32 ways to improve the potency of the man folk medicine for 3 days

Analyze 32-effective ways to improve the potency of folk medicine for 3 days or more in the case of the representatives of the stronger sex.

What is useful

1. Honey with nuts

  1. Both components in the same ratio and mixed thoroughly, first the nuts need to hack.
  2. The mixture is in the amount of 2 teaspoon of after eating, squeezed milk, morning and evening.

Plus is that:

  • such a mixture has the same vitamins you usually take offers, all within a day.
  • for the development of male hormones.

2. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice

If you drink pomegranate juice for about a month every day, then you will feel the effect.

At least in the circle in the course of the day.

He is good, because it improves the circulation of blood and as a result accelerates the swelling of the organ.

Therefore, Apple juice is a folk medicine, is garnet to increase potency in men without side effects.

3. Repka

  • Beet is useful for dealing with erectile dysfunction. This vegetable food, such as fresh and welding of all-Positon in the water.
  • Can cook in the milk, which only increases the effect.
  • You can mix and match vegetables with the salad. For example, a salad of carrots and Kohlrabi.

4. Carrot juice

  • Drink half a Cup three times a day after meals.
  • Carrots itself improves the blood circulation and the blood circulation in the pelvis, improves the military capability of the male organ.

5. Tincture from the berries of the mountain ash, rose hips and leaves of gooseberry

We consider the following procedure for the preparation of tinctures to increase the potency of folk remedies at home for men.

  1. Take of mountain ash berries in a quantity of 150 grams, berries, rosehips 50 grams and leaves of the gooseberry, also in an amount of 50 grams. Everything is washed and pour a Liter of water.
  2. Begin Cooking. In the case of ferventis keep on heat for 20 minutes.
  3. Allow it to cool. And now we drink 3 times a day in a volume of 200 ml at a time.

6. Banana and yogurt

How is this mixture:

  1. Take half a banana and put it in a Cup, where it is ground until a thick mass.
  2. Pour a Cup of yogurt with the mass, add sugar to taste and everything carefully to mix before full dissolution.
  3. A tasty and healthy drink after meals or before Training.
  4. Instead of buttermilk you can use yogurt or sour cream.

Before the mixture

  • The advantage of this is that even the banana helps increase the duration of copulation and enhances the male power. Earlier we wrote about the increase of stamina in the bed with good shots.
  • And milk products enhance the reproductive capabilities and the power of the seed.
  • Together, they give a greater effect, and the mixture is as a in men folk remedies for potentiality increase quickly.

7. Some Seafood

  1. Squid;
  2. Cancers;
  3. Mussels and oysters;
  4. Mackerel;
  5. Rapana.

All these seafood are considered to be aphrodisiacs and to increase the activity in the bed.

8. Allium Tincture

Finely crumble the two slices of garlic and pour boiled water. Of this mixture give two weeks. Then, in a amount of one teaspoon per day.

Not at all, even the garlic is always useful for the stronger sex in the bed.

9. Love drug made from dried fruits and wine

  1. Take in a quantity of 100 grams of apricots aridae, prunes, and raisins, or effundam cinnamon to taste sugar to a tablespoon. As a spice, cardamom and cloves.
  2. In the received mix will make good red dry wine and torment on the small fire: first, a half-hour with the closing of the lid, and then so much time with tightly closed.
  3. So sweet to take the drug in the treatment of potency in men folk medicine in an amount of 3 times per day.

10. Celery

  • In it there is a hormone, stimulating a desire in relation to women.
  • You use it in your vegetable salads or eat them as a side dish to meat.
  • Some like the soup-mashed potatoes from this ingredient. Admittedly, as a seasoning for fish. Yet you drink the juice of celery.
  • You can use the leaves, stems. And the root is also useful.

11. Braised or baked tomatoes


Better you eat a vegetable after the heat treatment. Then it is better to wipe them out or the oven.

In this Form they are more the function of the germ to increase glands. Tomatoes add in the Pizza or in the Pasta.

12. The soup special recipe

At the age folk remedies for potentiality increase at men over 50 this is a special soup from meat. It is also useful and young.

Recipe is as follows:

  1. For the soup take the meat with bone in, of beef and veal (also suitable for rabbit meat, equus caro or Turkey), finely crumble the onion onion. There is a finely chopped beets and carrots.
  2. The cook everything in water and boil for 30 minutes, adding parsley.
  3. Eat this dish hot, condimentum his sour cream.

