How to enlarge his Penis at home: opportunities and recommendations

Increasingly, in the vastness of the Internet, there are questions to raise is whether it is possible for the Penis at home?

as a member of the house increase

Offers a variety of options, but does it really exist?

What methods are really effective?

In this article, you will find an overview of the most common and most effective methods.

Penis at home – myth or reality?

Man is not designed in a way so that it fits often what is awarded to him, the nature (or genes). For example, girls will want to raise with straight hair dream of the coquettish of his office, and a large percentage of the male representatives of his "dignity". If the hair the duration of make a wave, with a Penis, things are much more serious. It is not necessary to go for surgery.

Increase the size of the Penis is quite possible at home. But you should remember one rule – immediate results. In addition, finishing the regular Training, the result back to the original variant

How to add the length of the male sexual Organ: effective methods

Of course, the most effective way for penis enlargement, is the surgical Intervention. But whether it is necessary such extreme measures?

May not. Methods the Home-increase are very diverse, each of them has its effectiveness.

In order to achieve maximum results, you should with the physiology. In the average Standard of penis size in the male – 12-16 cm. If you are after the measurement, the dimensions correspond to the specifications of the parameters, the magnification is not necessary.

The most effective method to increase the male sexual organ, is a combination of several methods. For example, the use of medicinal plants for penis enlargement, in parallel with a Massage.

Some of the methods mean an increase in some time, the effect on the whole of life.

Ways to enlarge Penis at home

Options homemade penis enlargement pretty much:

  • without surgery;
  • without ointments;
  • without anything.

Further in the article is the most effective.

Ointments and gels

Various gels and ointments should RUB in the Penis, and the effect lasts depending on the composition and frequency of use.

These funds strengthen the blood circulation and provoke an erection.

In safe gels and creams, for example, the following components:

  • The extract of the milk Thistle.
  • Grape extract.
  • Moss lichens.
  • Peruvian Maca.


Pumps enable your Penis for a certain period of time, then he returns to the original shape. Insulin pump are:

small cock
  1. Hand. The air from this design comes with the help of the piston (bulb). The main advantage of such a Pomp – availability, but to achieve results, you need to exert maximum effort.
  2. Automatic. Reduce the pressure you can with the help of the built-in motor pump. For accurate work the batteries need to purchase. To enlarge the Penis, you need not even an effort, and the pressure on the built in Monitor. More efficient than a model with the regulation of the suction power.
  3. Water. This new product uses water instead of air. Piston-fastening cuff filled with a pump. Result, according to the use of excellent, sometimes less contraindications. Such a pump will last much longer, as the ASA of the Rest.


Extender design that allows the tension to a sexual Organ. There are only 2 types of extenders:

  • Throttle cable guide.
  • In the Form of a belt.

Between these two devices practically do not differ, only in the first case, the bolt head silicone protrudes loop in the second strap. The Set consists of base, poles, fodder, under the head of the member.

The classical scheme of carrying:

  1. Extender wear every day not more than 6 hours.
  2. Every hour you should do a break for 2-3 minutes. In the Pause, a gentle Massage can benefit.
  3. Of course, in a period of 60 months up to a year. A further wear no sense.
  4. The first 10 days of construction, if the original length of the hose. Noticeably sagging but this is the Norm.
  5. The next 10 days the device can be extended to a maximum of 6 mm. Extension need every 10 days for months.

Sleeping with an Extender prohibited, even with him not in time draw in the erect state.

Exercises such as the method would improve

Experts say that regular exercises during the year, increase the size of manhood to 2 inches. Exercises for penis enlargement does not mean the provisional fat Penis to hurt, and it does not hurt.

A couple of effective exercises:

  • Kegel Exercise. Penis and moisten your hands with a special medium. With two fingers, and sex bring the organ up to the erection of the movements to gain gradually the speed. Before the Penis reaches the climax erections, it is locked with the fingers at the base.
  • Guy. If the sex organ is in a completely relaxed state, you begin to stretch. Stretching should be very diverse, ranging from travel planning to the pubic bone and ends with turn on 360°. You pull 15 seconds 10 times.


Statistics show that only 2% of men engaged in Masturbation. And if this action stretched sexual organ, the problem with the size would not even exist.

In the process, enlarge Penis with the help of Masturbation is still possible, but only if the use of the various techniques of other type, such as manipulative technique. What are the characteristics of:

Methods of penis enlargement
  1. Goal is not the satisfaction, and the increase in the penis size.
  2. The manual technique to influence the member must be more than exhausting.
  3. The procedure takes 30 minutes.
  4. This type of Training spend of 3 times in 7 days.


Massage makes the tissue of the Penis smoother, which can increase to. Massage Penis, because after that increase not only the size in the length but also volume. Represent to your attention some of the variants of Massage:

Option Number 1

  1. The Penis for erections.
  2. The whole body has to be greased.
  3. Bend at the base with a plurality of fingers, begin the movement from the bottom pubic bone.
  4. Over time, the Hand will fluctuate.
  5. The first 7 days Massage for about 10 minutes. Each week, the time still takes 5 minutes.
  6. The minimum rate – 3 months.

Technique Number 2

  1. Penis excite.
  2. Bend at the base with a plurality of fingers, begin the movement from the bottom pubic bone. Duration – 5 Minutes.
  3. Bring the Penis to erection, and a little rest.
  4. Penis delight.
  5. Lubricate lubricate.
  6. Bend at the base with a plurality of fingers, compressed in a few seconds.
  7. To do if the inherent sense of overexertion, the compression should be less.
  8. At the base of the head with the fingers of calendula, make it fix on a few seconds.
  9. The minimum course of 3 months, will increase not only length and volume, but also the head.

Traditional methods and recipes to a large Phallus

Folk methods of penis enlargement a large number. Some craftsmen, in the pursuit of size, use vacuum cleaner instead of Pomp.

But here is the result of such manipulations is very doubtful. You can't tell by the use of various herbs, and tinctures of them. Let's look at some:

  1. 100 grams of chopped thyme with boiling water. Tincture drink twice daily before eating (morning and evening). This course lasts for 4 months, you can not miss.
  2. 1 TSP seeds of wormwood boil in water for about 10 minutes. Drink filtered, take three times a day half a Cup.

You can increase the size with the help of Soda

Earlier we have said, it is a myth or reality. Find out the answer, you can in this Material. Soda – another popular method, it is very sensational, in the increasing Penis size. How does the Schema:

  1. Sex organ wiped a little raspariwajut in the bathroom dry.
  2. Oils (either with vegetables).
  3. Sprinkle a little baking powder.
  4. In a circular motion with the help of a sponge a light Massage for several minutes.

Penis Soda is small, only a few millimeters, and after a few hours the Penis of the position returns to rest. Therefore, you should hurry for a date.


As you have seen, increase the Penis traditional methods is quite realistic. Wait here only for immediate results over a longer period of time, not worth it. Show patience and perseverance, and you will be proud of their manhood.