7 effective exercises to increase potency

In this article we will talk about exercises for a significant improvement in and increase potency in men. Problems with erection to occur and in the case of young people who are physically healthy. If you take timely measures can be avoided, possible consequences, and to improve the potency.

If you have problems with erection not associated with severe forms of adenoma of the prostate or hormonal dysfunction, simple exercises can help improve potency and quality of sexual intercourse.

The following exercises are aimed at the normalization of blood flow to the genitals, but also on strengthening the muscles of the skeleton. As a result, the effect is powerful and long, in contrast to medicines to improve potency.

Complex of exercises for the restoration and improvement of the potency

Only regular exercises will be tangible, resistant, in all respects, the result. Miracle promise Marketing services, pharmacological companies, and in ordinary life, it will require considerable effort, but they sure are justified.

In the ideal case, exercises daily, or at least every second day to the stomach, in the morning or during the day, on an empty.

You spin the hula-Hoop

Rotation-the pelvis in different directions to help to expel the blood, stretch your bones and prepare the body for the following exercises. Standing, legs apart, the hands resting on the hips, start with twenty or thirty rounds in every direction, thus gradually the number of revolutions up to fifty.

Rotation should slow to burden only the lower part of the body. Exercises for the potency not only improves the blood circulation, but form the dorsal muscles, the for friction.

running on the spot

Above the legs

Standing, back straight, hands omitted. Active on the spot, high knees bully, pulled up to his chest. If it is not possible to help in the first time with the hands, together with the beer belly slimming. Start with thirty climbs on each leg, bring it up to fifty.


  • Standing, legs shoulder width apart, knees are straight, deep leaned forward, the hand face is in contact with the ground, if you have problems with flexibility enough to contact with the fingers.
  • You start with twenty arches, but gradually, by the addition of a few pieces of up to fifty.
  • The optimal number, in order to strengthen the back muscles and improve the blood circulation in the spine, which is important for the sexual organs and potency.


Lying on your back, bend the knees, the feet against the ground, the hands position along, palms down. You lift your pelvis as far as you work and slowly lower, without the shoulder blades and the feet. Run dozen climbs, break, repeat. You start with three approaches, up to five.



Lying on your back, bend the knees, and a stick in the Hand, press the feet to the ground, the hands are relaxed. Straining the heart muscles, the feeling arises that all in the area of the Penis and the Anus, gathered in a heap, hold, relax.

The stronger the strain will repeat, the better, ten times. One of the most important exercises for the recovery of potency, you have to try and throughout the day, alternating tension and relaxation of the muscles in standing, sitting, lying down.

The shoulders back sitting on a hard stool or chair, back straight, the torso is a little tilted forwards, the hands resting on the hips. Strong muscles of the perineum strain, such as the suction Cup works on the seat, trying not to tap, back, hold, relax. Perform A Dozen Reps.


Half-crouching, to breed the knee, before you compress the hands, the muscles of the anus. Slowly, the Rotation of the pelvis from side to side within a Minute. Whilst the strengthening of the muscles, for the duration of the exercises up to three minutes, you can several approaches.

You keep the Ball

You need small (up to 20 cm diameter), plastic or rubber ball. Standing, a little bow, put you hook the Ball between the knees, and buttocks, greatly squeezed. Starting with thirty repetitions up to fifty.


Standing, legs shoulder apart, back broad, straight, arms stretched forward.

  1. Slowly, half sit, with a force pressing together the buttocks, for a while, pause for a moment, slowly release and relax.
  2. Enough twenty repetitions.
  3. The exercises for the power are simple in execution, does not require any special physical Fitness, you take so much time to neglect you, having referred to employment.

By this half hour, men can save much more without the legwork, for pharmacies and doctors.

The benefits of gymnastics for the improvement of erection:

  1. Exercises for an erection have a positive influence on the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the potency and erection.
  2. With regular execution of the exercises strengthens the weak point of the human body -muscles of the perineum, the muscles involved for the Retention of the urine, the feces, which can occur during intercourse, and a full-fledged erection.
  3. Stable erectile function requires a constant and proper blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and in particular the cavernous body of the Penis. This can only be achieved exercises can be with the help of physiotherapy.
  4. Physical activities are accompanied by the release of large amounts of hormones. For men is important to overcome adrenaline, androgens, hormones that affect the equilibrium of the nervous system, the ability of the human Stress without obvious consequences.
  5. After the lesson, increases the Tonus, improves mood;
  6. The physical stress relaxes tense muscles, makes you trained, which means endurance.


a series of exercises

Studies of physicians have shown that the strain on certain muscles can in a relatively short period of time problems with potency and erection how to fix. When men observed the early ejaculation, then for thirty minutes per day for two to three months with the help of exercise, you can completely get rid of the problems.

