Increase the potency in men after 60 years

An advanced age is not only the wisdom and rich life experience, but also certain problems with health. Impotence, or decreased erectile function seen in every second elderly people, but the doctors say that the increase of potency in men after 60 years is still possible, only the medication must be selected individually. What therapies can be used?

Potency pills

Why have men after 60 years of age decreases the potency

In the case of the woman of the nature disclosed, the time of the menopause, in which her sexual activity and fertility is waning, and the man always keeps his erectile function, only the quality can decline over time. In the age of the reason for this is the natural internal changes. The exact cause of erectile only a doctor, but often the fault of a few important factors:

  • the abuse of alcohol and nicotine;
  • the decline of testosterone levels;
  • the development of obesity;
  • neurological disorders.

Even if the man supports the physical activity in old age, tried to treat the time chronic disease, has no problems with being overweight, for proper nutrition, it can not protect against the deterioration of the natural potency. This is due to the hormone testosterone, its development slows down in men older than 60 years of gradually, which contributes to reduction in Libido, problems with erection and ejaculation.

How to improve the potency

The most effective method effects on the erectile function of not only the intake of certain pills or exclusively using food aphrodisiacs. The increase in the potency in men after 60 years requires a comprehensive approach and not necessarily patience, because if this is not the purchase Stimulator erection in the pharmacy, the treatment will be long. Often therapy includes:

  • Treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • perform special exercises;
  • the intake of vitamins and overall strengthening of the immune system.

Drug Therapy

The choice of medication, which contribute to the increase of potency in men after 60 years, according to the explanation of the reasons for the deterioration of erectile function. The appointment of drugs, correction level of hormones, the effects on the Libido, improves the thrill of sexual intercourse. Together with oral medications, long-term therapy of erectile dysfunction, the local use of medications ointments and gels that require injections into the Penis.

Decoctions of herbs

Folk Remedies

In the age doctors advise synthetic pills prefer to use national medicine, if you don't confront severe chronic disease of the reproductive organs. The disadvantage of such a treatment, course duration: 2-4 weeks break and repeat. To not expect immediate impact of tablets, but the price and the risks of such a treatment below. Mainly for the increase of potency in men after 60 years, the folk medicine offers:

  • the consumption of herbal concoctions;
  • Overlay applications on top of the Penis;
  • the use of mustard plasters on the soles of the feet;
  • Receiving Relaxation Baths.


Experts advise men older than 60 years of Yoga – it has a positive effect on the organs of the small pelvis: your exercises will help relax your back, act on the nervous system, the circulation of blood. In addition, the individual complex of exercises need to restore the potency you doctor or without him can be drawn up. The simplest copula:

  • When urinating stop the beam, count to 10 and back to relax the muscles. It is a physical exercise to do each time you water.
  • Sit on the buttocks, drag the combined heel to heel of the foot in front of the groin area. She spread the knees, try it, on the floor. To hold the Pose "butterfly" for 30-40 seconds.
  • Lie on your stomach, bent at the elbows, place the hands with the palms down at the sides. Breathe in, lift the chest off the floor. Down until the count of 20,. Exercise helps to establish the circulation of the blood.

The intake of vitamins and trace elements

For the improvement of the potency, you can complex the finished "gentlemen" and the vitamin, or cheap to buy at the pharmacy or order Online each of the BATH, which contains certain vitamins and trace elements, corrective hormones and the condition of the vessels. It is important that the use of:

  • Zinc – it is the building material for testosterone.
  • Selenium – influence on the male sexual organs.
  • Vitamin C – helps the circulation and strengthens the blood vessels.
  • Vitamin E promotes blood circulation in the Penis.
  • Vitamin D is responsible for the Libido.

Surgical Procedures

The improvement of potency is not for men after the age of 60, if there is damage to the blood vessels of the Penis in such a Situation, only one way out: surgery. Predominantly doctors practice, strengthening the vessel walls, or bypass surgery (in patients of Mature age the artery, a touch rarely – only in Vienna). It Penis prosthesis – the introduction of the implant in the cavernous body, and the pump in the scrotum is not excluded.

Recovery of potency after 60 years

If it was a question, not only about the deterioration of erectile function and the complete disappearance of Libido, inability to resist a short intercourse even is because of premature ejaculation, poor the suggestion of a member, a man in urgent need of a doctor. Restoring potency in the age of 60 years and later, even after the purchase of the advertised pills do not work – on male health in this period need to be treated with special attention.

Doctor's visit and diagnosis

When a man is faced with the Problem of weak potency or to their full disappearance, he has to urologists appear as soon as possible. On the basis of medical history, the doctor, the primary diagnosis is made, and for the confirmation of the hypothesis about the cause of the impotence, a couple of surveys need to:

  • Measurement of blood pressure in the vessels of the Penis;
  • Uzi;
  • Radio Isotope Scanning.

Identification of the causes and diagnosis of concomitant diseases

On the basis of the data by the diagnosis, the doctor may be the cause of impotence and ways to solve it. If psychological factors are excluded, and age-related testosterone deficiency, before you decide on how in 60 years, the improvement of the potency, need to exclude diseases of the genitourinary system and the movement system by means of additional surveys. On erectile function, affect:

  • Prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate;
  • Pathology of the veins;
  • Disease of the spinal cord;
  • Problems with the spine.

The scheme of treatment of erectile dysfunction

Stimulants erection, impotence, not be assigned because they do not give any therapeutic effect. Methods of treatment, selected doctor, be my elimination of the deficit of nutrients by taking Vitamin-complex, the diseases, the treatment of concomitant control over the level of testosterone. Not the need to influence the circulation of the blood through the oral intake of drugs is excluded.

