How to enlarge Penis all known methods and methods of penis enlargement

Many men are not happy with the size of his Penis, and is often the cause of closed-mindedness in themselves, indecision, insecurity in dealing with the opposite sex. It is logical that some will choose to change the size of the hollow organ. There are a large number of different methods, but not all of them show a high degree of efficiency and safety. That is why it is so important to that the only to ensure maximum results. We consider all the possibilities in Detail.


Can I increase the size of the Penis?

Before it know to the search of the most effective methods of penis enlargement, you should, whether it is really in principle.

The Penis is an Organ that consists of special structural elements – Tel Male sex organ is very sensitive to the negative phenomena of the environment Studies have shown that if a man satisfy their sexual pleasure devices with a narrow diameter, the Penis is reduced in size, literally, in two months. That can happen to this process in the reverse direction?

In fact, many representatives of the stronger sex not to look for the best way to your Penis, because it corresponds to the Norm, and some even more. Under the European ides breed of medium size is 12 to 16 inches, with the size of approximately 3-4 inches. If the size is in this range, then the Problem is psychological in nature. For those, the experts propose that a really small organ, the result of a genetic pathology or any other disease, to plastic surgery. But this is not the only way to solve the Problem.

All of the methods of penis enlargement:

  • Massage;
  • jelcing;
  • the pills and biological additives;
  • the application of ointments and creams;
  • the attachments for the Penis;
  • Baking powder;
  • Folk Remedies;
  • the use of special devices (extenders, vacuum pump, etc.).

You will achieve better results only through the integrated use of these resources. However, waiting for the momentary effect is not necessary. For the achievement of a positive result a lot of time and endurance need to the exact observance of all recommendations and regulations.


Almost all methods of penis enlargement can not be 100% result, with the exception of plastic surgery guarantee. Therefore, for a method of correction of so many men. However, the surgical procedure has some serious shortcomings, such as long-term Rehabilitation and high costs. For the implementation of the Operation should the assignment of the attending physician, and only after the diagnostic events, and in the presence of real pathology.

Doctors remind you, that the Penis size allows for 10-14 inches of the reproductive function in full measure, while the second half feels sexual pleasure. So, before you enlarge male member, you need to understand whether you do it at all.

For those looking for a little correct size of the Penis only a few inches may not use all of the methods of penis extension, you can use one or several of the most effective and in your instrumental Situation.

The surgical Intervention is in the case of such statements:

  • congenital pathology;
  • age-related changes in the body;
  • Micro-Penis.

The last factor occurs very rarely, however, serious character, because the man loses its functionality, so that the operation is a necessity, but not the mood. This method of Penis is divided into several phases. The first, of the diagnosis, which is intended for a full examination of the body to test it for the presence of contraindications and congenital pathologies. Also a specialist will help you learn how to enlarge Penis less radical methods, if it is possible. Then, the preparation phase follows — he is a very important and crucial, because the duration of the Rehabilitation and the effectiveness of the procedure depends on.

During the Operation, the surgeon, the tissue cuts and pulls the hidden part of the Penis. Space formed fills the fat cells, and then sews and fixed sexual organ in the correct Position. Then to draw the wound, and the tissues grow together, what certificate of completion of Rehabilitation. In addition, the Extender does not apply, he fixed the Organ in the correct Position to achieve without a positive result.

how to enlarge his Penis

If required a plastic surgeon to change the shape of the Penis, which is very important in genetic pathologies, the result of the disease. For those who want to learn how to enlarge Penis suitable in the thick of this method. In order to implement a special injection, Transplantation of rectus muscle and peritoneum, adipose tissue produce injected or implanted in a special Matrix.

In some cases, it is advisable, special procedures, when used with a special implant made of artificial materials. This method is the complexity and severity of the future, but completely changed the appearance of the Penis.

Operation is a good method to change the configuration of the Penis, but you use it only for those who really needs it. Therefore, prior to the change of the male Organ is through surgical procedure, you must have a physician. Do not forget about the side effects, caused a large number of patients, and this is not the result of medical errors, sometimes the tissue can not take root, the patient will go bad from the anesthesia or wound infection.


How can enlarge Penis size quickly and effectively, and not resorting to surgery? Advertising persistently strikes a wonderful tablets, as part of this, there are amazing components, thanks to which sexual organ in a few days rises to 10 centimeters. Is this possible? Unfortunately no, as this is due to the peculiarities of the anatomic structure of the male organ. But, nevertheless, pills can give a positive result, if your choice responsibly and carefully.

Selection of modern were so wide, that a certain plant is very difficult to forget in this case, the man, usually headed by a big name and a brightness of the packaging, the contraindications, and side effects.

Good tools increase not only a positive influence on the size of the Penis, but also the General functioning of the reproductive organs, for example, the duration of the erection, and make sperm more quality. This is due to their composition, the content of the following products and fabrics can be:

  • Ginseng;
  • Ginkgo Biloba;
  • Bioperine;
  • saw Palmetto;
  • Arginine;
  • Hawthorn;
  • Ginger root;
  • Extracts of medicinal plants.

