Penis at home: overview of the folk ways

The man is of a nature to increase that in the course of life, regularly look in the search for ideal beauty and self-esteem changes. Girls and women, to lose weight, Mast, frizz and smooth the hair, shorn and their construction, visit beauty salons and put themselves under the scalpel of a surgeon. Yes, and men do not such a procedure be shy, but in the case of the powerful, there is still a concern. A whole series of problems of small penis size. Therefore, the owners of more than modest deal would be: surgery, use of tablets or produce Penis at home? Amazing, but the last Option is quite affordable and useful. Opportunities don't grow sex organ to go to bed under the surgeon's knife there is, the main thing — to use right techniques and do not harm health, so you should understand, whether really it is necessary even to experiment at home.

as a member of the house increase

There is a standard sizes of the member

Actually, strictly fixed indicators cannot exist in principle. It is believed that a member of a length less than 8 cm — a deviation from the Norm. Like it or not, decide man. Because in real life everything depends on the opinion of the owner of such a body and to the preferences of the second half. The more doctors long ago debunked the myth that only a giant Phallus in a woman to be satisfied. It is proved that the dimensions of the Penis in any way, affect.

If the desire to lose weight measuring spoon, appears with his "friend", then this should be right. The Penis should be so nervous, and the ambient temperature is not lower than the room temperature. The measurements are from the pubic bone to the head on the back of the member, which is held at an angle of 90 degrees in relation to the body To determine the extent better with a soft line.

Over the centuries a strong half of mankind, the sexual organs, measures with the aim of fixing the optimum data. In reality, it turns out that these settings through custom and inheritance. But officially registered indicators exist. Today it is known:

  1. Micro-members — to 8 cm — only 1% of men.
  2. Small members — 8-12 inches — found in 2%.
  3. Normal Organ — 12 cm — 55% of the representatives of the stronger sex.
  4. Bowling more than 15 cm refer to the size on the average.
  5. Phallus with a length of 20 cm and more than impressive.

The men, which, according to the measurement seemed to be that sex organ is too small, you should choose this article to read and decide: is it worth it to a doubling of the dimensions of Penis at home?

Ways to increase authority

Centuries-old search for the modern people gave dozens of technologies and recipes for the realization of the ideal that do not require special skills and the help of doctors. Cost anywhere the home way, is as much as the owner of a modest Penis will additional devices or supplements.


The gently raise the tail in the home special physical activities. Two of these ways:

  1. In front of the gymnastics warm-up the Penis with warm pouches with barley, should you put on the body, in turn, from all sides. Then you have to bring dignity to the incomplete erection, tightly compress with the fingers at the base and begin a slow upward movement, like a tail extended. Should not the heads touch. It is recommended that genital exercises with 20 reps, every day increasing "dynamics" of up to two hundred times. When you reach a strong erection to interrupt the lesson, and after the relaxation should continue.
  2. The second exercise the whole Hand. The member bends and shrinks by about 10 seconds. If the authority is above the Hand, then the exercise should land with both hand. During the compression (need to be strong, but without pain) Penis, delay left, right, up and down.

The reviews in forums are to contain the information that such an "exercise" to increase help at home Penis up to two inches per month.


Methods of penis enlargement

This technique of "cultivation" of the member is considered to be very old. According to some data, the methodology used in Indians and Africans. Is jelking in the completion of specific Massage movements, reminding milking. Such a therapy is very popular and has only the positive side.

The method brings the success in strict compliance with the rules and the use of the lubricant. It is the agent in the type of soap or Shampoo is not recommended. "Milking" is not the erection of the Penis more than 75%. The technique consists in the observance of the whole complex of movements for the extension and thickening of the penis. The aim of the Jelqing increases the blood circulation in the body, the filling of the corpus cavernosum, the Penis growth occurs. Monthly Training is clearly the size of the cells increase, and, accordingly, during sexual intercourse in more blood and the Penis becomes larger.


Quite effective Home method to achieve, the amplification of the blood flow in the Penis. First, the body of a warm compress is heated. Contrast to the exercises, and the Jelqing, it plays no role, excited to be a member or not, the movement should be similar to Masturbation, but slowly and with a strong grip.


A popular device for men, you can "align" to grow in length and width, and the sexual would at home.

After the construction of the Extender are in the Form of grinding, vacuum and belt. The first type is the cost-effective, but less convenient to use compared to other types of devices. It is recommended that the tail will increase with the Extender for several hours a day. Select the type of the device is necessary, based on personal preferences.

Ceiling Suspension Cargo

Pretty dangerous for home use, but the old and often used technique. The effect is due to the effect on the threshold body weight, which led to the extension of the virtue. The thickness of the similar exercises have no influence.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Penis Massage warmed up;
  • front of head with tape top and glued;
  • on the rope charge clings.

The first attempts to keep the weight should not weight more than 15 minutes, then the procedure "" and the increase of their time. Under the influence of the charge does not stun the head of the Penis should. If this happens, you should reduce the weight.

The use of the insulin pump

Principle of operation — effect of low pressure on the body, placed in the device. In the Penis begins to come to strong and to weak to blood. The device is very popular among those consumers, someone wants to increase the thickness of the Penis.

Before you see with another device, the better the Video, in which in detail describes the rules for the application.


It seems now, what is the relationship of sodium bicarbonate to the body of men? The most directly. Do not use this product at home, you have several options:

  • Massage;
  • scrub;
  • Sodas Baths;
  • Compress.

Such a Vintage-Folk remedies for Penis enhance the blood flow in the Penis and anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect. According to the statements of the users, already after a few treatments the Penis is increased significantly.

A dietary Supplement for potency

Today there are various medicines that help quickly get the desired result, the improvement of the male reproductive Organ is achieved in fact. These creams, balms, gels, Sprays, depending on the objective, there are short, long and minor versions.

"Fast" directly in front of the unprotected intercourse and will not affect the Penis more than 2 hours. Many medicines are in strict accordance with the instructions according to the scheme. "Helpers" are together with other techniques to enlarge the Penis and increase potency, including at home. Your tasks — expand the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the Organ.

Apart from this, men enjoyed herbs, pills and hormones, tends to be quickly the size of his "older brother".

How to reach the best result?

Summary of above — increase male sexual Organ at home. If the effect seemed to be insufficient, it is better to come to the aid of the medicine and the muscle tissue to be transplanted. The method is complicated and expensive, because after the surgery, through Rehabilitation, and decided to take this step, one can, perhaps, only in a critical Situation


Technicians, and home-made penis enlargement methods without a scalpel of the surgeon abound. If you remain serious intentions, not only the maximum convenient for the Free people method or the use of special devices in the home, and you can apply simple, single nozzle or injections. Of course, "grow" would be to gigantic proportions is unlikely, but to increase the confidence in their abilities, and the beloved woman enjoy to work. And the exercises and massage are helpful for the normal operation of the Penis and maintain the erection in the coming decades.