The whole truth about Penis enlargement: the real and proven methods

At some point the man has to think about how the size of the institution, the likely framework of the standard fits, and I can change it.

how to enlarge his Penis

In fact, this is a serious question, because of the doubt whether the man a woman met in a familiar walk, he develops a uncertainty, complex and depression.

But before you develop experience with the peculiarities of growth of the member, its "normal" size and how realistic increase.

The average size and standard in the different periods of growth

Immediately we reserve, useful concepts "Norm" in the question about the size of the Penis at different ages, all men does not exist.

There are several statistics that many different people and in different places, running on a middle variant.

Useful to know how to correctly measure Penis.

The penis growth in the puberty occurs mostly in the beginning of 9 years.

Taking into account the dimensions of the body in a calm state, give the following data:

  • 10 – 12 years the average size of the Penis of approximately 4 cm and with each year of life increased by 0.5 – 1 cm in any year of life may be different from the Norm on 1-1,5 centimeters;
  • 13 – 15 years minimum up to 5 – 6 cm in length;
  • 16 – 18 years, normal values and amount of 7 – 9 inches.

Normal size of the Penis in the erect state:

  • 10 – 12 years the average penis size is 9 – 10 cm;
  • 13 – 15 years, the Norm is equivalent to 12 – 15 cm;
  • In 16-18 years, the average parameters of the institution, form 13 to 16 inches.

However, from the age of 18 years, the body grows to a maximum length, and further changes are only in diameter. In the case of the enlargement of the width of the limb, rather a slight decrease in the length, to the inch of ground.

Speaking of diameter of the member, it should immediately be said that it is statistical data:

In accordance with them to the conclusion that after 12 years, body circumference of 7-8 cm, and up to 18 years of age is 12-13 cm

The methods described below, to increase the thickness of the Penis.

psychological factors

Psychological Factors

You look at the question of penis enlargement in terms of the psychology of men, are often unsubstantiated, flimsy reasons.

Men usually begin to doubt the ability to satisfy the partner during sexual intimacy. It seems as if the size of the Penis is not sufficient, and on this background, considerable excitement, and inwardly emotional Stress develop health undermines.

Of course, every man by nature is the desire to be a leader, the first number in every area of life. In the case, if really small Penis sizes, it presses on the Psyche, disabled forms of a fulfilling life, in all appearance, and the man let go of thoughts about how to increase the size.

But usually it is illusory thoughts to the unconscious violation of the mental state.

How realistic Penis (Penis)?

Men interested in the question: “how Real Penis“? Absolutely you will get the result if you consult a doctor and perform the Operation. But a surgical procedure is only. in the presence of the statements So, if you are not present, only without the possibilities of surgery.

How such penis enlargement methods are effective, there are a variety of opinions, from total Negation, and in front of the safe confirmation of the efficacy. But in any case, and if it was decided to accessible procedure better several ways to combine. A holistic approach to an attempt to enlarge your Penis, can count on a good result Real-world examples are described below.

Indications for the increase of the

In view of the fact that it is a way of the Penis surgically, for him, it and indications. Among the reasons for the Operation of the medical staff assigned:

  • Micro penis, that is, the size of the body not more than 3 cm.
  • Epispadias, a congenital disorder in the Form of splitting of the upper wall of the urethra.
  • Hypospadias – abnormal location of the opening of the urethra.
  • Peyronie's disease – a benign neoplasm, not related to a group of tumors that developed, the Protein in the tissues.
  • Cavernosal fibrosis, that is to say, instead of the cavernous bodies of the Penis is the condensed connective tissues.
  • Trauma.

There are "aesthetic" indications for surgical interventions. An example of such a Situation can be a Situation where the organ tissue in the pubic area is obscured by excessive amounts of fat.

Any increase in the Penis with the specialists!

The best methods

There are several methods of increasing the size of your manhood. Under corrections, member sizes, the increase in the length, and an increase in the width differ. But more often simple options are easy to implement at home. To talk about each method separately. And if you are tormented by the question: can I have a Penis, you can find definitely a positive answer.

Soda Penis Enlargement


The folk medicine has long been no surprise, but often with their help, solved be different health problems and simply improves his external condition.

The special place occupies baking powder, in an amount of not more than a teaspoon.

You dilute it in a simple glass of warm water and stir until complete dissolution. A small baby bath turns out, and sinks into the organ.

The procedure takes less than 10 minutes and advise you to spend one hour before the planned intimacy.

There are also of the opinion that you can use and the combination of the Soda with honey. Such a composition is thoroughly mixed in equal proportions and rubbed on your manhood. It is believed that after the procedure, the penis enlargement Soda, the man feels greatly increased the Tonus of the organism and increases sexual desire.

The repetition of this procedure over the course of several months leads to an increase of the organ to 2 cm.


There are excellent exercises for penis enlargement:

  • for the clamping frame,
  • for the improvement of blood circulation,
  • Support Group.

Each Option has a variety of techniques, with which every man. In addition, these methods are exercises are simple, require no effort and are to be carried out easily at home. Exercises are the best Option penis enlargement at home.


Nozzle in a single component, it has been around for a long time and have already proved that simplicity and accessibility. A Bonus of this variant is the lack of requirements as to the skills or training before use. In addition, you will be in each Shop.

This is the fastest way to make Penis longer.

