What are the methods for strengthening of potency

Probably, there are only a few men, satisfied erections. They are always critical to this, and you always want more, more, and longer. Even if the stronger sex is not recognized, and always close to the following method or medication stops, the effect on the gain in potency. And natural remedies and pharmaceutical companies, adapting to this male interest, punched more and more and more tips, techniques, methods, and medicines.

Amplifier of potency for men

What pharmacists and doctors offer

What comes in the first line of men in the sense to doubt in their own abilities? Oh, on the hike to the doctor, you think last, but about the different pills, carefully obtulit advertising, remember immediately. And in the pharmacies a large amount.

Of course, the effect of them is quite high, but there are a few "but":

  • Reinforcement effect of them temporarily, and if a weak erection associated with the disease, and the help of the tablets soon, not in the location, and of a visit to the doctor didn't fidget;
  • Side effects. They do not occur at all, but often there is redness of the skin of the face and neck, discoloration of the Penis, headache, diarrhea, blurred vision and much more;
  • With the utmost caution and the best of all the tablets, the strengthening of a potentiality, to be recommended by doctors if you of heart disease-circulation;

Main events:

  1. A vacuum-constrictor therapy. This method consists in the artificial increase in blood pressure in the Penis with a pump and cylinder. Due to this and increases the potency. Vacuum-Massage – effective method for enhancing the erection, but unpopular in men due to a painful ejaculation, bleeding at the Penis and torpor sex organs after the execution of this procedure.
  2. The Injection. This method quickly improves your erection, but only by a doctor after a detailed examination and explanation of all the reasons of weak erectile function in men. Self-treatment of weakened potency by injection into the Penis can lead to irreparable damage to the male health after carrying out this procedure!
  3. Hormones also have a positive effect on erections, but their intake should be only under the supervision of the attending physician. In another case, the uncontrolled intake of hormone preparations for the artificial castration, not to cause, when the body to produce its own hormones in expectation of their shooting from the outside.The weakening of the erectile function is often used with the presence of other diseases, therefore, should be examined by a specialist.
  4. Prostate Massage is not only for the treatment of Prostatitis, but also as a way of strengthening of a potentiality. He has his niche in the medical methods to strengthen the potency. With its help, the blood flow increases in the area of the prostate and of the small pelvis that activates the regeneration processes in the tissues, and, as a consequence, after the procedure, increases the erectile function of the Penis. This procedure leads not only to a specialist, it is possible, if you, of course, not the doctor-andrologist or urologist.
Amplifier of potency for men medicine

A healthy life for potentiality increase

Prevention of harmful habits in the Form of alcohol, drugs and Smoking is able to return a man his sexual power and significantly to the strengthening of the erection.

Will not tell you about the results of the effects on the male body addictions, because in today's time everyone is talking about, and are no big secret. And if to a healthy life-style annexes to physical activity, results exceed all expectations.

Yoga helps in the treatment and prevention of Prostatitis.In addition, special exercises for strengthening of a potentiality widespread. Under the statement of experts, some of the exercises can significantly strengthen the erection, not only in healthy men but also in people with a disorder of erectile function. We offer to your attention a few simple exercises. You don't take a lot of time, but after their regular implementation, you will notice the positive effect:

  • Spin directly. Follow the steps on the spot, as high as possible to lift the knee, tried to get up in the abdomen.
  • Hands on the waist, knees slightly bent. Lead bend light knee, relaxation, and tense your buttocks.
  • Slightly bend the knee, without the socks from the floor, imitate the running. That is to say with great speed, alternately tearing from the bottom of the heel.
  • Lying on the back with flecti, and divorced parties in the legs tense and relax the muscles of the perineum.
  • In the course of the day, periodically tense and relax the muscles of the Anus.

The folk medicine to strengthen the potency

Old proven methods can perfectly the conventional therapy of erectile dysfunction Supplement.

For many centuries in the annals of traditional medicine for thousands and thousands of different methods and means to collect for the strengthening of a potentiality, starting with the simplest and ending with the fantastic. We all won't count, of course, but to us the most.

  1. Calamus root is known in folk medicine for a long time for his property to improve blood circulation, and its positive impact on the potency in men scripts described in the old Arabic manuscripts. Calamus can be in the Form of tinctures or as a tea, which is much easier in the preparation. A teaspoon of crushed roots, you need a glass with boiling water. Pour the water and leave it for 8 hours. After the root infusions and into the water, give all to receive their beneficial properties, you need to drink tea 2-3 cups per day.
  2. Nutmeg can enhance with sour cream quickly male potency, and this method can also use the breaks in between the sexual acts to shorten.
  3. Presentations Massage with scented oils. Mix 2 drops of the oils of ginger, black pepper and thyme with 10 ml of water. Apply a mixture of oils massaged on the lower back, buttocks and the inner part of the thigh, avoiding the genitals and the Anus. This Massage would do well after the adoption of olentis.
  4. Amplifier of potency for men tablets
  5. Aromatic baths are the best together with the partner. Mix 5 drops of the oils of Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, sandalwood and Jasmine with 2 tablespoons of cream and pour the resulting mixture into a warm bath. This combination has a positive effect on the sexual activity not only men but also women.
  6. Enter in your diet foods such as honey, nuts, parsley, celery, fish and coriander. Your constant intake rapidly increased sexual activity in men.

Therefore, the effectiveness of different methods, thousands of articles and books written. Methods and procedures, the impact on the gain in potency, there is also an incredible diversity, whether it be pills, massages, or any home remedy, but to reveal the most effective can only man individually, everyone. The only thing you need to consider, in this case, if you have any complaints about your sexual activity, the selection of the methods of treatment should be with the consultation of the doctor.