The application of the electric stimulation of the Penis for potency in men

Most men are afraid of the emergence of serious problems with potency, because they depend on him for their ability to have Sex with your Partner sexually. If there are problems with the sexual attraction for some guys problems with self-esteem, and make you feel inferior. For the restoration of the potency of the pacemaker back recommended to the male power and allows it in the future, the love to any time.

The reasons for erectile dysfunction

Before they recommended electrical stimulation for the restoration of male power, is that the fundamental causes for the occurrence of problems with potency. Three causes of weakened erection in guys.

Alcoholic Beverages

Often sex drive is deteriorating due to alcohol abuse. It is no secret that alcohol disrupts the motor skills of the people, impair the ability to think and normal to Express. But apart from that, it is much reduced sexual desire and for this reason, in men impaired erectile function. More than 70% of the guys suffering from impotence just because of the abuse of alcohol.


The emotional health of the person also affects his sexual function. Depression and persistent stressful situations make it difficult to hold back your erection. Also, if the guy wants to have Sex, Stress is bad for him. Also disrupt the sexual attraction may also be due to other emotional disorders. This includes suspicion of infidelity, or no feelings for the Sex Partner.



It is known that Smoking has a negative impact on the health of the people and therefore it has also an effect on sexual attraction to boys. Regular Smoking worsens blood circulation, leading to a weakening of the blood flow in the Penis. Because of these problems with potency occur not only in elderly men but also young boys. If you believe that the results of the studies, in 70% of cases of full refusal from Smoking back the lost sexual efficiency.

The effect of electrical stimulation

The problems with the potency of using a lot of guys, a special pacemaker, you can restore the old masculinity. Such devices became popular thanks to its high efficiency. To get a feel for the positive effect is enough therapy to two sessions electro.

At the time of application of the electrical stimulation on the prostate, the weak electrical discharge. Thanks to such action of the tissue of the Penis is strengthened and reinforced erection in an excited state. Also increases blood flow and improves the water, often disturbed impotence.

Some compare the effectiveness of electrical stimulation with massage of the prostate. However, electrical stimulation is more productive and has a pronounced effect, which provides complete erectile function after 1-2 weeks.

Indications and contraindications

Before you the potency of stimulants men, we should the indications and contraindications for their application. This procedure is often to restore the functioning of the prostate gland. Your wise men with chronic Prostatitis. Apart from this, electro-stimulators use:

• if the Patient is cast early seeds;
• in the case of infectious Form of Prostatitis;
• in the case of infertility;
• if the Patient complains of persistent pain in the pelvic area;
• metabolicheskom the syndrome.

Also in the application of the electrical stimulation, there are some contraindications, which necessarily discover. Procedures contra-indicated for people:

• the acute Form of Prostatitis;
• Tuberculosis of the prostate;
• Tumors in the Anal hole;
• serious diseases or inflammation of the rectum;
• Oncology Prostate.

Implementation of the method

Align the safety and security of the electrical device to restore the male power, you should be familiar with the specifics of the implementation of the electrical stimulation.

There are two options for this procedure. In the selection of the most appropriate method of treatment contraindications are taken into account and the stage of development of Prostatitis. Detailed information about the use of electro-stimulation, you need to know the properties of these techniques:

Introduction of the electrode into the urethra. Mostly in clinics using this method, during which an electrode is attached to the coccyx and the other opening of the urethra is injected. In the implementation of the procedure, the Patient lies on the back with the legs bent in the knee area. The doctor stimulates the prostate gland, to the Patient's complaints.
Introduction of the electrode in the rectum. This method is less painful, because the Anus is not as sensitive as uretra. Prior to Stimulation, the Patient must completely clean your bowel and bladder.

Pacemaker with your hands

Short Penis is not considered as a sensitive issue that many guys will want to tell it to someone. Not to buy the attention to the Problem of attention and the device in the store, some do try such a device to your own hands. As a reason many miostimulyator. Therein, an electrode to replace another, that would be perfect for the Stimulation of the prostate.

Not recommended in the production of Stimulator use motors with ekscentrikoi, this is what we get with the old electric shaver.

Good Vibrations are massage devices, which is absolutely not suitable for electro-stimulation and recovery of potency.

Men, in the vicinity of electrical appliances, and physics, connect the electrodes to the power supply without the help of others. The Stimulator consists of only two electrodes. The first is in the Form of a flat plate, and a connection to a power source, and the second use to the Stimulation of the prostate.

In order to make it on their own Stimulator to restore, the nozzle for the entry into the Anus. In the production of such requirements are complied with:

• Length is not greater than 5-6 cm;
• Width is 3-4 cm;
• Base has a reliable fastening, so that the nozzle is not broken at the Moment of application of the stimulator;
• the essay should be of high quality Latex or rubber.

With the above-mentioned requirements able to design and manufacture a safe apparatus, of the mucosa is not damaged.

Most of the men sooner or later, problems with the erection. To get rid of and restore potency, helps electrical stimulation of the Penis.