Men's health after 50 years — such as the improvement of the potency?

The potency in men in 50 years depends on many factors. Not only age affects the health. On sexual function, inheritance, life has a way of, chronic diseases, as well as the natural decline in hormone production. Alcohol abuse, Smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise are often the cause of premature skin aging and suppression of reproductive functions. So in 50 years, some men have no problems, others with horror to find, have the symptoms of impotence.


Which potency is normal in 50 years

The term "potency" is of Latin origin. It originated from the word "potentia", which translates as "force". The potency determines the ability of the husband to exercise sexual intercourse. It is due to the speed of appearance of erection, duration, degree of tension of the Penis and ejaculation (ejection of sperm). The male body is able to retain the ability to full sexual intercourse in the course of his life.

The normal potency caused strong Libido. Sexual pleasure accompanied by the occurrence of erections, which makes it possible to reach orgasm and ejaculation. Healthy men in the age of 50-60 years can be up to 8 sexual contacts per month. But it is not only the factor age affects the quantitative indicators. It depends on the relationship with a woman — Sex Partner. The number of sexual acts in the family, the harmony, higher than in the case of the partners, with the strained relations.

The average duration of sexual intercourse is 2.5 minutes, during this time, a man commits about 50-60 movements. However, some coitus can last up to 30-40 minutes.

The gain of the power must, when men no satisfaction after a full sexual intercourse. Unfavorable signs are:

  • Decrease of sexual desire.
  • About the weakening of potency no erection in the morning and during sexual foreplay.
  • Fear of the reduction in the voltage of the Penis during Sex.
  • Disturbing Symptom is premature ejaculation and delay or total absence.

The avoidance of harmful habits

In order to effect an improvement of potency after 50 years, you need to change your lifestyle. The daily consumption of 1 Cup of vodka or 4 litres of dark beer, can lead to a complete loss of sexual function after 5-8 years Ethyl alcohol had a negative impact on the male sex glands and causes their atrophy. If they lose their functions in the body drastically reduces the level of the male hormone testosterone, depends on the potency.

The hormone balance is also due to the devastating effects of Ethanol on the liver and the brain of man. The gradual loss of tactile sensitivity of the receptors leads to a immunity of impulses, the sexual arousal. After the complete waiver of spirits potency begins to rise gradually.


Impact of Smoking negative impact on male health. Выкуривание 2 cigarettes before intercourse can curb sexual arousal and trigger an erection. In the case of heavy smokers constantly, the pressure in the vessels of the Penis and its blood falls to the deterioration of feed. If the walls of the blood vessels are atherosclerotic Plaques, they can be closed. In the Penis a variety of small capillaries, so that pathological changes in him manifest themselves earlier than in other organs.

About 95% of the people in the age of 50-70 years atherosclerotic deposits vessels of the walls of the blood. So in the case of men in this age group in 2-times more likely to have impotence than their peers non-Smoking. The extent of the reduction in blood pressure is directly proportional to the length of the smoker. Smoking affects the potency. Smokers with great experience, a drastic improvement of sexual function notice.

Again the male health, you need to get enough sleep, plenty of rest and avoid stressful situations.

Physical Activity

On sexual function a negative impact of a lack of exercise. The fascination for Computer, sedentary activities, and your journey will lead to a Stagnation.

Low physical activity leads to a slowing of the flood of the blood vessel in the organs of the small pelvis. Without lifestyle changes to restore the potency in men, it can be impossible.

The primary function of blood circulation, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the tissue. The deterioration of the blood supply caused by:

  • Slowing down the functioning testicle;
  • the reduction in the intensity of spermatogenesis;
  • the reduction in the amount of produced hormones.

When seated, the weight of the body pressure on the vessels of the small pelvis exercises, even more decreasing blood circulation in the organs. Prolonged sitting leads to an increase of the temperature in the testes and causes a decrease in potency after 50 years.

Men with sedentary work, should regularly do the morning gymnastics and long walks.

A series of exercises for the preservation of potency

In order to improve the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, you must increase every day a set of exercises to perform in order to the effectiveness.

Strengthening of the muscles, the impact on the potency in men, squats will help. You need socks, your feet to the width of the shoulders and a little dilute feet in the Hand. Buttocks to tighten and then start.

Crouch must stay as low as possible, in the lower Position for 5-8 seconds. During the exercise must be kept in the hands before the breast. In the first 2 weeks is not enough knees 4 squats per day. To then increase their number gradually, to 15. It is desirable to increase the residence time in the lower Position up to 15 seconds.


