How to enlarge Penis male

Many believe that the great manhood – the key to achieve success in the sexual area, what is a guarantor for the pleasure of the partner. They are convinced that a large Penis is the key to success with women, the last Partner choose according to the size. And forget that much more attractive for the female gender men trust in themselves, his strength and at the same time, tenderness for the beloved. If the size of the Penis affect male self-esteem, to fix the.

Tip 1: how to increase the Penis of the male

the male sex organ.


For the extension and increase of the volume of the Penis Extender you are using. Of which there are many in today's time, but the principle of working with you. All extenders to give long-term result, and even compensate to help Penis. You use the Extender 2-3 hours a day, for several months. He has an effect on the cells of the Penis. In response to the prolonged exposure from the outside of the body new cells in situ applications, the Extender makes uncontrollable. Since the cage is the three-dimensional structure, their growth in length and in width. With regular usage and perseverance of the owner, Extender for Penis in your Penis can enlarge a few inches. And the result achieved with the correct application.

Keep in mind that the pharmacological industry currently produces all kinds of pills, biologically active additives (BAA), with the use of the target, without resorting to physical action on the Penis. The effect of all these substances to increase the blood supply to the corpora cavernosa of the Penis, which stimulates ultimately, it is the growth, increases the duration of erections, better control over ejaculation. The most accessible, natural dietary supplements usually contain vitamins E and B3, hawthorn extract from the Ginseng root, Dodder seed, grass mountain activists, extract and the herb Ginkgo Biloba, fruit, Cayenne pepper, and other adaptogens, and stimulating substances. Recommended duration of use of BATHROOM - 4 months and more. Side effects only due to individual intolerance of the drug. Similar effects and different creams and gels for increasing the penis size.

In the case of ineffectiveness of the aforementioned means or, if desired, to get the maximum possible effect in a relatively short period of time to access the surgical solution to the problem. The Operation according to the increase of the male sexual organ in a hospital is performed, usually under local anesthesia. The use of implants is not necessary. And the postoperative scar is not more than 3 cm.

It is affected in the course of the Intervention, no vital organs, and the risk of serious complications is minimal. As a result of the performed Operation, the increase in the length of the Penis up to 4 inches can achieve. Thickening of the Penis surgically is through the Transplantation of fat tissue under the skin of the Penis. This is usually tissue only 200 ml of fat. The result is a uniform thickening of the Penis.

Tip 2: How to enlarge Penis at home and can it

Member for the man of pride, and very often by its size depends on the self-assessment of the representatives of the stronger sex. Someone nature has large amounts. Who was not in the list of favorites, suffer from complex, in turn, avoid sexual relations with women. If you try to solve the Problem, there is a natural question: is it possible to enlarge Penis at home.

In intimate transactions, there is a huge selection of different nozzles and devices for penis enlargement. The risk of incorrect use of the goods, including instructions. There are several methods to increase Penis at home.

1. Vacuum pump is considered to be the standard method to increase the cock fits in the cylinder that you want to connect connected to the pump. The vacuum causes the blood flow to the male genitalia. After that, sex organ pinch with a Ring in order to avoid Reverse flows. Not the use of Ring recommended for longer than 20 minutes, there's a huge risk for necrosis of the tissue.

Without consulting with a specialist, a similar procedure is not necessary, since it vessels a number of different effects: the lack of an erection, the formation of abscesses and hematomas, and the development of disorders in the functionality of the blood.


2. Exercises – the most frequently as "jelqing". This method consists in the dilationibus acorn in the non-excited state. The duration of the implementation is 40-60 minutes.

3. The mass rate – a special device to attach sexual Organ carry and wear for 6-8 hours.

4. Medications and the use of creams.

Most of the men, the dimensions of his Penis, small, mostly wrong, since the average size of the Penis when arousal is considered to be 10-15 cm Indisputably, there are individuals of the male sex, and greater than 20 cm, but this does not mean that all must be equal. So often the desire, the Penis enlarges, many men for no reason.

Since the increase in the size of the Penis by the surgical procedure

In contrast to many other methods of increasing the size of the Penis at home surgical Intervention relates to the more effective methods. But when an Operation is present, the risk of developing impotence. There are two ways of Operation:

1. Extension Penis male member to the body by ligaments. You are completely networked with a sexual organ, while the strain relief hidden part of the Penis inside the body. In the course of the Operation the tapes is cut off, and the voltage disappears, whereby the hidden part of the Penis emerges as the outside. Since all tissues grow in the body, to avoid re-tension man, to prescribe the wearing of pondus devices for a year and a half.

2. Thickening of the primary methods of conducting such operations, the Transplantation of adipose tissue with other parts of the human body. But, unfortunately, the results of this approach were negative. The transplanted tissue is concentrated in one place and the tail with the ground waves. To put currently, during the surgery, man graft, made from a special fabric.