Surgical Procedures

Means to increase potency

The number of drugs for the treatment of impotence or improvements, not only for the completely lost erectile functions, has exceeded one hundred, but if you have the Tools, the men older than 60 years, it is little. Preferably, select with your doctor, especially if you have a disease of the prostate, or vascular pathology. Predominantly, experts point to use:

  • Stimulants erection (in the case of poor potency, but the normal sexual arousal);
  • Hormone preparations (provoke the production of testosterone);
  • Funds for the restoration of the blood circulation in the vessels of the Penis.

Inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase-5

Inhibitors recommended for the enhancement of potency in young and older men. They are necessary for the strengthening of the erection, but if the Libido is missing, will not work. Drawback can be called, and the high costs are frequently added, the cost of shipping the Online pharmacy. Stimulants potency does not give therapeutic effect – only filling of the corpora cavernosa provoke with blood Tel. it is Important to understand that:

  • Inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase-5 to each other can, however, be combined.
  • These drugs do not take in case of pathologies of the heart, should not be used for long-term treatment and more often 1 P/day.

Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists

Improvement of sexual functions in men can achieve, due to vasodilation of the arteries in the small pelvis, which helps against disorders of potency, the of as poor erection, duration of sexual intercourse. This effect of Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists. In addition, the system, so effectively out of the question psychogenic decrease in Libido affect the Central nervous. In diseases of the heart, frequent cases of blood pressure increase in these drugs is not recommended.

Drugs to improve the microcirculation of the blood

Blood stasis in the small pelvis may be the cause of diseases of the genitourinary system, which inevitably leads to problems of a sexual nature. The drug to increase potency in men after 60 years without the elimination of this disease is useless, and for decisions required medicines, try to improve the venous return flow, strengthen the blood circulation, strengthens the vascular wall. A list of contraindications to any drug have to be studied separately.

Synthetic analogues of Prostaglandin E

Similar effect with Alpha-adrenergic are the only analogue of Prostaglandin E synthetic origin, the use of the, with the aim of strengthening the erection (the Rest is only diseases in the treatment of gastric). Through the activation of adenylate cyclase in the relaxation of smooth muscles of the cavernous body of the Penis, and the subsequent filling with blood. However, the Libido will increase and it will not help. No side effects, contra-indications.

Myo-a reasonable proportion of psychotropic anticonvulsants

If there are serious problems with the blood circulation to the Penis, the doctor may prescribe injections. Impact on the potency happens due to the enlargement of the arteries and narrowing of the veins. Minus – high hepatotoxicity and the risk of fibrosis, so that the injections are contraindicated in hepatic insufficiency, the elderly only under the supervision of a physician.

Activators of potassium channels

Enlargement of the arterial blood vessels of the Penis and increases blood flow to promote him to the drug from the group of activators of potassium channels. This category of drugs to prescribe, doctors are still not to anyone who asks, such as the strengthening of erectile function after 60 years, there's a full picture of their impact on the potency has not yet been received.


Natural Preparations

Drugs are based on herbal ingredients that have less of an impact on the male Libido and erectile function, as synthetic medications, so a lower number of contraindications. But their long-term use must always discuss with your doctor, especially when it comes to medicines, from a large number of components. Often doctors to improve the potency in men after 60 years of advise:

  • Bee – helps with adenoma of the prostate, blood circulation disorders. Take 15 G per day, preferably before meals. The treatment lasts a month, after a break in 90-120 days.
  • Tincture of Ginseng – one of the safest and most proven methods to increase Libido, expand blood vessels of the manhood to be restored. Useful it is and to improve the quality of the sperm, the calming of the nervous system (the doctors Ginseng rates, if there is a psychological cause of sexual disorders).

Folk Remedies

Alternative medicine will not be effective in complete impotence – make sure these men are all doctors. In this Situation, it is advisable to have a couple of recipes, together with medical treatment, special gymnastics and other measures to improve the potency in men after the age of 60. Well, such agents have proven useful:

  • The grass of Dubrovnik, prepare of the the Sud – 5. h. l. raw pour a glass of water let boil for 3 minutes, leave for half an hour. Take 50 ml before eating, the whole Cup to drink for the day. The next day a new batch of preparing. The course lasts for 14 days.
  • The Infusion of thyme helps restore normal erections and prevent early ejaculation. 2 tbsp. L. grass, to insist, under 500 ml of boiling water for about 2 h, cut in half, and drink in the morning and in the evening. The course should not take 2 weeks.
  • The seeds of nettle contribute to the increase of male power through the elimination of diseases of the reproductive system, but can not accept, if there is cardiovascular pathology. To do recipes of traditional medicine tea (1 TSP per Cup) or tincture offer: pour 5 tablespoons. L. seeds of nettle 0.5 L dry red wine, cooking, chilling. 50 ml drink before meals for 3 weeks.

Nutrition and an active lifestyle

Constant movement – walking, Volleyball and soccer, Ski in the Winter and Cycling in summer, is the key to health at any age. In addition, available man must provide Sex regularly – it has a direct impact on the strengthening of the potency in men after 60 years. Not the last role for the increase of sexual activity and a healthy diet plays:

  • Throw them out of the menu, alcohol, fatty food, fast Food, and avoid smoked meats, and large amounts of salt.
  • You consume daily of walnuts and pine nuts, and almonds. Preferably you combine them with honey.
  • Do not ignore the Protein foods, but do not abuse fat meat.