How to enlarge his Penis: methods

Many men, unfortunately, is aware of this Problem. Not sufficiently large. And as young guys and Mature men are looking for the solution. How to enlarge his Penis at home? In other words, the Penis is an important goal for many. Whether the Penis at home without surgery (as an example - the cream for the increase of the Penis)?

how to enlarge his Penis

Let's look at the main methods, (including cream), and we'll talk more about the thickness, the length and diameter of the Penis.

Dissatisfaction with the size

The small size of the Penis, as you know, is often the cause of a series of complex, but also other unpleasant sensations, which are very painful, in psychological terms. Just the small size of the "manhood" is often the cause of Depression and the associated negative emotions: Isolation, shyness, the sense of inadequacy and inferiority.

Often, it turns out that the man undress to be ashamed of, if he is close with the woman, and even if he's surrounded by other men (e.g., in the bathroom, in the hospital, etc.). Such a conviction in a small penis size is problematic enough, and if the guy for a long time, convinced that his dick is very small, and increase that it is necessary on 1, 2, 3, 4 or more cm, then even the statements of experts-doctors are unlikely to be able to a conviction to repent. In the case of such a guy is still the Problem: how to enlarge his Penis.

In a relationship, this trust, and, as a consequence, the search for ways how to enlarge the Penis, as one of the reasons for the periodic viewing of porn. To be honest, almost every man, someone less, someone to watch more movies for adults to enjoy "". See, what is the size of the Penis have porn stars, many start to envy them, compared with his, and the realization that the size of the "virtue" in the "heroes" of such films and Videos – and much more, and it is exactly what we should be aiming for. According to such views, already difficult to go back to the feeling that your Penis is normal or average. In General, many come to the conclusion that he will be very enlarged small and must.

The men begin to search for methods to study drugs, including the cream for penis enlargement and growth, search the Internet for information about whether you can make it, no ointments, no drugs, sure. In addition, to be of interest to some of how to jerk off properly, the tail grew a couple of inches and learn such dubious tips dilettantes. And someone is even convinced that there is a special technique that calls for the use of condoms, the honor with which is possible, the enlargement of the Penis.

Application of various means, including ointments, tablets, and also try the extension or thickening of a member of the folk medicine is the result of men right next to an increase in the length and thickness of his "advantage" is calculated, and on the other "bonuses", including:

  • Improving the sensations during Sex.
  • The increased self-esteem in the presence of women.
  • The emergence of self-confidence and mental stability.
  • Respect of other people and much more.

All of these symptoms, according to men, directly or indirectly, influence on the improvement of the General mental condition, which, in turn, a major influence on the confidence of the owner, member of a large size. Gradually, from such a man, who managed, with the tail extend, by one or the other methodology, to have its growth, reached, will, perhaps, begin to be developed, the confidence not only in themselves, but also in the behavior in the presence of girls.

the principles of increasing

At the same time, as practice shows, the majority of these symptoms affect not only the sheer size, but also on that of the man starts, more self-confidence and to enjoy the best of one's ability the Penis during intercourse. Besides, as some experts believe, it also affects the sensations, the orgasm.

Attention! Very interesting is also the assessment of what exactly as a "normal size" for the Penis. I would like to mention here, and a small note.

The fact that not only the representatives of the different races but also different Nations, belong to one and the same race, average Penis length can be different. Wherein, it rocks the Penis in an excited and in the "quiet" state. I'm sure many of you know that the length of the "pepper grains" in the case of the representatives of the black race, in General, larger than for the representatives of the European race, and even more than most Asians.

This is a Problem, for example, Chinese, Koreans or Japanese? It is unlikely, because for many centuries, such that from our point of view, very small Penis was the Norm for the representatives of many Nations. Their women adequately perceive what we have, and still more Africans caused would have, if not laugh, at least, something of a surprise. So, the concept of normal or average size is very relative.

In General, I would like to say that a member is a length of about 14 centimeters (in erect state) can be considered quite average and normal. Anything smaller than this size, is not explicitly a small Penis, but still, that is less than the average values. Member of a size of 12 cm, and less – is clearly too small. But also owner of a 14-cm "human dignity" and still more in size, it can never inches of damage a couple of additional.

Technology Penis Enlargement

If the answers to the question of technology, which is to say, how to enlarge the Penis, we can distinguish 3 main groups. So here is the basic classification of techniques is:

  • With the use of surgical intervention.
  • Without the use of surgical intervention.
  • To increase the combined technologies.

And now let's talk a little more Details about each of these technologies, after-treatment of the Details, which is not studied often and not taken into account.

Surgical Options

You should be aware that the most important feature of any surgical procedure is the same. Zoom can be applied for the Penis by the perineal Department, of the (hidden in the normal state), the inside of the body. That is not to say something like this: Even the Penis in the size changed, but how, "takes a little bit to the front". Here, the gate of the tissue (surgically) that surround the base, and then everything will be restored.