If a set of physical exercises for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (see photo) had the largest effect:

  1. For men, interest in Sex, not to mention the reasons often disappeared;
  2. Episodes disappear morning or spontaneous erections;
  3. During intercourse the Penis the necessary hardness achieved, remains sluggish;
  4. Erection is so weak, that it is impossible to commit sexual intercourse.

Causes of such disturbances much, but the result is insufficient blood flow to the cavernous body and incomplete swelling of the Penis.

With the help of these exercises the above-mentioned problems can be overcome:

  • the retention of stone;
  • the execution of the ceremonial steps;
  • Jump rope;
  • Training of the muscles of the potency;
  • The plough and the corkscrew;
  • The suction Cup;
  • the onion and the Cobra.

Almost all of the exercises for erection, borrowed from the practice of Yoga, so by the men in the performance of their requires absolute dedication.

Also popular exercises for the increase or improvement of the erection from the practice of Qigong. Each of the exercises good in its own way, but there are General rules for the entire complex. You start with a small number of repetitions, better with 10. As soon as you feel that the muscles become stronger and more able to carry, add the number of repetitions.

At the same time with the implementation of physical activities, a correction Power, consumer need products that increase potency in men, the primary treatment, life style rethink, including sexual activity and the possible presence of sexually transmitted infections.

Diet for an erection


You expect the result only for the regular and responsible execution of the lessons:

  • A formal step. From a standing start, with lowered along the body with the hands. Of the men to lift demands as high as possible, the legs, the knees touch the stomach;
  • Exercise Bridge. The original Position of lying on your back, hands along the body, feet pressed to the floor. Lift the pelvis as high as possible, lower them to the ground. To do So 10 times;
  • Execution of skip. You can make in two variants: directly on the floor, standing, or squeezing the hands on the wall and bent a little forward. Meaning of the exercises is to move quickly on the spot, without the need for socks out of the ground. Only the heel lift. Another note - require maximum speed run, but at the same time the duration of a lesson is not longer than 1 Minute;
  • The retention of stone. Starting position-standing, hands on waist, knees a little bent. You start the exercise with a small flexion of the knee and rhythmic presses gluteus. For understanding, imagine that you are between the legs to hold the stone;
  • Execution of the exercise vacuum cleaner. For this you will need a chair. The man sitting on him, and , what is croup in the chair. Rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscles, the working of the vacuum cleaner, as if to collect. The proper execution should not be a reduction in the gluteus;
  • Stimulation muscle the pubic bone to the tailbone with the knee bend. Doing squats from a standing position, the feet placed wider than the shoulders. You place the pool up to the point when the thighs are parallel lines of the floor. If necessary, you can lean the Stick on a chair, on the wall, but only the first time. In this Position, the movements have to case your pelvis back and forth, but not moving. At the same time they strengthen the muscles of the legs, of the back.


For potency and recovery of erection it is important are several exercises in the Appendix. The fact that the muscles gradually get used to a certain degree of stress, you need more time and practice in order to work, every fiber. Different types of activities affect a much larger number of muscle fibers, as the same exercise, i.e. the muscle is in all its parts. Here are examples of the complex exercises, the most effective to increase the erectile function are:

  • Starting position-standing on all fours. To breathe is important in gymnastics correctly. For example, if you do this exercise on the exhale, slowly let the pelvis, until it touches the heels.- Hands do not turn, repeat the movement several times, depending on the degree of your Fitness.
  • The starting position for the next exercise in the complex. The hands are relaxed, the breathing and on the exhale try to contract the muscles that form the anal sphincter. At the maximum point, we will relax on 4 seconds. So repeat it 10 times and then gradually approaches increase.
  • Take the Position on the back, the hands behind the head, feet straightened. Inhale, and while exhaling, lift one leg is strictly perpendicular to the top and make a few circular motions. Repeat each leg 10 times.
  • For the next exercise, you must lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest, the heel touches the buttocks. The hands need to kneel on the. When you exhale, the knee-grow in the Hand, but max resisted the hands. Repeat for the beginning at least three times.

Now most of the men are lead a sedentary lifestyle, the consequences of which is a phenomenon of the Stagnation of blood in the small pelvis. Exercises to stimulate movement of blood, remove the phenomenon of stasis. The greatest significance of the hip joints and the spine in the area of the coccyx.-

As a result of regular training, the blood flow returned in the small pelvis normal, detachable muscle spasms, and the hormone Endorphin. Physical activity has a positive effect on the General health, improves the reproductive capacity of the organism, for this reason, we recommend for the boys to train with the early years, just as a prevention, not a meeting with the health problems.