How to enlarge the Penis and potency

Each exercise has its intensity, and burden, to take account of what is necessarily. The transition to a more complex level, it should be done gradually and smoothly.

how to enlarge his Penis

The most important indicators for a good result of the treatment depends on the following parameters:

  • Cleanliness of the Penis and increases the devices;
  • comfortable posture;
  • compliance with the time interval;
  • The time of day;
  • the presence of a lubricant;
  • preliminary heating;
  • no pain;
  • Caution.

Compliance with the above-mentioned properties allows to reach with the success of longed-for dreams enlarge Penis.

All groups of exercises may be divided into:

  • spreading;
  • Circuit;
  • auxiliary.

Varieties of seizures, one of which is the type of exercise depends on:

  • Ring;
  • full confiscation;
  • Scissors;
  • Pickup et Al.

Exercises for the improvement of the potency

  1. Standing with a straight back to alternating high knee lift to the belly.
  2. On bent legs tighten and relax the buttock muscles and the muscles of the perineum during flexion the knees.
  3. You lift your pelvis, while in the supine position.

Exercises to increase the length of the Penis

"Cone" (forced erections)

Treatment Penis cream or lubricant to the translational vertical movements and the gradual increase of speed with two fingers, and lead him into a state of erection, before the start of the pinching Minute to the base of the Penis.

"Jelking" (pulling movements and their varieties)

Active pulling of the Penis in normal and aroused, is done by stretching the head. A maximum elongated Penis need to keep to 15 seconds. Release to repeat the exercise. The number of such "milking" in five minutes, to up to 100 times.


You need to slowly stretch relaxes the Penis within 15 seconds, 10 times. Such a "stretch", etc. in different positions: to the buttocks, up to the pubic bone, with the turns on the 360, spherical, inner stretching, and double stretching, V-Stretching, And Stretching

Exercises to increase the thickness of the Penis

The exercises are designed to thicken the Penis, also have a couple of severity Levels and divided into the following types:

  • Compression;
  • jelking;
  • Uli and his versions;
  • Bends;
  • Cycles.

Each exercise should begin the Training and the warming and ends with a Massage to the Penis relax and recover vessels activity of the blood. You need to take note of the safety instructions, and at the slightest sensation of pain, it is better to stop the exercise to avoid injury and long loads. After the Training, give the Penis should relax and have a rest.

Also increase Penis and can with a special concrete coating fixtures that you can wear up to eight hours of the day. But such possibilities, more painful and uncomfortable.

Methods of penis enlargement

By this simple exercise every day, you can get a stunning result: an increase in the size of the Penis, the correction of visible defects to achieve the improvement of the potency and MN.Dr. In addition to all of the above, you need to lead a healthy life style. This means: abandon bad habits, to eat healthy, not to be cool, to engage in sufficient physical activity to minimize Tests for immunity in the Form of diseases. All of this is trust is another indicator of a good mood and self.

The list of possibilities for a penis enlargement at home

Almost every third man secretly wishes to enlarge the Penis, although on such a decisive step far from all solved. Today, specialists have developed and offer a variety of methods for Penis of the man increase, but the high success rate still in the method of the surgery. During the Operation, there are a number of disadvantages — high cost and risks.

Based on this, many men prefer to look for ways on how to enlarge Penis in the home in various sources and the Internet. The main causes of the desire Penis, sexual dissatisfaction with the partner and also psychological problems of the man. But, before we find ourselves in such ways, you must agree with the generally accepted standards of sizes, without the influence of stereotypes and unfounded templates.

In General, it is possible Penis?

The first question that arises in many men, it is possible to enlarge the Penis without surgery.

But before you is the clarification of this question accurately you can define your own sizes, adjust with the physiological standards, and thus the usefulness of Penis want.

At the Moment, modern medicine and the knowledge of mankind is probably a few ways how to increase in fact, the Penis. Namely:

  • Surgery, costly and very risky;
  • Extender, then there is a specialized device for the extension of the member;
  • Pump with vacuum-way stretching of the Penis tissue;
  • Creams and Sprays for the home increase with a temporary effect;
  • Masturbation and Massage, warm-up and stretching of the tissues of the Penis.

In order to achieve good results in the home and attempts quickly to the Penis, you can use one or more methods. Combined approach in this case, plays only on the Hand, a man in his longings and desires.

How to enlarge a Penis in house conditions without surgery?

Despite the obvious skepticism about how you can try your Penis at home a large part of the most ardent skeptics still try the techniques themselves. Because it is only the personal experience can be a accurate proof whether or not such efforts, or still are, a divorce. The most important rule for achieving the target — regular implementation of in strict accordance with the recommendations.


The expert developed special exercises, through the regular execution leads to the heating and elongation of the tissue in the Penis, which means you can increase ● member in a home environment.

  • First, you heat the skin of the Penis with more elasticity of the tissue. In the woven bag a preheated pan, put salt, then apply to the member.
  • Next, you need to achieve the state of erection, but the sexual arousal to stop half-way. For this man a special lubricant need.
  • Then, with two fingers of the Hand the Ring is located at the base of the Penis. Together Ring is pressed tightly, it will stretch up to the head, as if he wanted to in the length of the Penis.
  • The implementation of a practice, the head not to touch need. First of all, about 40 pregnancy strips, gradually spend increase, up to 200 times.

This exercise for enlarging the Penis called Jelking technique, or Ghost images. As a result, the tissue of the Penis is warmed up, and that means that you are supple and extend.


