Food for potency: what men eat need

In the ideal case, diet impotence (or in the case of prevention of a disease) should individual diseases have different life styles, different reasons for concern, different immunity and accompanying. But there are General tips to have a good Libido, erection.

Important rule: food should not stop for the potency of men, to primary medical treatment, a doctor will be addressed.

Food for potency

Certain foods can neutralize the effect of drugs, the effectiveness of the pill is zero (e.g. when taking antibiotics do not eat Grapefruit). Inform you will help of changes in diet doctor – a specialist, properly-nutrition to adapt, says that it is not necessary, and I give up.

Diet to increase potency in men so selected that the Patient got the trace elements with the food, strengthen the tissue, promote the elimination of inflammation, improve blood circulation, toxins can be derived. Important: men must not go hungry – the body needs many nutrients for recovery. But not too much food, the portions should not recommend. Excess pounds on the body of the man impotence can trigger.

How long the diet should last for men? The minimum period of time – until the full recovery of sexual functionality. Although after the liberation from the problems with the potency of the proper diet is better not to comply with: meals with impotence is based on strict prohibitions, but is based on the principles of a healthy way of life. It has a positive influence on the body, "the purge", supplied with vitamins, removes harmful substances from the food.

Of a low calorie diet

For the amplification of the male potency in the home first and foremost necessary to reconsider the diet, stop eating Junk food. There are some dangerous products, the food, all the men should be in limited quantities. Here is a list of harmful to the sexual functionality of men's products:

  1. Fried, greasy meat. Potency problems often arise due to problems with the blood circulation in the pelvic area. Important normal blood flow to adjust. To do this, you need to delete it from the menu, the food, the formation of harmful cholesterol. It is primarily a pork meat (especially fat) and beef. Your best replacement for meat, chicken, Turkey, rabbit meat, fish.
  2. Salty, spicy, spicy food – they promote weak erection. Of course, it is completely salt pepper stop we eat are not advised. But the limitation of overly spicy dishes still.
  3. It is proved that there are products, the dull, the male Libido. Above all, it is soft drinks, coffee, beer. Men, keep an eye out not to drink to your health, the best thing is ... these drinks.
  4. Be careful with the sports nutrition. Some additives are harmless, others considerably the erection of the man's affect (in the first line, damage dietary supplements with steroids). But sports nutrition people who train hard, give up can not be without the right feeding, the exhaustion begins, which is not only bad on the potency, but also on the entire organism.

Not necessarily for the menu

What to eat for your Libido and erections? To improve the potency, the man must be included in the menu the following products:

  • Food that zinc. This substance helps stimulate the production of sex hormones and helps to fight infections, which often the potency suffers. What foods contain zinc? A lot of zinc include pumpkin seeds, algae, river fish, squid, peas, asparagus, celery.
  • Food carotene. He needed for the raising of the standard of the Libido. Carotene contain a lot of fruits and vegetables red, and orange: apricots, carrots, pumpkin. These products help maintain a healthy body, strengthen the immune system. Still, they are helpful for the prostate gland, help to heal Prostatitis (Symptom is a deterioration of the potency).
  • Ballast substances. In the treatment of sexual problems, it helps the increases the speed of metabolism. In addition, dietary fiber helps in weight loss, it is important that for men, their potency deteriorates due to overweight. In the diet it is necessary to include bran cereals, herbs, Kale, apples, berries, jelly.
  • Products with tyrosine, and glycine. These substances are involved in the work of testosterone – the hormone is directly dependent on the quality of erections and ejaculations in men. You will get the nutrients that you, together with quail eggs. That is why it is believed that quail eating eggs very useful for the potency. You can eat them raw (for example, for a Cocktail), but you can cook them soft. Fried egg, Oh, eat, is useless – they lose their useful properties.
proper nutrition

So, we listed the basic nutrition for increasing the potency of rules on what food is useful and what is harmful. As you notice, these rules are very complicated, require no Hard-and-fast. The main thing is, with the right products, the man helps in the recovery of the potency. Wherein, when the above-mentioned products, it not only helps in restoring the sexual functionality, but also improves the condition of the whole body of the man.