Overview of the preparations for increase of a potentiality: medicines, tablets to prolong the intercourse

Worldwide, approximately 150 million men suffer from impotence, and according to the forecasts of the centre for obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology for over twenty years has been to increase their number is by 2 times. What men need most of the time the "blue pill" — sick or healthy, but with unbalanced mental state?


For 19% of the men is very important to have intercourse at least 1 time per day, for men older than 40 years — 1 time per week. However, 30% of men over 40 years of age have there are different variations of sexual dysfunction, after 50 years, half of these or other problems with erection, and the force of the ejaculation.

The main causes for sexual disorders:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • endocrine disorders — Diabetes mellitus, increased body weight, hypogonadism
  • somatic or mental diseases, psychiatric disorders
  • inflammatory processes in the urogenital organs
  • Injury, injured
  • Medications (to men after 40 years, most of the time they take 1-2 drug on a continuous Basis), the reduction in the force of the arousal and sensitivity
  • Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis
  • Smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise — factors that aggravate

In case of problems with the potency (every 3 intercourse lodges within 6 months of unsuccessfully), first and foremost, an examination by a cardiologist, endocrinologist, urologist, and Andro should be.

What are the main drugs that potency, it and how do they differ?

Inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase type 5

These medicines include drugs to increase potency, the effect of which is based on the amplification of blood flow in the Penis.

Drugs for potency

Activators of NO synthase

These drugs increase the efficacy by increasing the activity of endothelial NO-synthase with sexual Stimulation, promotes relaxation of smooth muscles, leading to better blood supply to the corpora cavernosa in the Penis. They also contribute to the increase in the testosterone levels.

Synthetic analogues of Prostaglandin E

The effect is based on suppression of the adenylate cyclase, the intracellular calcium is reduced, enhanced venous closure mechanism of erection is a relaxation of smooth muscles of corpora cavernosa Tel.


Testosterone is assigned urologist or andrologist after the examination. The male sex hormone influence on the sexual activity of the man. Hormonal drug can only.with the doctor in the case of lower level according to the results of the analyses as oral (tablets) and injections

Antispasmodics myotropic

Indiscriminate blockers phospho esterases, lead to an enlargement of the artery.

Natural Medicines

It is adapalene, and nonspecific stimulants, stimulates the reproductive organs:

  • Eleutherococcus Extract,
  • Ginseng Extract,
  • Lemon grass,
  • Pantocrinum,
  • Ylang-Ylang,
  • Ginger,
  • alpha-tocopherol,
  • tree bark Yohimbe.

Dietary Supplement

Dietary Supplement

About dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies, it is necessary to understand that it is only fortifying agents, their effect is either only after a very long time taking (which is also not cheap), or he is not at all observed, or stops after the rejection of their recording.

In the selection of such a Fund is important to note that nutritional supplements are products whose composition only confirms the certificate (litmus test), they usually have a low efficiency, the uncontrolled quality of clinical studies and independent studies of their effectiveness (with a few exceptions), and, accordingly, 100% of effect from using them is not worth waiting for.

Other methods of treatment of the impotence

  • the use of special rubber rings, the clothes on the bottom of the Penis
  • Vacuum erectors'
  • spend intracavernous Injection
  • Surgery prosthetics Penis or restoration of vascular blood flow

Which method of treatment is preferable in each individual clinical case, the doctor decides, perhaps through the combination of these therapies.