How to enlarge his Penis without surgery

How to enlarge his Penis without surgery? This is a question often put men in the Internet on specialised Websites or as to the doctor.

Penis without surgery

It is possible, what we are talking about, after examination of the most important techniques and Tricks.

Cream or tablet – what to choose

In regard to the safe and effective pills such a buy, or at the pharmacy or at an Online provider. This does not require a prescription, but advise in the question of the selection of the drug – a prerequisite for the right choice.

In the basis of the above means of medicinal herbs – in combination, they provoke blood flow to the sexual Organ. Already due to this tail is thicker and longer – you must decide for those who have already proven themselves on the positive side.

The main thing – not to take the drug, citing the advice of friends or reviews, there must be a doctor to pick up, based on the results of the survey, the labormssigen analyses based.

Local Media

Also use special gels and ointments. These drugs can be divided roughly into 3 groups, duration in power of the desired effect:

  • In the short time;
  • for a long time;
  • used as a tool.

Use of goods

And how to enlarge Penis size without surgery? You are using an old and proven method – hanging in the Penis product. In all of his national origin, scientific substantiation, and even doctors believe effective in terms of increasing your manhood.

According to the medical research for 2 years, the wear on the Penis or to apply you can cargo an extension to a 2 cm Penis.

It is daily for several hours is uncomfortable, but visible results. As a disadvantage of this method is an increase, – decrease the sensitivity of the Penis, can not be excluded, and errors in the work of the internal organs and systems.


So Penis without surgery is possible at home and with the help of a special device – vacuum pump.

Penis is based on the principle of impact on sexual organ low – pressure under-pressure occurs the blood in the body and extends in the length and side.

Apart from this, 10-15 min to happen not only Penis size, but also the restoration of the erection – this practice is shown to enter just before the sexual intercourse. In addition to the increase of the genital organ in the amount, method, you can zoom in and the sensitivity.

Folk remedies and recipes

Not every man accept himself to the soul to write the above-mentioned methods to increase your benefits – they are painful and uncomfortable, expensive.

Therefore, it is possible to have recourse to remedies and recipes from the Arsenal of folk medicine:

special remedies for penis enlargement
  1. The grass chabretsa – sapariwajut starting from 20 gr.per Cup of boiling water and insist hour in the morning and in the evening, take half a Cup of. The course of the recording month.
  2. Alkoxide garlic – 25 drops three times a day, a course of at least 3 months. To breed the main thing in this case previously to the same parts with vegetable oil – this enhances the effect and not the permissible burn of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.
  3. Mixture from the fruits of hawthorn, and Ginseng root, the leaf of the tree Ginkgo – all components in equal parts. More on the glass of boiled water take 1 tbsp. L. a mixture of and, although a couple of hours, in the Penis is rubbed.
  4. A decoction made of seeds, wormwood – glass seed sapariwajut Liter of water, boil for 15 min. cook over low heat, and insist a couple of hours. After strain through a cheesecloth – take 50 ml of 2-4 times of the day. The course of phytotherapy month.
  5. The mixture of milk, Butter, with the addition of finely chopped asparagus, seeds of beets and carrots – cooked on low heat until complete devastation. Take 1 Tbsp. L. three times a day, course 1-2 months.

Each man chooses the recipe, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, tolerability of a plant-based component.

But the essence of each of the presented recipe – gain of the blood flow in the genital area and, accordingly, an increase in the length/thickness of the reproductive Organ.

Men have the positive aspects of the recipe data – prices and availability of raw materials, the simplicity and efficiency, Plus the recovery of the whole organism. The truth is that the first positive results will show up after 2-3 months and a few years later.

Exercises for penis enlargement

You can enlarge Penis with the help of special exercises it is quite possible. Man-to-home can be, these exercises independently, without the help of others.

Massage can be a partner in the practice, its sexy. How to tell the doctors – the last Version is much more effective, because the sexual arousal is in this case stronger.

This technique is the following:

  1. You heat up the tail with warm, but not hot water.
  2. Dry gently with a soft, well absorbent of moisture with a towel, and after lubricating Massage cream or Gel.
  3. With the help of Massage and flowing movements an erection.
  4. Continue to Squeeze the organ and release – repeat so several times. Optimally, you start with 5-7 compressions, each time, the increase in the number.
  5. After the Squeeze body is the entire palm of your hand and pull from the base to the head of the member and to the bottom – this will the increased flow of blood to establish allowed.

Practicing such exercises should be daily, but not more than 15 min. or until the appearance of an unpleasant, painful sensations. It is important to note that you practice these exercises in the morning, and in the case of the erection of not more than 50%.


Massage is since the middle of the genital organ, such as with the use of Vaseline or any other lubrication, as well as without.

exercises for the Penis

If the lubrication is no longer true practice of Massage movements not greater than 5-10 minutes of your time, and may not for a practice of more than 150 movements. Gradually increase the time of the Massage for up to 20 minutes, as the number of movements, but not more than 200 movements.