Enlargement of the Penis: technique, tips

Also men with greater advantage questions "how to enlarge Penis?". It is rather a question of aesthetics, of taste, of personal preference. Today, medicine is in the Arsenal of several penis enlargement methods, the best of them we will consider in this article.

how to enlarge his Penis

To increase the penis size?

First, it is not always the Situation requires corrections. If it appears to a member to be small, only their measurements. Rare pathology when and the experts agree with the man. This means the smallest member, that is, in the case of the erection of manhood is not more than 8 cm, If the length of 10 to 15 cm, then this is quite acceptable. Sometimes a man wants to enlarge the Penis, because he sees in a calm state, fine. But the original length and width of the body no effect on its size in the excited state. But a man wants to take Penis not only in bed, but also in the Sauna, locker room, Loo, if he is in the company of other men.

Secondly, most of the men who want to go under the knife to increase a member, there may be a dismorfiâ. That is, his body seems to be the way it really is. It is looking at skinny, seems to be if a thin patient, still he the extra pounds. A man with a normal Penis, based on its increase, but rather to help the psychiatrist than a surgeon.

Penis enlargement without surgery

If you do not leave the Venture with the enlargement of the Penis, then you read more and more available and painless ways:

  1. Vacuum-Pump. In a special water pump, a vacuum is created, through which the blood flow increases sharply, and the Penis is larger than before. And to prevent a back flow of blood, the size, clamp just the Penis at the base of a special Ring. This method is for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but its disadvantage is that the effect is temporary. If the action is completed, your body is the previous sizes. Negative effects: abscesses, bruising, impotence, damaged blood vessels, loss of color, and the thickness of the skin. It is just thinner. The Ring for the clamping height can only attract a maximum of 30 minutes, otherwise necrosis of the tissue threatens them.
  2. Exercises and other Tricks. How to enlarge Penis at home? There are various techniques, exercises, which help in a longer implementation, to cope with the complex of the small Penis. For example, an old Arabic Massage. In his daily base member knead him. Gradually increase the time of the Massage until the blessed 30 minutes, but in no case was to reach an orgasm. As soon as you feel that he's approaching, take a break. In this case, the tail grows? It is assumed that a constant Trauma that results in a metered load to destruction of the tissue of the Penis, the proliferation of new cells, increasing the cavernous Tel. From the man of caution is required, the exact mode of operation, change of Hand, because any increase in the load on one side of the Penis causes it to distortion and other complications.

How to increase the length of the Penis traditional medicine

The increase in the size of the Penis currently is, the medicine has several ways to help reduce the length and width of the organ.


Procedures to increase the

An excellent method, especially if you were wondering how to enlarge Penis in width. Bloodless method, which is based on the introduction into the body of the Penis, only your own cells.

For the time of the Manipulation of fat from a certain area of the body special thick hollow pumped needle in the Penis is pumped. Due to this additional volume is formed, the width of the member.

Fence fat tissue is painless, since the needle with a rounded end to apply. This is not to say, in the introduction, it hurts, the nerves and blood vessels, but simply pushes the fat cells sucked out with the help of a vacuum in the syringe. Effects almost never, because fat tissue is not part of the patients, the rejection is there. Instead, still sometimes used hyaluronic acid but the effect lasts for a year, the procedure must be repeated.

Can I increase permanently your Penis?

In the well-known practice of the surgeon, there are several options: by separating the ligament, which is located in the pubic area, Rei is the part of the Penis from the pubic area. This part of the organ before the Operation, is a hidden. The surgeon makes the fixation of the muscle, produces the plastic skin of the intimate area. Don't expect that after such procedures the average penis size in men will increase immediately to 10 cm At the most effective is the increase in the body to 5 cm should nevertheless, seems to this result, little of what the surgeon will give you recommendations on how to make your Penis enlarge by clicking you can add 1-2 cm, while at home.

Indications for a surgical solution to the question

For the Operation important, only the desire of the patient, but also the original size of the sex organ are:

  1. If the Penis is less than 9 cm, then the specialist is concerned with hypoplasia of the Penis, when every Millimeter counts.
  2. At a length of about 12 cm, the surgery is only to improve the sizing and achieve strong results.
  3. With a length of more than 12 cm, the surgery is already wearing a complementary character.

After the Operation, is to abstain from Sex. The deadlines depend on the type of surgical procedure. For example, in the case of a prolongation of the Penis a minimum of 3 weeks of a high-security prison, in the case of the enlargement of the width to 4 weeks, and if the Operation is combined, then at least 1.5 months.

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Penis in different ways. After a detailed consultation with specialists, maybe even a psychologist, you can choose the most appropriate method.