Alcohol and potency in men — effects on the body

Almost every representative of the stronger sex wants you to lose your sexual function and your anxiety, but not everyone understands how damaging the effects of alcohol on the potency in men. But the frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, it can also run in small doses, the development of a whole range of diseases of the genitourinary system.

the effects of alcohol on the potency

Disturbances in the processes of the sexual Gravitation, of excitement, of the occurrence and duration of the erection, suffering from 37% to 42% of the male population in the age from 30 to 55 years! Decreased sex drive is not affected, the best way to sexual health, as well as on the physical and Psycho-emotional state of a man.

Alcohol and potency

A large part of the patients do not think about disorders of the erection, until the problems begin. Impotence usually overtakes men, enthusiastic alcohol, about 35-40 years.

At a young age alcohol has a stimulating influence that makes the youth almost every time before intimacy to consume drinks with alcohol content. Alcohol expands the blood vessels, reducing the blood supply to all tissues, including the small basin. Of this erections resistance seems to be capable and durable. But, actually, alcohol will kill vessels in the result of the blood, which lead to terrible consequences.

Reflex makes men eat, drink almost every time before Sex. Gradually, alcohol inhibits the sexual function, the function of the nervous system, contributes to the deterioration of blood flow. Sex is becoming rarer, but the man justifies it Stress, fatigue, not realizing that is already on the verge of impotence.

Signs of impotence in young years, accompanied the dawn quick ejaculation, weak erections. In a Moment erection does not come easy, that takes first for a misfire, this all happens to us. But more erectile disorders are repeated more and more frequently, are commonplace.

Soon attention falls and even to the point of physical impotence psychological. Impotence occurs as a result of the exhaustion of the prostate, changes in their work. Cavernous bodies can't properly fill with blood, the member becomes sluggish, devalues sexual intercourse.

One often hears that lasts with alcohol sexual intercourse longer than you are proud of. This is, in fact, because of the bad working of the nervous system, to drink the sensitivity to be reduced simply. All of the signals on the initiation and the brakes simply do not reach the nerve centers and receptors in the body, the person is disoriented.

The effect of the beer on the potency of the men

Beer is one of the oldest drinks. Due to the low percentage of alcohol, it is often and in great quantities consume men and women. However, the beer is very dangerous, especially for the potency in men.

The influence of the beer on the potency in men is not limited thereto. Observations have shown that beer can cause infertility, increased appetite, so men often suffer from overweight.

In the elimination of alcoholism often is the method of coding the use of, or filing capsules, the medicine is gradually released. Men interested in the question of "influences the coding from alcoholism on the potency?". Experts in one voice say about the safety of this procedure for the health of the man. In addition, alcohol dependence is to get rid of, you get a Chance, again, the potency and erection to a previous state.

We do not call you to complete to give up alcohol, but to reconsider the number of its recording. According to studies and surveys, the consumption of 40 grams of alcohol in any Form, the slight drunkenness comes in, drunk feel to bring a sense of pizzazz. The one-time consumption of 40 grams of alcohol, for example, in the Form of 100 grams of vodka, leads to the increase of sexual pleasure by the relaxation of the subcortical reflexes, and of awakening the instinct of continuation of a sort. The reality shows that 250 grams of vodka (100 grams of alcohol) at once impotent men for a while. Regular devotion to alcohol leads to a permanent sign of impotence.

The potency gradually out of

In the case of the drinking people, the sexual performance will gradually decline. First of all, the dreams erotic content will disappear, the morning erection and involuntary ejaculation. Healthy men experience the described condition at least 1-2 times a month.

With the time the erection disappears. Lasting lasting erections in the sexual intercourse a little bit, you can take the ends with a sharp disappearance of erection and the inability to further intimacy. In today's day and age, science is far forward and take the equivalents for the raising of the standard of levitra erections.

Changes and orgasm. First, you need a effort to achieve it. Ejaculation a long time can not attack, or, conversely, too fast, without the fun. In the course of time completely ejaculation disappear. Orgasm is not more satisfaction, even more so, it can be painful. Further man is also psychological changes. He loses interest in the INTIMA, to be his wife. So it is the psychological impotent.

Something other than potency, alcohol can pick up?

Impotence drugs and alcohol

Alcohol abuse is one of the first problems in many countries. The population is susceptible to alcoholism from a young age, and all "thanks" to the advertising, incorrectly organized recreational, social Status, mental and physical tensions.

Alcoholic life style — this is the opposite of healthy. Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks were the first cause of mortality among the working age population. Now there are a large number of cases of alcoholic psychosis, a very severe Form of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a social Vice. He is not only the personality destroyed, but has a negative effect on the state of the society as a whole.

The negative effects of alcohol on the body starts with the effect on the nervous system. The brain and the spinal cord, the organs that consume active power. As a result of the intoxication of alcohol, there is a depletion of the brain tissue with oxygen. The result of a long alcoholism — neuronal cell death and dementia. Irreversible results of the abuse of alcohol, the destruction of the cerebral cortex, its pronounced exhaustion.

Not only the nervous system suffers from this addiction. Alcohol disrupts the rhythm of the heart, provoked coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, increased blood pressure.

Alcohol, especially in combination with tobacco, provoked severe diseases of the respiratory tract. So, in the case of alcoholics often tuberculosis, emphysema, Bronchitis.

Denied a terrible habit and the endocrine System. According to the statistics, every third man drinks alcohol frequently, have problems with potency and erection.

The health of the people is only in his Hand. What time is the problems with potency, begin, one must refer to experts, a change in habits, life style. Stick to the correct way of life, and your health will not disappoint you.