Products to increase potency in men

Products to increase potency in men

In addition to the physical Training and stimulants, there is a much easier and gentle way, you maintain driving your male power and sex. And this procedure is to eat the right foods. Finally, it has long been known that some foods are natural aphrodisiacs, and it would be foolish not to use it.

For a good potency husband urgent products needed contain vitamins A and E as well as Vitamin B, which has the function of the nervous system the nervous system and improves the conductivity.

Here is a list of products that can help lift your "spirit":

What should I do?eat for the potency

Sea cucumbers (trepang). Meat sea cucumber contains protein, fat, Vitamin B12, thiamine, Riboflavin, and the minerals phosphorus, Magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, copper, manganese. Fat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides. On the composition of the mineral substances with trepang is no organism known that can.

Sea cucumber for potentiality increase

In Eastern medicine, the most common tincture is used to trepang and honey, the two distinctive properties. First of all, it is the renewal of the body, it stimulates the tissues, causing a General rejuvenation and restoration. Secondly, it has a positive effect on male potency, which is highly appreciated by the Chinese emperors, the thought trepang as an effective means of longevity and strength, such as Ginseng.

Natural (raw) trepang, now you will find in the far East of Russia, you can either buy a tincture of sea cucumber in the pharmacy (works quite well).

Oysters. Nutritional value of oysters. The peculiar chemical composition due to the fine taste and tonic effect on the nervous system. In the meat-oysters Protein, fat, carbohydrate, glycogen, minerals (iron, zinc, copper, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, Niacin, and vitamins B1, B2, B12 and PP.

Joint work of the scientists in Miami (United States) and Naples (Italy) have shown that raw oysters, mussels and several other Marine mollusks contain two unique amino acid, which stimulate cause (a) the production of sexual hormones. Oysters are rich in zinc, an important nutrient for the synthesis of testosterone in men and women.

Therefore, the use of a strong potency, and a healthy seed oysters a positive effect on the formation of hormones, men.

Nevertheless, the oysters in the diet permanently, as oysters contain large amounts of mercury, which can begin to poison the body. The oyster is a delicacy!

Flounder. This fish is one of the ingredients of almost all Wellness-diets, and this fact is undoubtedly proven by the fact that the fish has a huge Reserve of useful properties. In meat flounder a lot of useful Protein, which is assimilated completely, and Omega-3 fatty acids it contains salts of phosphorus. The meat of the flounder is very rich in B-vitamins (especially B12). Similarly, a positive impact on the health of the vitamins D, E and A, which are present in this fish.

But we are more interested in the fact that the flounder contains natural aphrodisiacs, the sexual attraction within 5 hours after the consumption of fish in food. Therefore, if you have a dinner plan with his lady, the better the fish taste exactly! Believe me, it works!

The Beet. Turnip since ancient times as an excellent means of cleansing the body of toxins. In the raw yellow beet up to 9% of sugar, contains a very high content of Vitamin C (twice as much as in each of the roots), B1, B2, B5, PP, Provitamin A (especially in the yellow beet), polysaccharides, easily digestible, sterol (Element in the treatment of atherosclerosis).

Although many forgot this product, do this is still not worth it. Since beet a positive effect on the sexual attraction in men, and enhances potency. For this effect, they can be acts of either the beet, vegetables salads add to, either with honey, like in the old times of our ancestors.

/Natural honey for potentiality increase

Natural Honey. The honey is of vegetable origin, saturated with vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, PP, K, E, Pantothenic acid, folic acid), and contains more than 300 trace elements ( manganese, silicon, aluminum, boron, chromium, copper, Lithium, Nickel, lead, tin, zinc, Osmium, and others), which significantly speed up the reactions of the metabolism occurring in the body.

Honey is useful for men, consisting of simple sugars that are quickly absorbed by the body and give it additional energy. Use of honey, in fact, comparable with the intake of energy, only without any side effects on the body.

Nuts. A daily intake of nuts stimulates the potency and has a positive effect on the sexual attraction. This happens due to the fact that nuts contain large amounts of Vitamin E and rich in zinc and Magnesium, so it is precisely those substances that have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system. In addition, in the nuts arginine, the production of nitric oxide stimulates, a substance that is necessary for an erection.

