Restoration of potency

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the medical term for the sexual weakness of the man, and the inability to maintain an erection during intercourse. According to the statistics and the research, this diagnosis is more than 30% of the representatives of a strong half of mankind. In the case of the disease at a given age, erectile dysfunction is not to be affected than young men, so that men in a respectable age.

According to the diagnostics the Problem of impotence is very acute. It is believed that impotence is a psychological Problem, in connection with the regular Stress, self-doubt and fears of the intercourse. However, thanks to modern research, it was found that most cases of erectile dysfunction associated with the physiological causes, most of which, to handle thanks to the latest developments in medicine, successful in a variety of ways.

Restoration of potency

Causes of impotence

To medical reasons, the development of erectile dysfunction:

  • Hormonal problems (e.g., lack of testosterone);
  • Diseases of the liver;
  • Nephrological Disease;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Disturbances of the microcirculation;
  • Oncological Diseases;
  • Chronic Obesity;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Excessive abuse of alcohol and nicotine.

However, the most important factor in the development of the loss of potency disorders of the nervous system. These include:

  • Beriberi;
  • Chronic lack of sleep and fatigue;
  • Lack of minerals in the body;
  • Regular Stress and nervous disorders.

Impotence can occur after operations on the spine, bladder, lower intestine, and prostate.

Cause an erection are also taking certain medications: tranquilizers, diuretics, sedatives and blood pressure lowering drugs can disorder.

Therefore, you can assign the correct treatment, you need to have a list of all the medications that you used prior to the occurrence of problems with potency.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Like any other treatment potency begins with a visit of a doctor to perform a diagnosis. Especially the first possible causes of erectile dysfunction, the specialist learns during the primary conversation with the patient. The diagnosis can be performed in a few steps: determination of the complaints of the patient. The first recording includes the patient's medical history, as well as the questioning of the patient about the problems in sexual life. The symptoms of the emergence of impotence is identified with the help of a specially developed questionnaire of the International Index of Erectile function. This form consists of 5 simple, simple questions, the answers to the, to rate your doctor and get effective practice, and to appoint effective treatment.

  • Psycho-Social Investigation. This Phase includes the analysis of the psychological condition of the patient.The skilled artisan will recognize also the absence or the presence of a man of depressive States. Upon detection of such, the Patient is to study to become a psychotherapist or neurologist, an appointment for further treatment;
  • A physical examination. It allows for the exact causes to determine the extent and the development of erectile dysfunction. The main objective of this Phase is the identification of problems with the wrong working of the thyroid gland. These include hair loss, problems with skin veil, change heart rate, etc., including a medical examination of the external genital organs of the man. The specialist examines the General condition of the scrotum, but also brings out the possible change of the Form of the Penis. At this stage, the diagnosis of prostate cancer.
  • The laboratory experiments. Include the implementation of ultrasound measurement of the blood pressure in the vessels of the Penis, radioisotope scanning.

In addition, a series of analyses and Tests, more precise diagnoses of the causes of erectile dysfunction are to be assigned.

The course of treatment for the restoration of potency

The restoration of potency in men is a complex of different activities, which includes a healthy diet, exercise, drug treatment and physical therapy, the use of various natural remedies, etc.

Find out more about each of them:

  • The drug therapy. All of the drugs, or as they are called in the vernacular, the sexual drug that can be applied in clinical practice, enabling a high level of effectiveness of the treatment, which reaches about 80%. But your feature is the side effects are caused in most men. These include headache, redness of the neck and face, changes in visual acuity, redness of the mucous membrane of the mouth.
  • Intrakavernoznye injection of vasoactive drugs. This technique consists in the introduction of micro-injections of vasoactive drugs supplied directly to the Penis immediately before intimacy. This method is widely used and is considered to be one of the most popular for the restoration of potency.
  • Intrauretralnogo Therapy. The effect of this method is very similar to the previous one, but the injection can fully exclude. The therapy is absolutely pain-free, which is a great advantage. This technique is an expensive treatment, because the drugs have relatively high cost. Such therapy includes the compulsory use of the condom.
  • A vacuum - constrictor pharyngis inferior therapy. With the vacuum cylinder and pump, in the cavernous body of the Penis, a strong under pressure, what causes that blood flow and, accordingly, an erection that is maintained with a special Ring at the base. This technique is not popular, as their effectiveness is only 40-50%. Also the disadvantages include painful ejaculation, a sense of numbness of the Penis, the inability to hide the Ring from the partner, and short duration of sexual intercourse (not more than 30 minutes).
  • The surgical restoration of potency. The surgical procedure applies only in the exception, if a drug treatment gives no results, or impermissible because of the individual peculiarities of the patient. This method shows in heart failure the arterial blood flow in the Penis. Here, microvascular Shunts, the effectiveness of such a method is 30-50%.
  • Prosthetic Penis. Is the last step in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, if all other methods have failed and showed no results.
  • Psychotherapeutic Therapy. This technique implies the application of the three-stages-technology focus of the sensuality, recommends that you pay so much attention to the satisfaction of the partner during the sexual intercourse.

Here it is and rehabilitation therapy, which consists of a complex of different events:

  • Psychological Counseling;
  • The taking of medication;
  • Phytotherapy;
  • The treatment of chronic diseases;
  • Taking vitamins;
  • Remedial gymnastics;
  • Nutrition and the intake of aphrodisiacs;
  • Healing Massage, etc.

In addition, experts recommend the intake of natural remedies, the the strong half of humanity, for the restoration of the strength of men for centuries. This includes red wine, nuts, honey, seafood, garlic, sesame, some kinds of dried fruits, etc.

In addition to the use of different natural remedies, with good results in the treatment pills to improve erection such as Viagra, Cialis, show, etc., Delivered to data medicines for an hour before the sexual intercourse.

In case of problems with potency, in any case, you should not self-medicate. Unsuitable individual characteristics, health, medication, natural remedies or tips from the Internet, can not only show the results, but also greatly aggravate the Situation. So, at the first sign, and seek advice from an expert.