Folk remedies for the improvement of potency in men

Heavy physical work, bad ecology, constant stress and difficulties in his personal life – all this has a negative impact on the quality of the intimate life of men, often resulting in a decline in Libido. Not many representatives of the stronger sex with this delicate Problem to the doctors who try to fix the Problem on their own. Help in the fight against the sexual dysfunction can help simple and affordable all natural remedies.

How to increase potency in men folk medicine

Male Libido can decline for a number of reasons – it is a constant Stress, nervous exhaustion, the psychological barrier, Smoking. The increase in the potency of folk medicine involves the use of special teas, decoctions of herbs, hot and cold showers and scented baths, massages with Aroma oils. A positive effect on the potency of the lengthy recreation, sports and proper nutrition.

In any case, an improvement in the potency in men folk medicine should only. after consultation with the doctor Old recipes will be effective only if the reasons for the decline of the Libido are in no way associated with the health. If the doctor diagnosed adenoma, Prostatitis or other diseases of the sexual organs to use at the beginning of the intake of antibiotics and other medicines, recommended specialists and traditional recipes as a resource.


Long-standing practice shows that it is particularly effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction medicinal plants. Appoint as a single agent or adjuvant therapy in the Form of herbs. To acquire to really be sure of in the proper collection and storage of medicinal plants, experts recommend in the pharmacy.

Folk remedies for improving potency in men with herbs have a broad spectrum of activity. They not only have a positive impact on the male Libido, but also to the strengthening of the organism, increase of immunity. Some of the herbs have an effect against edema, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The herbal remedies preferred for those patients in which there are many contraindications to conventional medications.

Herbal teas are practically no side effects, but the desired result should have long-term courses. In the fight for men's health of these plants have proven themselves:

  • The Nettle. It tinctures on alcohol, decoctions, mixtures, simply add in your food. Created by drugs on the Basis of this plant to increase sexual drive, normalizes the function of the genitourinary system, helps in the treatment of diseases which can be a cause of erectile dysfunction. To note, prior to the use of the nettle is that it increases blood clotting, so people with a high risk of thrombosis would be better off without, to such a treatment.
  • Ginseng. The root of this plant is active in the manufacture of medicinal products and food supplements for the treatment of impotence. The plant strength properties – promotes blood circulation, energizes, has erections an impact on the Retention, prevents premature ejaculation, arouses the desire. The intake of Ginseng is contraindicated in infectious diseases, bleeding, inflammation.
  • Thyme or thyme. Contains large amounts of flavonoids, tannins, organic acids that have a positive impact on potency. Thyme benefits for the prevention of Prostatitis, adenoma, impotence. The plant increases the number of motile sperm.
  • Calamus root. In the plant gum, ascorbic acid, camphor and Magnesium. They have a tonic and tonic effect. Calamus stimulates the production of seminal fluid, increases the Libido. To achieve an effect Folk healers recommend chewing roots three times a day.
  • St. John's wort. This plant is as for the individual treatment as well as in the adjuvant therapy. In the case of short-term consumption of St. John's wort, interest in Sex awakens, intensifies the desire. With prolonged use, the herb helps to deal with stressful situations, improves mood, helps prevent diseases of the urogenital area.
  • Dubrovnik. The folk medicine believe this plant is irreplaceable at treatment of sexual problems in men. The grass Dubrovnik, prevents premature ejaculation, and has a strong stimulating effect, in the prevention of Prostatitis. Healing properties of decoctions, tinctures without the alcohol of Dubrovnik.
  • Pasternak. Roots of this plant contain vitamins, minerals, and ascorbic acid. Parsnip helps to strengthen the immune system to resist colds, in combination with honey increases the potency in men.
  • Ginkgo Biloba. It is a rare plant, so you can find in the pharmacy in pure Form difficult. Ginkgo Biloba is a part of homeopathic preparations and special additives for men. The plant normalizes the blood circulation in the genital area, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Aloe. For medical purposes use the Aloe juice. This special mix with wine, lemon juice, honey, prepare nuts. Aloe improves blood circulation in the genital area, helps to increase the Libido.
the increase in the potency

Honey and Propolis

Bee products are essential tools in the fight against many diseases of the urogenital area. You with anti-bacterial, regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties. In the treatment of impotence and increase Libido, honey, Aloe juice, walnuts, seeds, onion, ginger, combine with other products:.

For the prevention of erectile dysfunction Folk healers, the dark varieties of honey – chestnut, buckwheat recommend, Linden, Turkish honey of Marmaris. You can't help to be only with sexual problems, but also the immune system, brings in the standard, strengthen the blood pressure, improves venous blood circulation. The dark varieties of honey can be used in pure Form, or add tea, water, other beverages, and drug mixture.

As an additional tool in the treatment of urological diseases Propolis. Therein, Magnesium, silicon, copper, zinc, and antioxidants. Thanks to these useful substances Propolis helps against inflammation, fight depression, increases sex drive and prevents the development of signs of stagnation in the prostate gland. Of Propolis-containing tinctures and solutions for compresses manufacture, preferably alcohol.

