The truth about the Operation to increase the manhood

Ligament – genital plastic surgery to enlarge the Penis in length, in which the upper pushes pushed his few supportive (Ligamentun jockstrap, or ligament) and the most hidden part of the corpora cavernosa Tel. an Important role rehabilitation plays - even the Intervention of parents is ineffective without subsequent wear device (Extender, grabatum). For the achievement of the main outcome after the ligament a lot of time and patience.

the Operation according to the increase of the member


Aesthetic orientation of the broad ligament is not acquired so long. Such operations were formerly known as more in the treatment of various anatomical pathologies of the member. Today is the ligament completely healthy men resorted to be dissatisfied with the size of your Penis. In the official medicine this condition is called "penile dysmorpho phobia", but in an informal – syndrome "changing rooms". That is to say, a man is ashamed in front of strangers to undress because of the appearance of his member acquires for this reason a lot of complex to complete a intimate relationship. But some also completely normal Penis willing to raise him with the goal of improving your sexual life, to increase self-esteem.

In addition to the reasons of the aesthetic character of the indications for ligament the following pathology:

  • Epispadias (the wall of the urethra split);
  • Hypospadias (in an anatomically incorrect location of the urethra);
  • Cavernous fibrosis and consequences of injury of the member;
  • Peyronie's disease (acquired deformity of the Penis);
  • Hidden ("search", "deepen") the Penis and anatomical anomaly, if the tail of the outer cover is withdrawn, which is hidden in the subcutaneous tissue and the skin of the scrotum;
  • The membranous Penis (scrotum is a cutaneous ridge, the disturbing erections);
  • Micro penis (less than 12 cm in erection).
Aesthetic reasons taken into account, provided that the Patient is mentally healthy and has sufficient experience of sexual relations – that is, fully aware of what he wants from surgery.

Among the contraindications to mechanical damage in the affected area, skin and urological pathology, small coronal sulcus (nothing will Fix Extender). If a member at the time of erection more than 18 cm is, have expectations of the doctors ligament – it is recommended that the result in this case is in all likelihood not.

The expiry of the Operation and the results

In advance of the Patient with a urological examination, rents the whole necessary series of analyses. Immediately prior to the Intervention, the surgical area is completely shaved and disinfected. Is used for pain control or epidural anesthesia (a variant of local anesthesia, when the anesthetic in the epidural space of the spine through a catheter) anesthesia.

ligament can access by suprapubic or scrotal. The first method is technically easier for the doctor, but traumatica for the patient, so that the majority of clinics offers the second Option. The seam is unnoticeable in a month, sex life, after the complaints disappear.

the Operation to increase the member's earnings

Levels ligament (percutaneous access):

  1. Dick rises to the top, just along the seam of the scrotum, the cut, the fabric is apart.
  2. The assistant holds the incision open with the help of diffusers.
  3. With the index finger of the physician penetrates into the depth of the scrotum, always to the periosteum of the pubic symphysis.
  4. From the surrounding tissues and to displace in layers of bunch.
  5. A member is expected, in the new Position.
  6. The wound was disinfected and sutured. For a day in the Drainage.

As a result of the Operation, the angle between the hidden part of the Penis and the Vagina is ligament no longer holds the Penis inside. It is submitted that the possibility of more stretch freely cavernous body. Ligament, allows you to mobilize from 3 to 6 cm hidden root of the Penis. The result is most visible (extension, if the affected member to the pubic bone at a right angle). The next day, the Patient may have an increase in length of 1-1,5 cm notice the Further increase of already been carried out by mechanical stretching with the help of exercises and the wearing of the device.

The end result depends on the individual characteristics of the patient:

  • The size of the hidden parts of the corpora cavernosa (the set finally, free);
  • Elasticity of the blood vessels of the member;
  • The elasticity of the nerves and the urethra.
To more accurately predict total ligament with the help of the MRI. This study is not mandatory in the complex, but strongly recommended by some physicians.


The Operation lasts only 30 minutes, the subsequent prolonged hospital stay is required. Patients give 1-2 days to the end of anesthesia, and the recovery of physiological functions.

Rehabilitation after ligament is not less important, than the actual surgery. Literally a a Patient, you have to start Penis traction with the help of special devices. The procedures 2 to 4 hours will take to take per day and not less than 3 months (most of them need half a year).

