Basic real increase in penis size

How to enlarge your Penis, if a man is dissatisfied with his or diameter or length? The modern medicine offers a number of methods, which are divided into conservative and operative. For more information about each of them in this article will explain.

Penis enlargement

Manual methods of expansion of the member

Manual methods the most popular among men, thanks to such advantages, such as availability, the ability to perform independently in their home, in addition, a massage of this type do not require any financial investment. These techniques do not help, only increase the length and width of the Penis, but also sexuality, stamina during intimacy.

Massage of the sexual organs is done with the help of the techniques of stretching and compression, leading to an increase in their filling with blood. The correct implementation of the method avoids injuries and minor damage, but for comfort and safety special apply fat better. Already a few months after the regular execution of the Massage changes of the Penis notice be in a better direction. The best known method in this category — jelqing. In translation means "milking", while the man uniform force and speed of the movements, as it were, sex organ stretches. The procedure is regularly, starting with the small. This means that in the first few days it is unacceptable to use excessive pressure, but also long-term cock massage. Manual therapy this type will not be able to dimidium-erectio, in order not to damage the vascular system, sex organs.

The possibilities of the mechanical action of penis size

This category relates to vacuum pumps, extenders and lecticis.

lecticis and Extender for Penis mounted directly on a hollow component. How to increase the diameter of your Penis, use these devices? They are designed to have the Penis bigger in length and width, will also help you erect sexual organ.

The increase in the size is due to the stretching of the corpora cavernosa and ligaments of the body. Approach for this method is similar to the manual Mode. That is, the result will glow with regular use, visible, daily, with a gradual increase in strength and Stretching. As a result, a man must exposure time up to 2-3 hours. The course can be from one to several months.

If a man is interested in, such as increasing the size of the Penis directly in front of intimacy in a short period of time, can the vacuum pump. Their operating principle is simple: sex organ is pumped into the transparent cylinder, where with the aid of a pump air. The resulting vacuum in the end leads to increased copia sanguinis cavernous body, increase your attributes. Long water pump does not apply, a maximum of 20-30 minutes. The effect of their use, even if temporary, but long lasting. Before Manipulation spend, on the Basis of the institution of the rings to maintain an erection.

Vacuum pump proves to be unsafe for men. Possible risks worthy of mention injuries, such as ruptures of the blood vessels, abscesses, bruising, the development of impotence.

the surgery for penis extension

Surgical correction of the length of the member

If you really increase your penis size with the help of the above-described conservative methods? Of course positive reviews, but such methods have a number of negative sides: the possibility of injury, the development of impotence, jelqing in the event of improper procedure leads to a curvature of the Penis, can cause it to rupture of the vessels. Exercises to increase the size of the Penis are mostly of a temporary nature, i.e. the result is difficult to achieve and with the use of vacuum pumps and even short. Therefore, more and more representatives of the stronger sex to seek the help of traditional medicine, that is, the rapid change of the sexual organs.

To increase surgical Intervention, the diameter of the Penis, its length always. Types of surgical correction:

  1. How can the length of your Penis increase? Anatomical part of the body would be hidden inside. This is due to the presence of the ligaments that supports the Penis. Doctors cut the bands, thereby visually extending. A hidden Department, its perineal portion. Band-the apparatus to be restored, therefore, in the post-operative Phase it is important to wear the weights, the fixtures draw for the last 6 months.
  2. How to increase with a surgical correction of the diameter of the Penis? This method uses the earlier, but he had a number of disadvantages. As for the increase in the width of the used own fat tissue, in the course of time this led to their Resorption. The tail was uneven, wide, bumpy, reminiscent of the cobblestone pavement. Now thickening is due to the introduction of allograft, there is a long and more the desired result.

Disadvantages of the Operation according to the increase of the member

As with any surgery, plastic Penis sometimes leads to undesirable consequences. In the first few weeks after the Intervention, possible bleeding, with long-lasting swelling, long-lasting, and perhaps permanent reduction in the sensitivity of the glans penis, pain during erection, as well as the introduction of the infection into the wound.

After the cutting of the ribbons, for example, you might change the angle of the erection. That is to say, upset the body "looks" not to the top, straight or even slightly down. During intercourse extremely unpleasant subluxation of the Penis, it becomes unstable.

In the case of the transplant of fat to the rejection, inflammation, curvature and other types of distortion of tissue, or allograft is sometimes done. The doctor has the man warn that very often, almost in half of the cases the result is not satisfactory, patients dissatisfied with the results of the correction.

To remove sometimes men for the help of a technician, unwanted early erections, by increasing the thickness of the Penis. We recommend that before you decide on surgical methods, use of drugs for the correction of erectile dysfunction. Such drugs are able to extend contact sexy a couple of times.


Another easy way to reduce the sensitivity of the head, the use of lidocaine Spray, judging by the reviews, quite a good result. Spray applied only to avoid on the area of the Frenulum of the Penis, complete loss of sensitivity, and the achievement of anejaculation, i.e. the lack of ejaculation.

The decision on change of the settings of a member of the man. Here we recommend a professional consultation, especially psychologists, because according to the doctors, a considerable part of the men a distorted idea about the structure of his body, mistakenly considering options small Penis. If a potential Patient has a normal size manhood that helps him, rather, the psychiatrist than a surgeon.