There is still a method, if possible, pain-free Penis enlarge at home. In addition to the size, significantly increases the potency of the man. Prior to the Massage-exercises first of all, the skin is heated, using a lubricant. But the most effective is considered a soft towel and herbal broth for steam baths. Towel moistened in hot broth, after which use it for a few minutes in the Penis.

More the Massage is carried out on two types of massages in a relaxed state and during erection. Both methods involve elongation of the fabric. With the help of the palms, Penis will need a little lead in the active state, then it is clutching, as if dragging the Hand down and upwards. In addition, the Penis to rotate in a clockwise direction and against it, in turn, can.

Special Adaptations

To increase in addition, the growth of the Penis home, you can with the help of special devices. The modern market offers a wide variety of goods for such purposes, but the most effective as a vacuum pump, and Hydro pump, as well as Extender.

Vacuum pump — a device for the amplification of blood circulation, and stretching of the tissue from the Penis, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, and potency. Such a device comprises a special pump, pistons that work in Tandem according to the principle of negative pressure. After such a cavernous body of the Penis stretched and expanded, under a tide of blood to Penis bigger.


  • first you pump the air, which under the action of the negative pressure in the penile blood noise;
  • every day, apply to the attachment, must be from 5 to 20 minutes;
  • during the lesson you may be a slight discomfort is felt.

If the application of a vacuum causes pain pump, such activities have to stop or weaken the effect. If, in parallel with Pomp is to apply special creams for penis enlargement, the result will not have to wait long.

Hydro-pump — copy vacuum pump, but the pressure in this case creates a fluid. In addition, this pump has a mild effect, warns of violations of the Penis.


  • the bathroom wins the warm water to your level plated the man on the belt;
  • to lie in the warm water for 5-10 minutes to heat up the sex organs;
  • more pump is immersed in water, then you will need to enter it, a member;
  • you position the pump evenly around the Penis, supporting the scrotum must, before the effect of the vacuum;
  • with the help of devices, a vacuum is built up according to the needs of man in order to relax;
  • the vacuum does not relax, some of the leechers movements.

With such a tool, the length of the Penis can increase by improving the elasticity, and the elasticity of the tissue and vessels. In addition, with the help of these lessons, you can warn and even eliminate erectile dysfunction.

Extender — support suit, use in the home for penis enlargement. Such a device is ensured, a number of positive changes:

  • the ability to increase the thickness of the member and its length;
  • Strengthen the hardness and the fortress of the Penis during erection;
  • the duration of the sexual acts increases up to 60%;
  • To improve the anatomical shape of the member;
  • the results remain until the end of life.

The rules for the program require to wear the Extender slowly at first, until the Penis is not used to such loads. On average, you wear it should be of 4 to 6 hours, by the length of the linkage so that the man no pain felt, only a little discomfort. If severe pain is provoked, the wearing of devices for a while.

Sprays and gels

With the help of certain medicines, increase the head of the penis and its size, if you have the right one or the other drug. With each day industry, more and more resources for the growth of the Penis produces. But it must be remembered that such means generally require only a temporary effect, while they are applied on the skin of genital organs intended.

The most effective means for the growth of the Penis are considered to be those in which the active ingredient of ginger, Ginseng, glycine, or arginine. In General, it is the special lubricants, creams and gels, which is applied shortly before sexual intercourse. Thereafter, the components penetrate into the blood and enhances the blood circulation, as well as the heating of the tissue of the Penis. The resulting effect lasts for about 3 hours.

How important is size?

According to the statistics, the penis size is much more important than for men, while women appreciate the dimensions, but to use the ability, and the ability to. In terms of anatomy and physiology, the science has not confirmed that a normal Penis of the man must have a length of 12 to 18 cm, And not the last role plays the growth of men, by weight class, body type and race.

Not always a big Penis is the pride of the men. As shown, big-dick, the woman will not deliver during sexual intercourse lot of joy, but, on the contrary, pain and discomfort. And stereotypes about the fact that a large manhood is a subject of pride and a sign of masculinity dispelled a long time ago.


Before resorting to methods of penis enlargement, you have to come up with an expert in such matters Most efforts to increase the Penis for a reason, there are situations when you can cause damage. So, for example, special creams and gels for the growth of the Penis can assume the presence of contraindications to take into account the important before purchasing.

Exercises, Massage and the use of special devices cause trauma to the Penis, when such techniques apply by way of derogation from the recommendations. Every technology has to start with small, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of the application. And, of course, do not forget to moisturize the skin of the Penis, to warm up the tissue before the procedure.

Sometimes it is enough just to strengthen the erection

To enlarge male member, sometimes a man just need to reach a maximum erection. In the strength of the effect of negative factors, or due to sexual disorders, a smaller tail is a result of may be lethargic and not sufficiently strong erection. Therefore, the experts of men, return rates, use of procedures to increase the organ and the recovery of the erection by Masturbation.

On the Penis first applied moisturizing cream (cream can be used for the growth of the male member), then you can stroke your hands. If a member to rise under the influence of erection necessary to perform the movement upwards-downwards, as the skin of the Penis. You can also slightly squeeze the Penis heads, for example, that only the strengths, the flood of blood.

Folk Remedies

The folk medicine, the existence of special recipes and resources, thanks to which it is possible to increase the sizes of the Penis. But it has in an Arsenal of Tools that allow you to improve erectile function and potency. This special herbal aphrodisiacs — Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, thyme, or white thorn.


Useful for the improvement of the quality of the sexual acts, the tincture of wild oats, garlic tincture, and also the plant Pulmonaria officinalis. Now, the most favorite natural remedies for the sexual organs of the man is considered to be honey and walnut.