As a result, the training of the will, which he "grew" in size. The peculiarity of this method is the extension of the Penis, especially in the idle state. In the case of an erection (and that is exactly what it boils down to), according to the statement of many patients that the enlargement is not so noticeable. By the way, the doctors-surgeons warn that often that this method is fraught with complications. Therefore, he will say, as in such cases, the danger of the "patients".

Non-surgical methods

Most of these procedures involves the use of a special equipment. This device is used to pull out of the Penis. Again, it is recalled that to increase the idea, the cream also refer to non-surgical technologies. However, for the description of the creams on the website, there are separate materials.

But back to the device. Despite the fact that its application is possible, lead to the desired increase of "masculinity", it is unlikely that this technique can be classified as comfortable and problem-free. It is based on the principle of strain any limbs or body which has long been used by various peoples of the world, especially strains from Africa and Asia. Exactly on this principle, most of these techniques are based.

The disadvantage of this method is that such devices must have at least 6 hours of the day, and this is just the absolute Minimum. The man can practically in any Position. On some sites there is evidence to suggest that the present methodology gives the results for at least a year and a half, which, as you know, is awfully inconvenient for most people. In the process, largely increase exactly happens when the Penis is in a state of relaxation, and will not be able to have an erection.

Technology increase

With respect to such potential negative consequences, such as the potency, work towards the ability to have children in the future, but also the diameter of the Penis, then there was no negative impact. In any case, documented proof is clearly been presented. However, this does not mean that this impact is actually not the case, since some people would be ashamed of such cases published.

Idea how weird it might look. You come to the doctor and explain to him: I tried to do Penis at home, bought a special device. Was hoping that the Penis is bigger, but that something went wrong. Actually, similar salutation to the doctor present is quite difficult. Therefore, we will not say clearly that the equipment for the extension of the Penis, patients can lead to health damage, and to deny, however, it is clearly and unambiguously is not possible.

Combined Technology

So, the third method, which is according to the statements of the seller, fast influence on the increase of the Penis at home, the so-called combined method. In short, your mind is about in any of the following, and is divided into 2 main steps:

  1. Surgical procedures (is the surgical procedure by surgery).
  2. In the second Phase, the method is described is slightly higher with the device.

What you need to know about the type of penis enlargement

So, in the Detail of the technologies considered and basic how to enlarge Penis without cream, but also with the device (and would you have dared to carry your precious unclear dignity piece of iron, and with it half the day?, let us now look at a more in-depth description to increase how it is possible the Penis of the male, and if it is, exactly, what kinds of magnification can be carried out by the methods described above. Here they are:

  1. Thickening of the Penis. Penis could be thicker (greater in scope): take one of the parts of the body and from it retrieved a part of the adipose tissue. This part of the adipose tissue is then taken up in the root of the Penis. This approach can make the Penis bigger and visually more solid. However, this practice is very questionable and identified some forms of injury of the member.
  2. Extension of the Penis. To say it is more accurate, it is necessary, first of all, a few words about precisely how the Penis works. It is ropes with special pools, which are also known, such as the support of the bands. It turns out that due to a surgical procedure, tension of these ropes circumcised, that, in principle, everyone is allowed to be a part of a member, the "coming out". A negative point is that, to avoid the possibility of splicing the ribbons, the Patient may need to wear a special device in order to weight and spread over up to six months.

This is more or less clear. Now, we consider some of the Alternative technologies penis enlargement.

As a member of the house increase

And now we look at the possibilities, how to enlarge Penis at home. Here is a list of the most popular ways is:

the increase of the house
  1. Application of Massage.
  2. Ceiling suspension aggravating freight.
  3. Special exercises.
  4. Vacuum-Pump.
  5. Creams, gels, and Sprays, and other medications.

Attention! The optimal result is in cases where it is with the combined approach. That is, at the same time better to use two or more possibilities.


The enlargement of the Penis this method is used by many men. Massage manually – this is a free way, without cream and without ointments. It is important that the technology, as some put it, "Masturbation". The first thing the member needs to warm up before the Massage. Alternatively, you can also do it in the shower, or wrap in warm water with a towel. This enhances the effect.

There are 2 ways Massage: in the erect state and flaccid. Choose a technique and practice it regularly.

Use Charge

With this method, be careful, because its use can lead to unpleasant injuries. Your Penis can enlarge by loads hanging to him. However, only length is increased: the diameter remains the same.

In short, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Heat of the Penis with the help of Massage.
  2. Behind a patch of glue, hooks the cord or the rope.
  3. On them the charge to hang. The main thing – do not overdo it with weights.

Not to do In the first times procedure longer than 10-15 min. Then the duration will gradually increase.

You think of it! If you are deaf head slowly or you will feel the painful symptoms, end the session. In the case of the repetition of such feelings, you reduce the weight of the load and the duration of the procedure.