How to enlarge male member – all the possibilities

Despite the confirmed fact that the size does not influence the degree of satisfaction of women during intimacy, and many men secretly and according to the dream of a member of impressive length. Do you want to increase your penis size medicine offers a wide range of possibilities of the application of ointments prior to surgery. Let us all opportunities to increase in in more detail.

how to enlarge male dick

Hardware Method

In the case of Hardware-Extender method is used, a Tool, not only for the increase in the length, but the diameter of the Penis. It is also used for straightening the Penis, giving it the desired shape.

Through the procedures of the tail, the main task is pain – free stretching of the Penis tissue increases to 3-4 cm in length, to which was added a volume of 1-2 cm, which led to an accelerated growth of the cells. You wear the device several hours a day. The undeniable advantage is a result, forever change.

The Extender are divided into three types:

  • Belt;
  • Looped;
  • Vacuum.

For the determination of a suitable model, a man needs to consult a doctor, but also familiar with all the nuances of its use. When wearing the product, should not worry about the appearance, the Extender is not visible under the clothes, not uncomfortable.

Surgical Operation

With the help of a simple surgical procedure to male member increase rapidly and with the guarantee, but the history of Rehabilitation is a long, difficult and painful.

Surgical Intervention adds the following parameters: length increased to 6-8 cm, diameter 0.7 cm

This is the essence of the method. The Penis is composed of several spongy body, of the serving container to be filled with blood, which present the tail in Position. A third part of the entire length of the Taurus anchored out skin blanket, bundle.

During the surgery to cut the suspensory bundle, enables, what, penis enlargement in length.

how to enlarge male member opportunities


Through the exercises of the tail is not pulled only in the length, but also thickened.

Exercises for a lead of a quarter of an hour up to half an hour. The most suitable time of day for procedures – this evening or tomorrow. Before class, the organ is heated, kneaded, and after the completion of the procedure, perform relaxing massages, regenerating and improves the blood vessels.

Complies with safety, each exercise ends immediately when there is a feeling of discomfort, of pain. The transition from the initial, simple and short activities, for Intensive loads and an increase in the duration must be gentle. Before beginning the exercises, a doctor's consultation is required.


Kegel exercises increase the length of the Penis. Member of the treated with fat or cream, the man leads and reciprocating vertical movement, the speed increases by the body in a state of forced erection with two fingers, before the dawn of the underside of the Penis erection is closed.


Jelqing ("milking") – variety of pulling movements, combined in a plant. The member is located in a quiet, or excited state, the man with the help of the palms active Organ, pressing and stretching pulls the head. Penis extended to its maximum length, without the feeling of pain, is kept in such a state for about 15 seconds. Body releasing, repeat the process. The man repeated the exercise until after five minutes.


Stretching called actions, on the flaccid Penis in a quiet condition. The Organ slowly approaches to stretch to 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times. There are different types of stretch marks: a Dual-Streamer, internal, spherical, up to the buttocks, up to the pubis, phrases and much more.

how to enlarge male member recipes


Massage the Penis it can enjoy, increase to the home without cost. Advantages of the method: the improvement of the potency, increases the size of the.

Before you turn up the heat on the Massage actions, organ, use soft wet towel with warm herbal decoction. The towel is on the surface of the component, whereby the swelling of the body tissues supple, ready for external influences. The methodology is the same as on a relaxed and lively body. To improve the effect of cosmetics use of the genital organ.

The Folk Medicine

Men interested, I can member more, without the recipes of traditional medicine will be disappointed, because it is impossible. Herbs to improve the potency, but to increase the size of Penis, not able to.

The most important components of the medical fees:

  • Ginko Biloba;
  • Hawthorn;
  • Ginseng.

Despite the fact that the Penis of the folk tunes impossible, the tips are very popular. The man who wants to improve the virility, revised diet, use instead of tea-drinks, broth, thyme, and eat more parsley and cilantro.


Vacuum pump is a device that the blood flow in sexual Organ, through the creation of pressure to the Penis. The potency, increases the tail, added to the Penis of the elasticity module, if necessary, to sexual intercourse. In the cylinder of the device is injected with the special cosmetic products, sexual organ, treated in a vacuum by the air in the interior of the piston.

The increased blood flow increases the tail in the length and width, without discomfort, painful sensations.

The pressure adjustment is done with the help of the device's built-in pressure gauge. Is used only before sexual intercourse in order to improve, prolong erection, add a few inches by the partner unforgettable sensations for the next few hours.

Ointments, Gels, Sprays

Use of cosmetic products for increasing the size of the Penis, it is advisable, only as an additional Instrument. The cost for such resources is usually overestimated, and the efficiency is low. If you believe the advertising, after the application of a Spray, cream or Gel, a length of 5 cm. Maybe someone has been helped by the medium, but in most cases, a fairy tale.

There are three types of cosmetics:

  • Short-Term Exposure;
  • Additional;
  • For a long time.
how to enlarge male member of the nozzle

For preparations in short-term appointments for the period of Sex, characterized by hot substances in the composition, to improve the flow of blood within the Penis and increases the organ to 0.5-1 cm, not only increases the length, the width, but also the head of the Penis.

AIDS increase the erection, duration of sexual intercourse. About the products for long-term exposure, gels, ointments, and much more the long-awaited result. Be used in conjunction with Massage, exercises for stretching.

Cosmetic products help improve the condition of the Penis, erection, accelerate and increase the circulation of the blood. Contain mineral components, polysaccharides, elements, tannins, amino acids, and essential oils.

Attachment for a member

High quality nozzles for the member saves time, finances, improves erections, adds body thickness of two centimeters, the length of 3 to 10 cm there are two categories: open and closed, the second enjoys great popularity. When selecting a material for better grip on soft elastic and Latex, silicone, reminiscent of the skin. Sexual intercourse is extended by reducing the sensitivity of the Penis, bring in the love-life diversity.