Impotence in men at the age of 50 years, signs and treatment of the pathology

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction taking into account of the middle ages, you need to know the signs of impotence in men in 50 years. Depending on the time of the occurrence of primary and secondary impotence. The primary characterized by a total absence of erectile function. When further reduction or complete extinction of the erection in the fact that it was originally. A type of secondary impotence is related to the age (physiological) male impotence.

Impotence after 50 years, both the General clinical symptoms of this disease, as well as specific symptoms that imposes the age of the patient.

General symptoms of impotence

In General, symptoms of impotence groups divided into 2 main:

  • organic;
  • psycho genes.

Each group has specific symptoms.

About 80% of the cases of this disease have an organic origin. Organic impotence develops rapidly and all at once, but gradually. It is a long and a systemic disease. When organic impotence, lack of spontaneous nocturnal erections, Libido is reduced, normal ejaculation.

Problem with potency

Psychogenic impotence appears suddenly and often at the same time. The most important factor for its occurrence disorders of the nervous and psychic nature: neurosis, depression, neurotic condition, the problems in the relationship of partners. This type of disease causes and taking a number of drugs (estrogens, Anti-cancer drugs, antidepressants, tranquilizers). In contrast to organic impotence spontaneous nocturnal erections are here. Psychogenic disease is a variable character in the absence of the suppressing factor potency.

Signs of the onset and the development of impotence

The following symptoms are an indication for the diagnosis of erectile (endothelial) dysfunction. The diagnosis is considered to be quorate if the fault is not within less than 3 months. The identification of Patient 1 or more of the symptoms should be cause for repentance, according to the medical aid:

  1. Reduction in the ability to an erection up to its complete absence. Even with a strong desire and no irritating substances, man is not the state of erection.
  2. The absence of a full-fledged erection. Upon excitation of the Penis, the further process of the development of the erection grows in size, inhibited. For the extent of the arousal of sexual intercourse, insufficient, and lost the usual elasticity of the Penis.
  3. The insufficient duration of the erection after a period of time. The excitation time is too short for the normal completion of the sexual intercourse. Erection disappears when ejaculation is not reached.
  4. Premature ejaculation in men with significant sexual experience. This Symptom may occur with prolonged abstinence, in this case, it refers to temporary impotence. If the ejaculation occurs prior to the beginning of the sexual intercourse, this indicates a venous disorder.
  5. Does not allow spontaneous erections in the night or in the morning is observed.
  6. The absence or a significant decrease in the Libido.
  7. The inability of the Commission of the movements.

Medical examination includes the diagnosis of a psycho-metric scales. The recommended method of the international index of erectile function, allows you to quantitatively assess to determine the condition of erection, the extent and the severity of their injuries.

Specific symptoms of age-related effects on the potency

About 50% of men over the age of 50 years and older are confronted with disorders of erection. The reduction in morbidity observed in the younger and the increase, respectively, in the elderly. Manifestation of age-related changes is wearing a deeply individual character. Some of the men in 30-40 years, and the body of the other fights with them successfully, and up to 60 years. A half a century old is not a certain limit: until he disorders of potency should be normal (or they are insignificant). In patients there are a number of natural changes, the additional risks for the sexual health of males in which the impotence after 50 years occur more often than in younger years:

  1. Reduction in Libido due to the reduction in the level of testosterone. Testosterone is an important component that determines the degree of Libido. It also affects the immune system, the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, the formation of blood, bone density. Peak values amount of testosterone reaches the late Teens and gradually after 30 years at about 1% per year. Is 60-65 years (but this period depends on the case) is a clear violation of erectile function. Such a age impotence is more common Problem.
  2. The natural reduction of testosterone provokes the increase of the deadline for the achievement of full-fledged erection and a drop in quality.
  3. Influence on the potency of arteriosclerosis, which affects only the blood vessels of the brain and of the heart, but also of the Penis. As a result, this leads to a cycle of sexual dysfunction.
  4. After fifty years, there is a suppression of the activity of the adrenal cortex. The level of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) decreases, while maintaining the secretion of Corticotropin. The consequences of the lack of DHEA can be attributed to decreased Libido, depressed mood, the weakening of potency. The muscle mass and strength is reduced.
Temporary Impotence

In the consideration of the signs of impotence it is necessary to notice temporary properties. The premature ejaculation in the absence of regular sexual life. This Problem will bring the cause of the impossibility of the sexual activity to the scheduled completion. To remedy is sufficient to normalize a rule, sexual life.

Age-related decrease in the potency is a natural and gradual extinction of the sexual function with the years, if in the reproductive age is over. It is important that this process gradually. The violent loss of potency is to talk about the possible pathologies.

Reduced potency in excessive sexual activity. The constant irritation of the receptors of the brain, the venous sinuses of the Penis leads to a decrease in their sensitivity (resistance).

During such a condition according to the time different. It depends on the individual peculiarities of the organism and of the volume of the last loads. When they were longer, the longer the transient dysfunction will take. After completion of the stress potency gradually recovered.

Temporary cases are not a sign of impotence and require corrective measures.

The treatment of impotence in men over 50 years depending on the correct and timely to find the cause of the disease. On the question of how to get to the answer must with impotence, the doctor. Self-treatment is not acceptable, and often dangerous. In the appointment of therapy from the doctor, and only the characteristic symptoms: psychogenic and organic, but also the General condition of the patients is not taken into account. Often injuries of the erectile function pre-existing medical conditions are:

  • Diabetes (Risk 55%);
  • coronary heart disease (the risk of 39%);
  • Diseases of the heart and Smoking (the risk of 56%);
  • Depression (the risk 90%);

A significant negative impact on the state of health of men have bad habits: Smoking, alcohol consumption, low physical activity. Drugs that trigger an effect on the Central nervous system (neuroleptics, anticholinergics, and antihypertensive drugs) may also impotence.

Age 50 years — a time when many men start to use the natural changes in the body that, together with existing chronic diseases can create favourable conditions for the development of erectile dysfunction. The fight against this disease needs a comprehensive approach and medical treatment, and the patient requires style maintaining a healthy life.