How to repair potency after 60 years

If a man has problems with sexual life, reaching the advanced age, is relevant for him is the restoration of potency after 60 years. Lead to failures, lack of substances in the body from testosterone, which facilitates the maintenance of the sex drive. Output for the increase of potency is the correct approach to life, avoiding harmful habits, the intake of certain medications.

What is potency


The concept of potency in men includes several characteristics: the degree of tension of the Penis in the time of its repeal, the rate of appearance of erection, duration and quality of intercourse. The exact criteria used to determine the standard for this indicator there are. Suspect a Problem can be, if there is no desire and erectile weaknesses. Disorders in healthy men often begin in adulthood due to the peculiarities of ageing, lifestyle and disease.

At what age in men, the potency decreases

Scientists have proved that the reduction of potency in the average healthy happens to people after reaching the age of 50 years or older. But the Problem can occur with erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire, and earlier, under the influence of negative factors. Cause of early impotence are often bad habits, improper diet, long-term abstinence in adult age, the presence of chronic diseases. You determine the optimal age for the adoption of preventive measures you can after the examination individually.

Men's health after 60 years

The primary cause of erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 60 years, the doctors believe the presence of diseases of the blood vessels and hormonal sphere, Prostatitis. In the case of older representatives of the stronger sex Climax, by a decrease in the Libido for the woman. The treatment of the disease hinders many of the medicines that may have a negative impact on the potency. So, before you, the recovery of sexual activity, you should consult a doctor.

Against the background of reduction of testosterone production of Sex will always be rare drops, the excitement. However, it has a negative impact on the sexual health of men. Experts recommend that the representatives of the stronger sex is not limited to intimate contacts. According to doctors, to have regular Sex, are one of the most important methods, such as the return of the potency, the prevention of the deterioration of the quality of sexual life and desires.

Sex after 60

Age is not the main reason for the deterioration of the sexual activity of the man. Reduced potency in the case of the representatives of the stronger sex may be due to the following factors:

  • The lack of diversity in sexual contacts. This is due to the fact that the partner loses visual appeal, appears to be the custom.
  • Excessive work leads to an increased concentration of the man on the employment, which refers to the reduction of sexual pleasure.
  • Overeating, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, Smoking and other harmful habits can to a deterioration in the potency in adulthood.
  • Fatigue, physical and psychological factors is characteristic for children, fathers, rich men, who have family problems with his wife.
  • Disease, especially in connection with disorders in the blood stream.
  • The fear of sexual intercourse can be appearance setbacks provoked in the past. In this context, less often Sex takes place, the Penis of the male Stimulation is not subject to long, therefore, the impotence may occur.

How to repair potency


The process of recovery of potency for the older 60-year-old men consists of a complex of actions, which are designed to improve the General health and the health of the organs of the small pelvis. Doctors recommend resorting to the following measures:

  • One of the most important and fastest ways how to improve potency in 60 years, the therapy of diseases of a chronic nature. Increased attention must be given to complaints in connection with the changes of the endocrine system (Diabetes, hypothyroidism), diseases of the liver, of the prostate and atherosclerosis. For the liberation of impotence appointed to the appropriate drugs and biological supplements. If the need arises may be a surgical procedure.
  • The increase in the potency in men after 60 is carried out with the help of a special diet. Correction of the diet should be aimed at the improvement of blood circulation. A healthy diet will help the level of cholesterol, promote the saturation of the blood necessary vitamins, minerals and oxygen.
  • Help in achieving the recovery of sexual function and special physical exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • The improvement of potency in men after 60 years, depends on the regularity of their sex life. Sex should not happen according to plan, but between the acts of intimacy are not large gaps should be doing.
  • An effective home remedy, such as strengthening of erectile function after 60 years, is prepared a variety of herbal teas and infusions made from natural ingredients according to the recipes.


Today, the market offers a large number of different medicines to restore potency. Such drugs have a vessels to have a positive impact on the condition of the blood, the reproductive system of the man. Tablets and capsules to improve the synthesis of enzymes and hormones and helps to restore erection. Dosage and duration of treatment must prescribe the doctor. Popular are the following groups of drugs are:

  • Means for stimulating the metabolic processes in the body;
  • Tablets used immediately before intercourse;
  • Medications, the the hormone testosterone, there are in the Form of ointments, injections, pills, patches, professions, impact on the recovery of sexual function of the man;
  • Antidepressants, if the cause of the reduction in the potency of steel, psychological problems;
  • Strengthen the potency in men after sixty, the complex, consisting of Vitamin A, B, C, E and D. can trigger

Folk remedies for the improvement of potency

Influence on the recovery of potency after 60 years, some of the folk medicine:

  • Tincture made from Ginseng alcohol composition helps to restore the hormonal balance, metabolic processes, increases the endurance;
  • good stimulant is the Pollen, information collected by bees;
  • the seeds of Cannabis Sativa for the improvement of spermatogenesis, normalizes the production of testosterone, have a positive effect on the recovery of erectile function;
  • after taking the broth, made from the grass of Dubrovnik, there is a sustained erection.

Eat Right


For the recovery of potency after 60 years, a number of measures. Proper nutrition is a dominant roles. In compiling healthy menus, keep in mind that the old man needs less animal proteins, and carbohydrates. Therefore, you need to cream to remove from the diet of eggs, fat, meat, and sour. Recovery of potency contribute to the following products:

  • Nuts (Brazil nuts, pistachios, walnuts), mixed with honey and dried fruit;
  • Beans and grains – will bring the greatest benefit in the presence of diabetes;
  • green vegetables: different varieties of cabbage, asparagus, onions, peppers);
  • fresh fruit and berry – eating of 0.2 kg per day;
  • Fish greasy varieties in the composition of the many Omega-3-acid;
  • Milk Products, Cheese.

Physical Activity

In order to maintain or restore the potency, you need to lead an active life style. Many of the exercises are able to purposefully work on the improvement of the reproductive function of the stronger sex. For example, the teaching according to the System of cones not only women but also men are. Exercises help increase the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. The restoration of male potency promotes periodic tension and relaxation of the gluteal muscles during urination. Repeat the movement requires up to 40 times three times per day.

Useful for the restoration of the intimate ways of men and Yoga. This variant of the physical activity on a special section, called the Kundalini. Exercises from the complex to promote the influx of male sexual energy, strengthening the Libido, normalization of potency. Try it with the pose of the butterfly, and the Cobra. However, you do everything slowly, in order not to injury of the organism.