The bark of the aspen

There are many home remedies to increase male potency and prevention of Prostatitis with the use of the earth's crust. These raw materials are rich in flavonoids, salicylic acid, Tannin components, the engine has a positive effect not only on the sex, but also on the entire male body as a whole. For the manufacture of drugs used, not only the bark but also the kidneys, or the leaves of the tree.

From raw materials according to old recipes tinctures, decoctions, elixirs,. Chewing allowed a piece of bark in the mouth, the nutrients in the organism came in unchanged Form. In the selection of such national funds for the potency in men should be careful, clearly proportioned, the in the recipe. An overdose can cause several side effects, including:

  • Constipation;
  • Allergies;
  • cramping pain in the abdomen;
  • Pain in the area of the gastro-intestinal tract;
  • nausea, vomiting.


Experts are convinced that the many sexual ways of man are largely dependent on what food he eats. Since ancient times, people used products of plant and animal origin, to increase the potency. Today you are called aphrodisiacs, which literally means – the love, the joy. The strongest stimulators of potency apply:

  • Coconut – increases the number and quality of sperm. Coconut milk, mixed with honey, effectively quenches thirst, promotes digestion, increases the sex drive.
  • Dates – an ancient means to increase the Libido. Edible fruits saturate the blood glucose, during prolonged sexual intercourse.
  • Egg – Protein product, serves as a high quality sexual stimulant. Even Casanova, to recommend an erection drink before each sexual intercourse on 1 egg.
  • Garlic contains the rare trace element Germanium. At least a clove of garlic also include the nutrition for the prophylaxis of impotence in connection with the narrowing of the vessels.
  • Parsley, Dill, coriander – spices that not only the masculine ability to act, but also help to remove the signs of fatigue, promote the level of testosterone in the blood.

Modern medicine claims that the sexual sphere than women, and men can not operate normally, when the body is suffering the deficit of vitamins E, A, B, and C. they can be obtained by special vitamin supplements or food:

  • Vitamin E and macro-nutrients (especially Omega-3 fatty acids) in beef, berries, sea buckthorn, liver, fish, eggs.
  • Vitamin A is found in animal fats, milk, cheese, spinach, leaf lettuce, carrots, broccoli.
  • The group contains the vitamins In cauliflower, potatoes, figs, beans and other leguminous crops, beef, lamb, many types of fish.
  • Vitamin C rich rose hips, lemon, sea buckthorn, currants, oranges, Grapefruit, apricots, blueberries, plums, Kiwis.

Water applications

Again the Libido help and a variety of water applications. In order to strengthen the body, doctors recommend begin to swim, to water aerobics, and at least once in a year to the Spa-Spa-Sanatorium. Many water applications can take place at home. The popular Folk remedies for the enhancement of potency:

  • Sitz baths. Improve the blood circulation of the abdominal and pelvic Region, promote the excretion of toxic substances, helps in the treatment of Prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. Sitz baths are for daily use. For carrying out the method at home, you need to put in a bowl with hot water and a Board to sit on. Easily on the designs you can on the washability of the groin and Anus with water. Cook sitz baths Folk healers recommend a decoction of chamomile, thyme and other herbs.
  • Wiper. This treatment stimulates blood circulation, improves the thermal exchange of the organs of the pelvis. Wipe better, twice a day – morning and before bedtime. It is important that the temperature in the room and the water were clean.
  • The Bathhouse. The visit of the steam bath also has a positive effect on male health. To get rid of the sexual bankruptcy court recommended to visit a bath every 3-4 days, in the steam room with birch twigs. You go in the steam room you have to go 2-3 times in 10 minutes. This home remedy is absolutely contraindicated in hypertension.

Stimulants Erection

A lot of water effectively, the combination with aromatherapy applications. The essential oils of many plants help to relax, increase immunity, to increase the potency. During the procedure, pour into the Aroma lamp with a few drops of oils of ginger, cypress, rosemary or thyme. These fat stocks can be used with Massage of the back, the legs or the intimate Zone.

On the Basis of medicinal plants

Many of the medicines according to the recipes on the basis of herbs and plants. This nourishing blend with honey and nuts, tinctures, decoctions, infusions. Folk remedies have many advantages in comparison to conventional drugs. It is:

  • a minimum of contraindications and side effects;
  • the necessity to use only natural components;
  • affordable cost for the ingredients, compared with tablets, drops, and other medications;
  • high efficiency.

The Infusion of nettle with red wine and honey

Burning leaves of the nettle have many useful properties, so that the plant is particularly popular with herbalists and followers of alternative medicine. For the improvement of the potency of the following means recommend to prepare:

  1. 100 grams of chopped herbs pour into a thermos.
  2. Pour the nettles with 300 ml of boiling water.
  3. Insist 5-6 hours.
  4. Take the case of violations of the sexual sphere ½ Cup 3 times daily before meals.
  5. To improve the taste for the drink, you can add 1 TSP of honey.
  6. The course of treatment is 1-2 months.