men. But mostly men, older than 60 years.

Vitamins for the improvement of potency

<and> - We eat what we eat.</and> Asked if she ever thought about this expression? Our body is a complex structure, and from it an Element falls at least, then the whole System suffers. Lack of vitamins and trace elements affects the health of the internal organs, the external Form and the mood. To understand the sexual health of a man and his ability to get healthy child also depend on how and what he eats.


What vitamins are necessary for the improvement of the potency of the man?

  • <and>Vitamin C</and> strengthens the immune system and has blood vessels has a positive effect on the blood: makes you more supple and strong, reduces the permeability of the vascular wall. A sufficient amount of Vitamin C in the body is important for the fullness of the Penis tissue blood. Ascorbic acid performs the barrier function and prevent the penetration of pathogens into the organism of bacteria and infections.
  • <and>Vitamin D</and> is responsible for the production of the male hormone testosterone, responsible for male attractiveness and potency. A lack of Vitamin D, which is often observed in the winter months, it can erektsiyu deteriorate.
  • <and>Vitamin A</and> improves the reproductive ability of the husband, increases the potency and improves immunity.
  • Of particular importance for men vitamins <and>In the group</and><and> B6, and B12</and>. You are responsible for the normal function of the nervous system, involved in the manufacture of male Organ and improve erection.
  • <and>Vitamin E</and> is responsible for cell regeneration, as well as for the normal blood circulation in sexual Organ. It reduces the permeability of capillaries and improves blood vessels the condition of the blood.

For the smooth operation of all systems and the proper absorption of vitamins body minerals needed. The most suitable for men zinc and selenium. Zinc - an essential component in the production of testosterone. If the lack of a decrease in sexual drive, and the deterioration of erection. The lack of selenium has a negative effect on the quality of sperm and may be the cause of male infertility.

When should complex the additional intake of Vitamin-Mineral?

<and>Sparse and monotonous diet leads to beriberi and to reduce the male Libido.</and> Therefore fill in your warehouse complex vitamins, adapted to the male physiology. Indications for the recording, when the men seem to have difficulty with achieving a normal erection occurs when the premature ejaculation or reduced sexual drive.

<and>vitamins for men, women, and small children need in the fall and Winter.</and> you can Take to the prophylactic purposes. Some of the vitamin complex are specially designed for men who plan to conceive a healthy child. The planning of the pregnancy. such as responsibility fully, not only the woman but also man Because of his physical condition on 50% depends on the health of the not-yet-born people.

After 40 years, the metabolic processes in the body slows down men, therefore, at this time, it is important that the needs of the organism in vitamins and minerals. It is scientifically proven that men with an active lifestyle and watching your diet, the number of chronic diseases and problems with potency is significantly lower than their peers, the start up drive things.

Who double the vitamins be indexed?

<and>vitamin complex in case of improper use can be harmful to health, not less than medicine.</and> Therefore, before purchasing and the approval of a drug you need to make with the instructions. With caution you should the intake of vitamins people who are prone to allergies. Vitamin E in high amounts of harmful by cardiosclerosis and other heart diseases.

Medications, the effect of vessels is based on the expansion of the blood and capillaries, is not recommended at cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Some vitamins, men with diseases of the liver, the kidneys and the stomach can damage. Not to forget the vitamins, the dosage of the drug. Good should be in moderation.