In some medical institutions, in order to cock tightly grew under the skin of the Penis injected with silicone Gel. The Gel has the property collects in one place (usually in the area of the glans) and appearance of the Penis may deteriorate.

Prior to the decision on the implementation of the Operation, the size of the Penis increase, you have to evaluate all the risks of surgery. There's a huge risk for various side effects, which is at the top of impotence.

And once again, I would like to remind you once for a reason, in most cases, the desire to enlarge your Penis

how to enlarge his Penis

Tip 3: ways to increase the size of the Penis

All men, without exception, no matter the size of your Penis. And if it's not enough, then there are many complex and the question arises how you can enlarge your Penis. But not always, this Problem should be the angle of this view. In General, people underestimate themselves, and as a small Penis, the length of which fits perfectly into the framework of the "Standards". Normal Penis size is 13 to 16 cm men's with such a "warrior" is not to worry about the increase of the member. Now, those whose dimensions are small, can you enlarge Penis in several ways.

The Operation to increase the Penis

It is the most expensive way to enlarge your Penis. The surgical treatment is carried out in the clinic, but does not require a long hospital stay. Its essence consists in the fact that is deleted and to the front underside of the Penis, which is hidden behind the pubic bone cloth pushed. This process enables to enlarge your Penis up to 3-4 cm after the surgical treatment there is a shift of the Penis – it is a bit lower than before the Operation and in the case of the erection – more gorisontalen.

The disadvantages of this method of penis enlargement is not only in high costs but also the need after a while, Extender wear, keeps the base of your Penis and there is not return to the starting position.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercises to enlarge your Penis, a man you can spend at home. Therefore, it is one of the most comfortable and most effective methods. You are in vytjagivanii of the Penis during erection. With the fingers in a tight Ring base member is clamped and produces fast, intense movement forward. The exercises effectively and safely, you must follow a few rules:

  • Tail and hands must be clean;
  • tepidus lubricants and creams;
  • Pretreatment in the Form of massages;
  • by running regular.

In the "extrusions" need to change the direction by dick to the top, bottom and sides.



Can you pump your Penis through a vacuum or a pump. This method is for those men who can not achieve, the extension of the Penis by means of exercise due to a lack of argiroupoli. It consists in the fact that a member is in a vacuum, with the aid of the conditions for the additional supply of blood to the tissues of the body. It is a medical procedure, and it is called hyperemia.


Your Penis can enlarge with a special Instrument called an Extender. There are several types of these devices:

  • Cingulate cortex;
  • cerritulus;
  • Vacuum.

But the principle of operation is about the same. The Extender consists of 2 parts, one of which is worn on the underside of the Penis, and the other on the head. Between the ties rods are inserted, the distance between them is adjustable, and increase. Through the strain relief, the Stimulation of growth of tissues and male sexual organ "grows".

Extender you need to carry a few hours of the day, but he makes no strong complaints. But the result of many men – 3-4 cm will be like in a few weeks.

Medicines and ointments

If for any indicators of the previous methods Penis don't fit, then you can have recourse to the most simple way – the admission of drugs. But here, too, there are "pros" and "cons". Ointments and gels, the enlargement of the Penis, have only a temporary effect and act on the principle of the flood of the blood to the tissues. This procedure can be up before the intercourse, but after 2 hours, the effect of the ointment and the Penis comes to its usual standard.

Some men take hormone supplements that can help with prolonged regular use, the sexual owner of a large Penis. But the application of hormones can be dangerous for the health.

All of these methods are in varying degrees of effective and help, to feel a man, something special, sexy, and self-sufficient. So, if there is a Problem with the size of the Penis, you can try to solve them, with a little effort and diligence.

Hydraulic pump

Tip 4: How to enlarge size of Penis male

So is the nature of the psychology of men, that physical and sexual perfection makes the strong half of mankind to rely on itself, and the size of the Penis plays an important role in your life. The rare man would not Penis like a thick and long. The smaller sizes are able to bring up to depression, failures, self-doubt and the collapse in his personal life. Today, there are many ways to increase the sizes of the Penis.

Enlargement of the Penis hydraulicus sentinam

Hydraulic pump – the modern device for the adjustment of the sizes of the Penis. By the hydraulic force member, the device extended and expanded a powerful wave of blood provokes in the tissues. Through the regular use of the corpora cavernosa to become larger and suck more blood. The device is guaranteed to be effective, as a result of a member can be increased up to 2-3 cm hydraulic pumps is not only comfortable, do not cause pain, but also deal with disorders of the erection, thereby making you more popular in comparison to the extender.

Penis enlargement – really. So do not despair due to the small size, "masculinity", it is better to read carefully with the techniques to zoom in and to move steadfastly on the goal!