Age-related impotence: at what age in men, the potency begins to disappear

Experts in the field of medicine claim that the impotence and old age have no connection.

To determine the data collected, that in 30% of cases the condition is diagnosed in older men and boys — 10%, for the statistics the difference is.

Impotence up to 50 years

This fact suggests that you avoid age-related impotence is not always possible. To do so, you must appeared regularly in the prophylaxis and immediately to treat any disease, even those that have no connection with the reproductive System.

At what age in men, the potency disappears?

Folk medicine has long been known that the considerable slowdown in the production of testosterone in the body occurs after the age of 35 years, and begins this process already after 27.

Of course, one can not say with certainty that something similar could happen with any man, because it depends on many individual factors.

On the basis of the clinical studies carried out in America has been defined, from what age the man is prone to the development of impotence:

  • from 20 to 30 years, problems occur in 21%;
  • from 30 to 40 years — problems occur in 27%;
  • from 40 to 50 years, the problems occur in 48%;
  • older than 50 years of problems occur in 53%.

Less often impotence is in men, to 50 years:

  • the median age. Especially with impotence men face 35 years to produce because it is in this period of testosterone begins weakly. It is known that this hormone is mostly responsible for the ability to sex;
  • early emergence of erectile dysfunction. Problems with potency in men at a young age appeared more and more often, this is first and foremost not with any psychological experiences, or pathologies, but with a wrong behavior of the life-style.

It can be concluded that the are more prone to problems in the genital area of men from 50 years.

Causes of extinction of the male power

The reasons for the development of impotence in men can be the following:

  • a rare sexual activity. In particular, older than 35 years is in men. Experts say that in order to support the male power of a regular sexual requires of life, as this contributes to the improvement of the sperm quality and increased the number of viable sperm;
  • the migrated or is not completely healed diseases. Such a cause for the development of impotence is very common. And it's not always the pathology associated with the reproductive System. On the potency can have: Prostatitis, Orchitis, heart disease, Arthritis, vesiculitis, Diabetes mellitus, Urethritis and orchiepididymitis;
  • change in the production of testosterone;
  • an unhealthy way of life. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, Smoking, a long physical inactivity, lack of exercise, poor diet include:. These symptoms interfere with the circulation of the blood, because of what happened and the impairment of the normal blood supply to the Penis;
  • Taking certain medicines. Despite the fact that drugs can have a positive effect on the organism, for example, lowers blood pressure, but in the same Moment may have a negative influence on potency.

According to what signs you can see that the man starts to lose potency?

The first symptoms of the loss of potency will occur, starting with the age of 18 years.

Most often there are such signs:

  • a weak erection. Due to the commencement of the pathological activity, a decrease in the hardness of the Penis during Sex. As a sign of neurogenic, hormonal, vascular and other diseases can;
  • premature ejaculation. This spontaneous release of semen before intercourse, or at the beginning. In General, this Symptom associated with vascular anomalies;
  • the complete absence of erection. This character is one of the first, and is also manifest in the Form of nocturnal and spontaneous erections.

To contact the doctor?

The causes of impotence, find out, and spend their treatment in the first line of the man in the therapist. In the studies, the factors that give rise to such a state, and directs the patients to narrow specialists.find out

Depending on the cause of the impotence, you must to the specialists:

  • Urologist;
  • Cardiologist;
  • andrologist;
  • Venereology;
  • Endocrinologist;
  • Sex scientist;
  • Accident doctor;
  • Gastroenterologist.

Treatment of impotence age

In the treatment of impotence in men resorting to different methods. It is usually holistic, and involves primarily a change of lifestyle.

Drug Therapy


Medicine to restore the potency selected, taking into account the cause of your loss. Again, the potency for a couple of hours of many ways of drugs on the Basis of tadalafil or Sildenafil .

If the treatment targets the root cause, can be used:

  • Hormone preparations;
  • Means for normalization of reproductive glands;
  • Vitamins;
  • Dietary Supplement.

Drugs can be in the Form of tablets, gels, rectal suppositories, solutions for the introduction into the urethra.

Medications often leads to side effects, to which we must be ready. Some require the compliance with additional measures in accordance with the use in the Form of, for example, the sexual intercourse exclusively with a condom.

The treatment of folk medicine

The use of traditional medicine in the treatment of impotence is very popular and effective.

To cope with the disease, the following recipes will help:

  • fresh carrot juice should be mixed in equal parts with honey. You eat three times a day mix ¼ finished;
  • Ginger powder with honey, mix one-to-one and take three times a day one teaspoon, squeezed liquid;
  • mix 150 grams of Aloe juice, 250 grams, 350 grams of honey and Cahors. You eat three times a day before meals one tablespoon;
  • Tea with cinnamon, ginger and cloves;
  • You can grind the same amount of coriander and parsley, in powder, take a tablespoon before meals;
  • the daily consumption of 100 pine nuts contribute to the strengthening of the potency;
  • the juice from celery and drink it 30 minutes before Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a teaspoon.

Surgical methods of treatment

Surgical therapy is only the case if the chances for the restoration of natural potency not, and conservative methods do not provide results.

Modern surgery can restore the ability to the sex lives of virtually every man, 95% of interventions are successful.

For the restoration of potency the Penis lead to prosthesis or surgery on the blood vessels.

However, this method is quite expensive and is not recommended for people in advanced age.

To save a powerful erection to old age?

No problems with the potency in the course of his life, the man must take care of it, with the youth. The prevention of impotence is the key of sexual activity for many years.

For the prevention of impotence, it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  • the diet should be balanced, that is, man is important for the organism the necessary daily amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as the nutrients;
  • regular physical activity prevents the emergence of signs of stagnation in the organs of the small pelvis, improves blood circulation, prevents Stress and strengthens the immune system. But do not overdo it, exercise should be in moderation;
  • Man must avoid situations in which he injuries to the groin area and in the lumbar region. Similar damage can damage the nerves or interfere with blood flow, which is treated with great difficulty;
  • it is important to treat in a timely manner in the clinic in the case of the detection of the symptoms of any diseases and, accordingly, in time get rid of. As already mentioned, can lead to impotence pathology not only in connection with the reproductive System, but with the entire body;
  • you should bad habits such as drinking alcohol and Smoking. Nicotine and alcohol have a negative impact on the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous system;
  • avoid stressful situations and fill your life with lots of positivity. Psychological impotence — a common enough phenomenon, and it occurs in the same quantity, such as physiological.

According to simple rules, people will not only be able to have a healthy potency to old age, but also be able to keep your health at a high level for many years.

Impotence does not occur in a certain age, their formation influenced by many factors. For example, can an unhealthy life style, permanent mental overstrain, various pathologies of the organs. To avoid problems with potency, you can take care of every man, the main thing — in time.