To use to the greatest effect, you need to hide the nut mixture, honey. In this way, a rapid Absorption of the product and the whole range of substances that your body needs. Of course, the nuts must be eaten raw, without any treatments.

Dark Chocolate. Although the dark chocolate, and has no direct impact on the potency, he has a very interesting and useful feature. Thus, in the dark varieties of the product, there is a significant amount of theobromine – an Alkaloid similar to the caffeine and phenyl ethylamine, the particular chemical compounds that provoke a feeling of love and Libido boost. In the chocolate contained antioxidants to improve the mood and well-being, the creation of favorable conditions for the normal functioning of the Penis.

In other words, if you like the feeling type of nervousness, fear or excitement before the encounter with his lady, you need to eat a little dark chocolate, to calm and improve your mood and fighting spirit.

Chicken eggs. Chicken eggs raw has always been the men along with the onions used for the treatment of problems with potency. Now, of course, this method is very dangerous because of eggs poor quality, but nevertheless, it can be boiled the egg hard boil, add fresh herbs (onions) and Breakfast. This will help to win problems with potency.

Meat. The energy-rich product that promotes the development of the hormone thyroxine. The effect of these substances, aims at the intensification of oxidation reactions in the cells, the maintenance of the hormonal excitability of the nerve centers.

The biggest advantage of is different red lean meats types of horse meat, beef and veal and mutton and diet – rabbit food from Turkey, chicken and even frog legs.

Among the more exotic products of this group are the combs of the cocks, fried with onions testicles of a RAM and a bull worth mentioning, that the flesh of pheasants and blackbirds. The men of the East are confident in the effectiveness of dog meat, seasoned the blood of the turtle with vegetable oil.

It is important to take into account that a frequent inclusion in the diet can make a large amount of meat, the opposite effect: the body throws all the forces for the digestion of this product, which reduces sexual activity. Not even the Sex you love to eat meat together with potatoes.

What to drink to increase the potency?

What drink is the increase of a potentiality

Fresh juices for the potency. Pressed juices immediately before the application, the magnitude of the effect is equated with well-known medical means, they are safe for the health and bring further benefits for the whole body.

Effectively, the juices from pomegranate, pumpkin and water melons. It improves the blood circulation and the blood flow to the pelvic organs, and they contain nitrogen in a relaxed circulatory system. Complement the image of the curative effects of vitamins and trace elements, with which data juice filled seeds.

Mare's milk. Milk Mare has a rejuvenating and restorative effect on the body, it can to normalize the metabolism, improve blood circulation, cardiovascular System. In this product of milk and alcoholic fermentation contains important hormones that have a powerful effect on the immune system. No wonder that this beverage in the best way affect the male potency, fertility and sexual activity.

Ginger Tea. Ginger tea is rich in B-vitamins, A, C, amino acids, trace elements and minerals, which have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular System of the body, promote the liquefaction of the blood, strengthens the blood vessels, the toxins and stimulate the brain. All of this leads to an improvement in the potency and men's health.

What is harmful to the potency?

Now we know that there are a number of products that have a positive impact on male health and a strong potency. However, it should be understood that a number of products, the drive to reduce the opposite sex, potency reduce, or is detrimental to the male body. We offer to your attention the list of these products:

  • Smoked contain a Toxin that reduces the level of testosterone.

  • Alcohol greatly reduces the level of testosterone and affects the testicles. If we are talking about beer, that it contains the female sex hormone – phytoestrogen, decreases the level of the male sex hormone testosterone.

  • Corn -, soy-and linseed oil to reduce the level of testosterone, if your dose is more than 3 tablespoons per day.

  • White bread and baked goods also have a negative impact on sexual and lead to rapid weight gain.

  • Fast Food in itself doesn't harm your body. However, if these products were cooked in the oil of poor quality (which happens quite often), then you risk problems with potency and obesity.

  • Products with excessive content of harmful cholesterol (Chips, Pizza and other fast Food, Mayonnaise, various meats and sausages, as well as all of the products, fried in Butter).

  • Coriander can be used in small quantities, as a means to improve the potency, but its excessive use gives exactly the opposite effect.

  • Sugar, salt, vinegar, spices, if you the dosage is higher than normal.

If you want to be healthy in all respects, be choosy with the selection of food! Not to appreciate woman, bad chefs, and bad lovers!