Effective exercise for the potency of

Even in young, physically healthy men failures can happen on the love front will bring you and your girl a lot of unpleasant sensations. Tobacco, alcoholic weakness and Stagnation of the blood in the organs of the pelvis, associated with theatre-style occupations, and the affection of the pastime, contribute to erectile dysfunction and diseases of the prostate. If bedding debacle will not help in connection with severe forms of prostate adenoma, or a serious hormonal failures, exercises to potency, the lost agility. When charging with the male inclination for the prophylaxis, improve the actual potency significantly and to avoid difficulties in the future.

exercises to increase potency

Of course, in the event of a sudden crash is a lot easier than in the pharmacy for a means, which, as if by magic, everything is back to normal. In addition, that such a cure-all respectable, there are a large number of side effects. For today's artificial joy in the near future will have to pay a deterioration of health and even bigger problems. The exercises the same normalization of blood circulation and strengthening the muscles of the skeleton, supports and leads in the embattled male. A sufficient filling of the cavernous bodies and strong muscles without the use of chemicals allow for a strong floor have a fulfilling love life and relieve psychosis, accompanying deterioration of the potency.

Complex of exercises for the restoration and improvement of the potency

Only regular exercises will be tangible, resistant, in all respects, the result. Miracle promise Marketing services, pharmacological companies, and in ordinary life, it will require considerable effort, but they sure are justified. In the ideal case, exercises daily, or at least every second day to the stomach, in the morning or during the day, on an empty.

You spin the hula-Hoop

Rotation-the pelvis in different directions to help to expel the blood, stretch your bones and prepare the body for the following exercises. Standing, legs apart, the hands resting on the hips, start with twenty or thirty rounds in every direction, thus gradually the number of revolutions up to fifty. Exercises for the potency not only improves the blood circulation, but form the dorsal muscles, the for friction.

Above the legs

Standing, back straight, hands omitted. Active on the spot, high knees bully, pulled up to his chest. If it is not possible to help in the first time with the hands. Start with thirty climbs on each leg, bring it up to fifty.


Standing, legs shoulder width apart, knees are straight, deep leaned forward, the hand face is in contact with the ground, if you have problems with flexibility enough to contact with the fingers. You start with twenty arches, but gradually, by the addition of a few pieces of up to fifty. The optimal number, in order to strengthen the back muscles and improve the blood circulation in the spine, which is important for the sexual organs and potency.


Lying on your back, bend the knees, the feet against the ground, the hands position along, palms down. You lift your pelvis as far as you work and slowly lower, without the shoulder blades and the feet. Run dozen climbs, break, repeat. You start with three approaches, up to five.


Lying on your back, bend the knees, and a stick in the Hand, press the feet to the ground, the hands are relaxed. Straining the heart muscles, the feeling arises that all in the area of the Penis and the Anus, gathered in a heap, hold, relax. The stronger the strain will repeat, the better, ten times. One of the most important exercises for the recovery of potency, you have to try and throughout the day, alternating tension and relaxation of the muscles in standing, sitting, lying down.

The shoulders back sitting on a hard stool or chair, back straight, the torso is a little tilted forwards, the hands resting on the hips. Strong muscles of the perineum straining as glued to the seat, trying not to tap, back, hold, relax. Perform A Dozen Reps.


Half-crouching, to breed the knee, before you compress the hands, the muscles of the anus. Slowly, the Rotation of the pelvis from side to side within a Minute. Whilst the strengthening of the muscles, for the duration of the exercises up to three minutes, you can several approaches.

You keep the Ball

You need small (up to 20 cm diameter), plastic or rubber ball. Standing, a little bow, put you hook the Ball between the knees, and buttocks, greatly squeezed. Starting with thirty repetitions up to fifty.


Standing, legs shoulder apart, back broad, straight, arms stretched forward. Slowly, half sit, with a force pressing together the buttocks, for a while, pause for a moment, slowly release and relax. Enough twenty repetitions.

The exercises for the power are simple in execution, does not require any special physical Fitness, you take so much time to neglect you, having referred to employment. By this half hour, men can save much more without the legwork, for pharmacies and doctors.