13. The berries of the sea buckthorn

The fruits of the buckthorn are useful in any Form:

  • Salads with sea buckthorn oil;
  • mare buckthorn Juice;
  • Tea from the berries of the buckthorn;
  • Jam and jam.

As tea from sea buckthorn

  1. Take buckthorn berries, pour, and coctum water in a ratio of 3 tablespoons of fruit in half a Liter of boiling water.
  2. They are about half an hour.
  3. Then, the resulting mixture, out of her berries is filtered to drink, after a glass twice in the course of the day.
  4. Such home remedies potency for men quick steps you can enjoy a drink together with honey.

The berries of the sea buckthorn improves the male force, struggling with impotence and regulate the production of hormones.

14. Coturnix or chicken eggs

Eggs Coturnix can be used, such as in raw Form as well as in the Form of an omelet. Chicken eggs consumed in the undesirable raw materials.

You can make out of eggs, an omelette, and add the onion to enhance the effect.

15. Milk products

Useful to drink milk, or drink the second. It improves the reproductive ability.

In addition, for the male power of the following sour milk products:

  • koumiss;
  • clotted;
  • Quark;
  • Kefir;
  • Hard cheese;
  • sour cream.

Watch the following Video, in which it is told about the means to increase potency for men of different ages.

16. What is the green stuff better

Under the green in a special position to take:

  1. Parsley (normalizes and increases the level of male hormones).
  2. Spinach (normalizes the blood circulation in the body).
  3. Onions (improves the production of testosterone and increases the attraction).

All of these types of herbs are good because they can be added as condiments to the first, second dish or various salads.

Add herbs to your diet and less of the Partes to the topic, such as increasing the potency in men at home.

17. Porridge made of dried berries and nuts

  • In the same amount of raisins, peeled plums, figs and shelled walnuts nuts.
  • All mix well and crush. You can add honey to taste.
  • Eat after lunch for two tablespoons.
  • You will receive a useful and tasty way to increase the potency in men folk medicine.
  • The porridge drink, yogurt or yoghurt to taste.

18. You do the exercise cone

It is an old exercise ways Taoists to increase male power and also the prevention of premature termination of the session. Very popular and practical.

  1. The essence of this exercise is in the balance, pubis-coccygeal muscles (it helps us to stop the jet of liquid into the toilet, if you go to a small).
  2. You can tension the short and the relaxation of this muscle, or a long time, the voltage for a few seconds. You can meet in any place, because no one will know.
  3. Another way of training. If your male Organ is in a state of alert, you can compress it to bounce through and relax the same muscle cone. We have already said, on the implementation of Kegel exercises for men at home.

19. Do the exercise for the pelvis and not only


Recourse to physical movement is a must, especially if you sit a lot at work.

All of this drives the blood in the basin, and improves the blood circulation in the sex organ.


  • Normal Squats.
  • The knee-lift to the shoulders-standing alternating different types of feet.
  • Exercises on the press (the hands behind the head, with the legs fixed in place, raise and lower the housing).
  • Running long distances is an old and time-tested folk medicine to increase male potency.
  • Exercises for the gluteal muscles. For example, "boat" (lying on the stomach, leva and stretch the hands forward, and the same with the feet, but in the opposite direction).
  • Stretching muscles.
  • Helpful circular movement of the pelvis.

20. Seeds of pumpkin or cucurbita oil

Pumpkin seeds improve Libido, to restore the masculinity.

Yet cucurbita oil increases the reproductive functions, improves the production of male hormones.

Helpful pumpkin seeds together with honey:

  1. Pumpkin seeds in Video-cheese finely ground.
  2. Mixed with honey in equal proportion and consume around 5 times a day a tablespoon.

21. Tincture of the leaves of a nettle, an ingredient for soups

  • The leaves of nettle to wash and give просушиться. They are then finely ground.
  • Then of nettles, pour boiled water in a ratio of 100 grams to 300 ml. You give to brew it.
  • Take the mixture 3 times per day food intake.
  • Washed leaves of the nettle in soups, side dishes.
  • Benefits of nettle is that it improves the Libido, the sexual force. Use in food leaves of a nettle is a good answer to the question, what is the natural increase remedies to potency in men.

22. Ginger with honey

  • Dry ginger together with honey in the same proportion you consume three times a day half a teaspoon. The whole thing is washed with water.
  • Ginger stimulates not only masculinity, but also strengthens the immune system.

