What foods increase the potency of men

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Many men faced with erectile dysfunction, and a direct dependence on age is not always present. Problems with potency occur in young men due to Stress, bad ecology, and other reasons. Help tricky Problem to solve, especially food to be eaten in order to increase the effectiveness – sometimes it is enough, your diet to adjust, to forget about erectile dysfunction.

Which products increase potency in men immediately (list)

If you need to solve the Problem quickly, most of the men starts taking the tablets. But there is a list of the products increase potency of the man, by providing instant results through the contained vitamins and trace elements. In the list of the improvement of the quality of sexual life of the man, the products include:

  • Dates with almonds, chocolate;
  • all of the vegetables (the first digit after the performance takes a boiled beet);
  • Nuts (all varieties);
  • Meat (lean);
  • Camel-The Stomach;
  • Fish (heat-treated mackerel, and flounder);
  • Seafood (Oysters, Squid);
  • Onions (it is recommended that fresh);
  • Ginger (can be used with honey, in the Form of tinctures or marinated root).

It is important to have a balanced diet, otherwise can aggravate the Situation and you achieve the opposite.

The food (the food for potentiality increase)

In order to achieve a real and lasting impact and permanently get rid of the problems with potency, it is better to reconsider your diet and make it a meal, which will not only improve your potency but also the effects on the body tonic effect. Then it will be possible to save the Libido for the coming years:

Eat Effect on the body Note
Chicken Eggs / Quail Eggs — Strengthening resistance to stress;
— contributing to a balanced development of the male hormones
Contain vitamins B6, B5.

Men who are prone to allergic reactions, it is recommended that the quail eggs.

Garlic The normalizes blood circulation (including to the small pelvis), a good erection. The Active Ingredient Allicin.
Potatoes Increases the duration of sexual contact by reducing the sensitivity of the skin. It is recommended that you bake the unpeeled tubers ("in Uniform"). Eat it raw, sprouting, or immature potatoes.
Seafood The increase in the potency and sexual desire.
The Liver — enhances sexual desire in men;
— promotes the strengthening of immunity.
The right amount of nutrients you can get, if you enable in the menu, not less often than 1 time per week.
Cereal Porridge — increase male sexual attraction;
— Vividness give and promote health.
Contain Androsterone.
Banana — increases the Libido;
— promotes the elimination of male impotence;
— increases durability and stamina.
Contains bromelain., Potassium, Vitamins. Very high-calorie product.
Black Chocolate — strengthens the immune system;
— increases the potency.
You eat in small quantities every day.
Perga Recovery of potency;
— The treatment of Prostatitis.
Can be used for the prophylaxis.

To improve the quality of sperm, increasing the sperm motility and raise your amount it is recommended to regularly eating foods with a high content of Vitamin C, walnuts, parsley, celery and beet, fruit and berries.

Also useful dairy products – a popular step-up potency milk shake recipe with cloves.

5 best foods for potency

To improve male potency, must do without far fast Food and semi-finished products of dubious quality, the decision for the right diet and a healthy life. Among the products to increase potency, can be found five of the best.

the stomach of the camel

The stomach of the camel (Lab)

In the case of proper use of this product erections, improves the quality of sperm is improved. Is similar to medication medication ("Viagra", "Levitra"), side-effects are not observed. To prepare an infusion (100 grams of the product to 0.5 liters of vodka, insist within two weeks in a dark place). If you are of immediate effect, do not need to eat a half hour before the sexual contact-a big piece of rennet (enough for 3 – 4 grams).


Premature ejaculation, which are able to be prevented, the gain of potency. In addition to amino acids and dopamine zinc (organically). Eat it is recommended, in the raw state by the addition of lemon juice. Do not use the men who suffer from Diabetes, Gastritis (low acidity), weakened immune defenses.


Contains large amounts of vitamins, beneficial trace elements (zinc), amino acids. Protein is easy to digest. Recommended are usually boiled or steamed. When a man suffers from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, or cardiovascular system, it is better to have a salty–dried fish.

Boiled Mackerel

Increases sexual desire, because it contains iodine, thanks to the natural Protein, improves the quality of sperm.


Able to to raise testosterone production, and improve the General condition of the sexual sphere. Can be used as a complement to meat dishes, to cook with honey-carrots there are either as a standalone product. If the man is sick with Hepatitis, cholecystitis, there is a pathology of the CNS, or intestinal disease in the acute Form of product is better to abstain or very careful.

According to the opinion of Dr. A. L. Myasnikov, the improvement of the potency, in the first place, it is necessary to find out the reasons for erectile dysfunction. If the Problem is a lack of vitamins and trace elements, the adjustment of the diet and the transition to a healthy life style helps to restore the "male power". If the source of the dysfunction is in any disease, the combination therapy for the eradication of the pathology.

Food that is detrimental to the potency

Damage to the potency

There is food, the use of which can to a decrease in the male sexual potential:

  1. Alcohol;
  2. Flour;
  3. sugary sodas;
  4. fast Food;
  5. smoked, fatty, fried, spicy, salted and dried food in large quantities.

Proper diet, regular consumption of products that contribute to the preservation of the health of men as well as the avoidance of harmful habits, give the opportunity to every man-grade lead an active and fulfilling sex life, even in a respectable age.