To improve the potency of folk resources

Folk Remedies

The Problem of improving the potency of erectile dysfunction is very relevant in today's time and relate to the male gender for thousands of years. The improvement of potency can not of drugs, but also with the use of natural remedies. Traditional methods in effect and applied to all people in the early stages of weakening of potency. Herbs and fees proven are more than 3 thousand years old and a successful traditional healers are applied. In view of this folk medicine, then many of the ways and means, whose purpose is the treatment of this disease.

Traditional methods for the potency

All the traditional methods, improving potency, will be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Herbal Therapy (Phytotherapy);
  2. Treatment of food (diet therapy);
  3. different ways to improve the potency.

The improvement in the potency of folk medicine includes treatment with herbs and their fees.

The use of the individual herbs:

  1. Ginseng is used to treat impotence since ancient times. The best Option in the treatment of the root of this plant, which, unfortunately, is not accessible to everyone. Currently, the tincture of Ginseng use on 30 – 45 drops in the morning and during the day in the same dosage.
  2. St. John's wort. As you know, the Infusion of St. John's wort is capable of increasing the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis. For the preparation of liqueur, you will need 2 tablespoons of herbs and a glass of boiling water. the prepared Infusion should you take 3 doses for 1 day.
  3. Aloe. Aloe juice with honey and cooked in a ratio of 1:5 is able to effectively improve the potency. The treatment must be continued for 1 to 1.5 months with 1 tablespoon of the mixture 3 – 4 times per day.
  4. Green Tea. Alcoholic Infusion of the leaves of green tea (30 gr.) and sugar (150 gr.) incubated at a temperature of + 5 to + 6 degrees in the fridge for a week. Tincture you should to 1 tablespoon in the morning and before going to sleep, squeezed enough fluids.
Herbal blends

Also, for the improvement of the potency used, asarum, buckthorn, onion peel, motherwort, nettle, lilac.

To improve the potency herbal:

  • the collection of nettles, St. John's wort, mint, and clover;
  • collect wild strawberries, blackberries, raspberry leaves and black currant;
  • collecting rose hips and mountain ash;
  • collect seeds of parsley, Aloe and rose hips. This fee is used for the treatment of chronic Prostatitis

Nutrition therapy improves the potency in men is always, and remains effective in every age. The quality of the erection can be reduced, in older men, but the improvement comes at absolutely all of them. Diet sees the dominance in the diet of foods with significant amounts of Vitamin A, B, and E, as well as foods high in protein content. In addition to this diet vegetables, fruit, spices, nuts and honey to enrich.

Products for potency

These products include:

  • Meat;
  • Fish (especially plaice and mackerel);
  • Red Caviar;
  • Seafood (Clams, Shrimp);
  • Dairy products (cream, sour cream, Quark);
  • Mushrooms, Eggs.

Vegetables (Onion, Kohlrabi, Carrots, Tomatoes, Lemons). Fruit (Avocado, Bananas, Pineapple, Figs, Dates, Strawberries). Nuts are probably the most effective components of the diet, significantly the potency of stimulates. it is walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios. Spices (black pepper, red pepper, horseradish, ginger root, cardamom, Chili) have to add in the diet in small quantities.

The effectiveness of the treatment of the data of the products is not in doubt. There are many recipes, the application of which improves the potency.

Traditional recipes for the enhancement of potency:

  • a mixture of honey with nuts;
  • Infusion of honey, Aloe juice and red table wine;

Some of the recipes, the application of honey is provided to the inside. with this objective you can cook, honey-solution of 250 gr. Honey and 1 Liter of warm water. Terry cloth in this solution. on the lower part of the abdomen, and the Penis 10 – 15 minutes Procedures should days within a period of 10 - 12.

Other methods and ways to improve the potency:

  • Mumijo;
  • pine baths;
  • barefoot (especially in the summer on Sand, grass).

You have to understand that the treatment by the means of alternative medicine has its own characteristics and contraindications in each case.

For a successful combating of the disease the consultation urologa, which can be integrated on the search for the causes of the disease and competently assigned to complex therapy, in which the program and the methods of traditional medicine requires.