23. Tincture from the berries of asparagus

  • Take 11 berries of asparagus, washed and give it brew in a thermos with boiled water in a volume of 400 ml for approximately 7 hours.
  • The resulting mixture prior to the meal 50 ml three times per day.
  • Asparagus is good for the prevention of diseases of the prostate and improve male power.

24. Tincture of ginseng root

  1. The root of the Ginseng in the form of a powder, pour the vodka. The root is taken in a ratio of 1 to 20 to vodka and
  2. Tincture put in place, closed by the rays of light, and do not touch within two weeks.
  3. Apply the mixture to 20 drops 2 times in the course of the day, before eating.
  4. Ginseng is useful, since the number of male hormones is increased, and improves the reproductive capacity of man.
  5. Ginseng is in the company of folk medicine that increases the potency in men. There is only one but. It is not recommended to drink before bedtime.

25. Tincture of thyme

  1. Shrub, the inflorescence, washed and pour coctum water in a ratio of 1 to 2. Mixture to stand day. Then drink 2-3 times per day.
  2. Tincture of thyme is helpful for the prevention of impotence or Prostatitis, which leads in the order of hormone production.

26. The mix of coriander and parsley

Coriander-dried and ground. Paste filled in the parsley and the whole thing with boiled water. Mixture to stand day. The tincture can be drunk, drink, eat or simply in the course of the day.

27. Tincture of the flowers of St. John's wort

  • The flowers of St. John's wort is washed and cooked in water in a ratio of 100 grams to 300 ml of liquid for 10 minutes.
  • Tincture you are to give for 24 hours. You drink about 3 times per day in an amount of 50 g.
  • The tincture of the circulation of the blood in the body, including in the organs of the pelvis.
  • St. John's wort is considered to be one of the good herbs that increase potency in men and folk medicine for the Libido.

28. The mixture of the root of calamus

  1. The rhizome of the sweet flag are ground finely and pour the vodka in a ratio of 2 tablespoons to 150 ml, respectively.
  2. The mix you give for three days. Then you drink 10 drops twice per day.
  3. The root of this plant calamus chew like chewing gum.
  4. In front of the root of the grass is that it helps reinforce the rigidity of the manhood.

29. Flowers Lungwort

  • For infusion take 20 grams of dried flowers lungwort, and pour a glass of boiling water.
  • Give it to brew for 15 minutes.
  • Drink the resulting broth three times a day in advance before eating.
  • Add the herb in salads, or appetizers.
  • So, with these tips, you will know all about how the return of the potency of the men in folk medicine, without medication.

30. Compress with ice

  1. Take the crumble a little ice and put it in small pieces. The comminuted particles have a large wrap of gauze in five layers, to avoid frostbite.
  2. Now Mull with ice applied alternately to the areas of the neck, then the chest and ends in the area of the testicles. On each area, do not linger longer than 1 Minute.
  3. The procedure 3-4 times.

31. Way with sinapi

  1. Sinapi to help select the points on the soles of the feet in connection with the outflow of blood from the leg to the genitals.
  2. You need to immerse yourself in the warm water and attach to each foot. Warm socks and keep this in the Sauna for the feet for about 10 minutes.
  3. After completion of washing the feet first, mainly in the warm, and then a little in the cool water. Then RUB the feet dry with a towel. This type of application sinapi aulæ than in men folk medicine highlighting the potency quickly and in a short time.

32. Useful shower or steam room

Take time in the morning or before going to bed to take a shower. Give it a habit.

Their feelings gradually change the temperature of the water, do not jump immediately into the ice-cold water.

While the soul always listen to your body: the feeling that frigidus, turn on a hot and you better stay in hot.

Hot and cold showers improves the blood flow in the male Organ and influenced his work.

Further Recommendations

  1. You take a shower as often as possible. This Council divided the wise Taoists with their students.
  2. They abstain from alcohol. Otherwise it can make fully useless in bed.
  3. Give up Smoking. Not only that, it suggests you to breath, which worsens a bad influence on the duration of the act, the production of male hormones.
  4. Less fat, roasted in the diet. So you don't have to be abused.
  5. You respect the sleep that the amount of Stress and a positive effect on the male force.
  6. Do not forget to do the exercise, to move more, to exercise. This helps to keep the Fit organs of the pelvis.

That is all. Now that you know a lot of methods and home remedies to increase potency in men, immediately gathered in our article.

Also effective is to apply together with the products of our Website. Stay healthy!