Doctors differ in the opinion which device is better to use Extender or grabatum. The majority of the competent experts speaks in favor of the latter. The reason is simple: the design of the Extender provides a support ring that rests against the pubic bone and in fact the interior of the member, pushes back to the breast. This means an almost complete leveling of the results of the broad ligament. Extender use is advisable, a month after the Operation.

grabatum pulls the member with the help of the elastic belt. Thus, a long scar, which is in fact the extended ligament. Outdoor in the course of the round ligament spuma pubis angle will gradually become the connective tissue is replenished. If there is sufficient length of the scar's tail in its original location, and even the back, what a long-lasting and noticeable results. As a compromise, the doctors offer a combined device of the Peni Master Pro Complete Set, combines both devices.

In a series of clinics the resulting empty spuma pubis angle adipem iniectio requirit fill. However, most experts are negative: this substance is a lack of blood supply, which can provoke parents.

In the rehabilitation phase after ligament (about a month), doctors recommend, with Pomp erection, cock, lubricating Gel with dihydrotestosterone. It contains dihydrotestosterone stronger and healthier of testosterone. You take the latter with the aim of increasing the member's impractical.

The Result

the Operation according to the increase in the member's reviews

With respect to the increase of the length of the Penis to the round ligament, the rave reviews quite a bit. Many men claim that this Operation was ruthless and lazy – can achieve the same result exercises to traction, without the risk of occurrence of severe consequences and the loss of money.

The results of the survey of men, the round ligament:

  1. The result is visible immediately after the Operation, the income of the member was about 1-2 cm – 30%.
  2. The increase in the length happened to be Stretching in the course of the following exercises – 5,56%.
  3. The Operation proved to be useless – 64,44%.

Some men complain of complications. For example, bleeding (the period of Intervention sometimes extended to 1.5 hours). Can develop a large hematoma, the hidden, literally, in themselves and in the testicles and the pubic bone. This means that the retractor can not be used, at least within a week – lost valuable time. Sometimes the sensitivity of the penis disappears, the recovery is about 2 months. Similar often happens due to negligence of doctors who were not on deviations in relation to the coagulum of blood of the patient and the results of the other analyses, sloppily performed surgery.

In some men ligament, not growth, is reduced and sometimes even a member of the erection on 1-1,5 cm, Often as a result, the circumference of the trunk and head. Sometimes a curvature of the Penis nagging pain (hurt stretch marks after the surgery).

The most severe variant of the complications – necrosis-member. In consequence of painful procedure and a long recovery.

Alternative possibilities of the extension

The broad ligament is not the only surgical method of increasing the length of the Penis. There are also Alternative possibilities.

V-Y Plastic

The essence of the Operation consists in the creation of a in the pubic area (on the root of the Penis) constricting skin defect. First, the incision is made in the shape of the letter V, with the sewn up y. during the Operation, dissect Sling and supportive straps. As a result of member optically larger by the survey on the scrotum.

Possible complications in the Form of pus, the formation of rough scars and wrinkles. The latter can in the long term, manifest.

Method Perovic

The method is named after the name of Professor V. Sava Perovic. During the Operation, the Penis of man is literally cut to pieces: the head, the thickness of the corpus cavernosum, spongy tissue, mobilizes Neuro-vascular bundle. Then in the space formed between the head and the porous bodies of particles of cartilage or synthetic materials are implanted. As a result of the stretching of the nerves and spongy body, an increase in the length of the Penis to 2.5-5 cm.

Regarding the complications, then later perhaps, the formation of scar tissue, the mobility of the head (granulepos). Implanted cartilage to dissolve gradually, so that the original result will worsen. Synthetic implants are not able to rest.

the Operation according to the increase in the member's Rehabilitation

Operation SALEWA

The essence of the Operation consists in the introduction into the cavernous body implants of greater length than allowed dapibus coat. For loads on a couple of cuts to produce. In the case of the normal penile prosthesis only as a member of hardness, but during the Operation, SALEWA, there is a stretch of about 2 cm Insertion of the implants is done through a circular incision is 10 mm from the crown grooves.

For the Installation of prosthesis of greater length but smaller in diameter apply. Thus, their surface is cavernous tissue is covered, which significantly speeds up the healing process.


Ligament does not belong to the category of complex operations, and, therefore, a good source of income for many hospitals. But the optimal result is reached only highly qualified surgeons, the almost intuitive to calculate the allowable area of cut, and stretch of tissue. Mistakes and carelessness are not only the lack of increase in the length of the Penis, but also the impotence and even the loss of the organ. Important is the choice of the physician with real positive reviews, which is not written in the rule, on the websites of the clinics, as well as in specialized forums. Ligament, like any Operation, is a strong Stress for the body. A decision on its implementation should only be done when all conservative methods already tried, but without success.