Nozzle in a component according to distinguish the Material from the size and the shades are produced, and, above all, to the purpose of use. There are possibilities:

the essays on the tail
  • Essays for thickening;
  • Capable of Penis prolong;
  • With Vibration Function;
  • With an unusual topography;
  • Stimulants from the Gel;
  • The essays for the exposure and at the same time to the female clitoris and the Anus.

Nozzle to enlarge the Penis even to 10 cm.

Despite its profitability and simplicity, you can reduce the sensitivity during intimacy, but also create a feeling for the increase in the partner.

Drugs, hormones, herbs, creams, gels, and ointments

There are penis enlargement methods: pills, biological additives, herbs, hormones, creams, gels, ointments, and ramis. In terms of their effectiveness to have been evaluated. Each drug after consultation of the expert.


The method of increasing the size of your manhood vacuum pump is known for a long time.

The basis of this method should be the creation of a vacuum, increasing the blood flow to the Organ and thus, increases and enhances its elasticity

In this way, succeed your Penis for a short period of time.

The result from the vacuum pump is maintained, and in a calm state of the Penis, but is the effect of the increase is not more than a day. The result remained for a long time, the water pump, you must systematically and over a longer period of time. Not more often than once in two days.

It is important to remember that it is not always the pump, provision may be used in accordance with, and are there any contraindications. These include:

  • Diseases of the foreskin.
  • Acute inflammation of the entire Organ.
  • Diabetes mellitus, disorders of the liver or kidney function.
  • To thrombosis, high blood clotting with a tendency.


A very interesting method to enlarge the Penis – Jelqing. The technique is a special exercise, the impact on all the properties of manhood. Technology, well-known men from all points of the planet. This is based on the Stimulation increases the blood flow to the Organ, and what leads him to increase.

There are three popular technology:

  • Sex organ injected half erectum condition. Carefully lubricate and renew during the procedure, when it dries. On the basis of the member, the tips of the index finger and the thumb, connect a peculiar Ring that fits tightly around the Organ. Slightly press them together, the Ring to the head. Then you release and repeat the steps with the other Hand. The pace of the execution of the agent, which is the main thing, stick to simple rhythm. It is believed that more than just significantly increase in the thickness of the Penis;
  • The second technique is characterized in that the lubricant is not used;
  • The third variant again with the grease, but "Ring" not with two fingers but the whole Hand.

If all of a sudden a painful sensation – Stop Action appeared for several days.



Extender for penis enlargement – a special device developed by the medical staff.

It is used for penis enlargement and for the control of congenital defects of external body and the consequences of the performed plan surgery.

The most important change is the increase in length.

The apparatus of 4 to 6 hours per day, making in between a break. The possibility is, if the Ex pull 2 hours in the morning, then repeat this on the same time in the afternoon and evening.

Training recommended daily. If you suddenly skipped a day, he is as the Maximum of the possible interruptions to the Extender in use.

Men, the from the application of this device not less than four months, claiming that it gives an amazing effect in the Form of an increase to 1.5-2 cm.


Massage Penis, the procedure itself is beautiful and useful, if carried out with the aim of increasing the size of the Penis. Developed various massage techniques, but special attention deserves the technology cone.

This Massage, developed by Arnold Kegel, the man acts on the muscles of the pubic bone and the coccyx area.

To determine which of the muscle is in need of attention, he must leave while using the toilet for a few seconds, you keep the act of water.

In this time you will feel the tension of a muscle, the exercise needs.

If the muscle is defined, you can go directly to the Massage:

  • Muscle clenching and relaxing at a fast pace, and tried to reduce during their compression. The exercise is carried out in a fast pace, but not longer than a few seconds. The time increases gradually.
  • Muscle tensioning step of the way. First slightly for a few seconds, then at the same time relax. The next time strength increase and gradually to the limit, the avoidance of unpleasant sensations.
  • Muscle to shrink as slowly as possible. When the voltage reaches a limit – relax. In this exercise, the feeling of "vibrations" in the muscles.
the extension of the charge

The extension of the charge

Enlargement of the Penis pivotable suspension of the weights, – the old and free method. There are several options for affixing to the authority:

  • Rope with the load Fix with duct tape,
  • The rope-make a loop and pull on the head, firming under her.

This method seems to be simple and safe, but it is not so. For the beginning we will immediately report that the result is really achieved only after a few years, the use of this technique. And high probability of damage to the body.

Outside of the home environment, this method is absolutely not a pleasant one.

The charge will move in the way and uttering a noise draws attention to unnecessary and embarrassing man.

Plus of this technique is that it is free of charge. Although with this statement one can argue, because if you can through such exercises done body damage, needs a lot of money for the treatment. It is better to use a different means for increasing or grabatum.

For more information on how the charge is hanging on the tail, you learn from this Video:


There are several options of Operation, with the aim of increasing the size of your manhood:

  • Ligament, based on the intersection of the ligaments, fixing the organ, and lifts him partially interior length to the outside. Do not take more than an hour, and the hospital, the man leaves already on the second day after the Operation. On average, the increase is celebrated on 3-5 cm
  • Penile prosthesis, the surgery, the Implantation of an artificial tooth replacement. This process is complicated and, in extreme cases.
  • Fat injections – the fat cells Supplement the Penis, it increases to 1 cm.
  • Muscle Transplantation is the micro-surgical Manipulation, in which the thickness increases masculinity to 3-4 cm
  • Plastic surgery in the Organ, a Gel, or injected with silicone-implants for the promotion of the thickening.
  • The injection of hyaluronic acid.