The developers of the pill led to investigations and carry in formula funds new ingredients. By the way, most of them have a natural origin. Experts don't recommended extremely, hormones, because these funds have to go through a lengthy review of the quality, which of course no one makes. Effects on the male hormones have consequences, up to complete loss of reproductive abilities.

A special place among the methods of penis enlargement supplements. You have to cause a minimal amount of contraindications and no complications, in rare cases, an allergic reaction occurs. That is why before application you should contact a medical facility for the diagnosis of the body to the presence of individual intolerance to the components.

Ointments, Creams, Gels

Means of local actions can not be acquired in recent times great popularity, to think with their help, how to enlarge male Organ strenuous exercises or resorting to surgery. A wide range of different creams and gels are not able to choose effective and safe means, and in most cases — expensive means quality. In the composition of the means of well-known brands of natural substances, whereby a positive effect is seen not only on the quantitative values of the Penis, but also improves the working of the whole sexual system:

  • leads are the Norm in the process of blood circulation;
  • increases the quality and duration of erections;
  • changes the structure of the skin – it is more elastic and more elastic;
  • increased sex drive;
  • the fabrics are better enriched with useful links.

In this case, it is very important rules and features of the method. These funds do not show any result, if the procedure is a complement to a special Massage, the main essence of which – rubbing in of ointments, so that they penetrated into the inner tissue of the Penis. It is very good stretches the Penis and increases the blood circulation, whereby the force of the man is always better. Take note of the dosage, although allergic reactions are rare, but more serious complications. In the composition of the creams and ointments can:

  • Horse chestnut;
  • Ginger root;
  • Japanese quince;
  • Pectins;
  • Mulberry;
  • Leuzea;
  • Epilobium;
  • Amino acids and proteins.

To increase how quickly and correctly the Penis of the male? You start with simple methods with ointments. Creams and gels have a well-balanced content of useful components, so that this kind of therapy as quickly and efficiently.

Extender, cap, and vacuum-pump

  • With these devices all probably know, the question of how to Penis enlarge. They have a completely different effect, but a job – sizing.
  • The vacuum pump works by increasing the pressure in the glass flask, in which the male sex organ. This improves the blood circulation and leads to an active growth. Combining the method with the implementation of the special exercises and Massage. The duration of the procedure is small, so the events you can that day, and the result will not wait long.

Extender works on a different principle, the product is a product whose design allows it to stretch sexual organ. First, he has to area Zone and a special Clip secured in the inguinal fixed, so as to enlarge the organ.

Originally, the device for the correction of the Form of the Penis, but to celebrate in the course of time, many men are a positive feature of the device – a masculine "virtue". After an Intensive investigation, a certain amount of time, the production is set to began.

If you have any questions on how to enlarge Penis male with the help of a vacuum pump and Extender, contact a specialist in a medical facility.

If a man is interested how to temporarily increase their dignity, it is worth to consider the features of the application of special attachments. Do not increase the "economic" thoroughly, but only the role of the extension cable. Simply attach the product and fix it, then you apply for him an intimate lubricant and you are ready for sexual intercourse. In men, the sensitivity is reduced, however, is your Partner for Sex feel an amazing joy.


Many try to learn how easily dick increase, but this method is not it, because to do in any case, a lot in order to achieve a positive result.

One of the proven methods of the Massage. It can be done independently in the home or to such manipulations in the prelude, after he a soul mate, how fast the Penis to increase this method. The procedure takes a day. Dedicate you should minutes the first time not more than 15, and then it is increasing over time. It should be used to the structural elements of the Penis, high voltage.

The Massage with a special means for the moistening of the skin, it is advisable not to use a fatty base. The main essence of Massage – strain of the fabric, you should consider the method of penis enlargement. Leading Position in this jelcing, this practice is known throughout the world for its effectiveness. Not less productive, but less popular, is the Massage cones. In any case, the essence of these exercises is it is, the expansion and twisting of tissue.

It is important to clarify, that those who are trying to figure out how to enlarge the male Organ to the duration of the Manipulation, this does not take into account, to include an immediate result is necessary. The first effect can be noted already after 3 weeks of daily Manipulation, and it is an excellent indicator.

You should be able to process properly prepared, thoroughly wash the inguinal Zone and warm. To do this, use a hot bath or compress. And only then you can know the conversion to the method according to any one of the methods, prior to, how to enlarge his Penis ratings help in the selection.

The Penis is a very sensitive Organ and its condition is often the effect of negative factors is reflected. Of course, the effects of the Massage, the force is applied, it can not go unnoticed, even if you know exactly how the increase in the size of your Penis safely and correctly. During the implementation of the procedures or after some time, side effects may occur:

  • the emergence of the spots on the head;
  • you can change the color of the head;
  • the emergence of varicose veins.
Treatment Pills

Each of these manifestations bears no pathological effect, you do not need any treatment and are independent. And the last factor can go to, to benefit man, because it resembled the structure of the Penis a positive effect on pleasure during Sex to create. Success Thai Massage the Penis, but for implementation you will need to visit to study a special interior or technology, such as increasing the size of the Penis itself.