During the second exercise, you have to make circle movement of the pelvis in both directions. You start with small amplitudes. Then gradually increase it. During the movements of the muscles of the abdomen and hips strain. They are not only the blood circulation strengthen, but strengthen the muscles of the back, the sexual intercourse.

From the Stand to make the bends to the right and to the left, tried to get the Hand to the floor. Exercise improves the conductivity of the nerve fibers that regulate erections.

From standing lunges feet have to do alternately. A leg forward, as far as possible. To retain the housing during the movement in a strictly vertical Position. The hands on the belt.

Holding on to the back of the chair, perform successively the feet to occur. Just the leg to the front of the throw and lift to the maximum height. Sock sole of the foot should be directed upwards.

Lying on the back, movement to perform the Simulation of the journey on a Bicycle. Then bend the legs in knees, put your feet on the ground and lift the pelvis up. You need only a few movements. The gymnastics should not lead to a strong fatigue.

It is the exercises at the open window is desirable. In the summer, better gymnastics on the street.

A balanced diet

A good potency in 50 years, men need in the diet regularly foods rich in phosphorus. Trace element is involved in the synthesis of male hormones.

Phosphorus in large quantities in the seeds of pumpkin, poppy and wheat. It is cedar in the form of powder, cocoa, Cashew, and walnuts, firm cheese, oats, beans, egg yolk, pork liver, mackerel.

Promote the absorption of phosphorus And the vitamins a (liver, carrots, pumpkin, spinach) and D (oily fish), iron (beef, eggs), manganese (nuts, tea), potassium (bananas, citrus fruit), calcium (dairy products, vegetables) and proteins. If excessive use of sugar Assimilation of phosphorus reduced.

Weak potency can deficiency due to a chronic zinc. A large number of micro-elements included oysters, yeast, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, chicken heart, peanuts, and cocoa powder. Source of zinc cheese, pine nuts and walnuts, egg yolks, beef, Turkey, lamb, are hard. Excessive consumption of products containing copper (cereals, whole-grain products), can cause zinc deficiency.

In order to increase the potency in men from 50 years, in the daily meal plan, the food, the "Vitamin Sex", I.e., It acts on the pituitary gland, which regulates the reproductive organs. The Champion of the content of Vitamin E is an oil of wheat.

"Vitamin sex" is in the sun flower, linseed oil, also almonds, walnuts, peanuts, buckwheat porridge. Its source is soybeans, however, get carried away don't let these products. They contain plant hormones, the estrogens act like the female hormones.

50-year-old men regularly have to contain proteins in red meat. They improve metabolism, increase Libido and increase the sound. For the reinforcement of the sexual activity, you should regularly eat seafood (shrimp, mussels, squid) and fish. In the last polyunsaturated fatty acids inhibit the development of atherosclerosis.

The reduction of body weight.

Problems with potency in 50 years, causing obesity. Adipose tissue synthesized female sex hormones — estrogens. The more pounds, the men are, the more estrogen is produced. The dominance of the female sex hormones caused the extinction of the sexual function.

In order to lose weight and strengthen the potency, men are overweight need to keep negative energy balance. The number of calories from food should be less consumed body.

To reduce the maintenance of a negative energy balance, the caloric content of the usual diet:

  • Foods with a low (negative) calorie content should frequently. The energy that is not compensated expended organism on their Assimilation, their energy value. These products include spinach, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, carrots, oranges, and Grapefruit.
  • Not, you should try to lose weight quickly, drastic calorie reduces intake in old age. Lack of nutrients can negatively affect the health and the potency.

How to increase the effectiveness of drugs

To normalize the sexual function, curing existing chronic diseases or indicators need to stabilize. On the health of men over 50 years, the negative effects of the medication, which he was forced, for the treatment of various diseases.

Release the potency sedatives, bromides, antihistamines, hypnotics and antihypertensives drugs, also drugs for the treatment of glaucoma.

At the first signs of disorders of sexual function, a doctor with the request, a safe for the health of the man counterparts.

Restoring potency in 50 years, medicines help plants vitamin complex and extracts of medicinal. They are specially designed for the improvement of erectile function. If the reason for the extinction of the sexual function, Androgen deficiency, can be a substitution therapy.

To increase preparations, the potency after 50 years with the help of hormone, says the doctor. Even the hormones do not prescribe.