So you increase the potency | Effective practice tips

So the male consciousness works, that you, as a man in the age of the active condition of the sexual organ is interested. Power is the ability to make you feel "man" and claim it.

Therefore, any failure in bed a man could be, almost as a universal tragedy. But, I worry about it? Of course, if you are over 70, concern for the weakened potency, probably not worth it.

The word "presumably," I wrote, because there are cases when in this old man a second and even a third marriage with the younger chosen one has chosen and also there are cases that this spouse give birth in the marriage of their children!

Therefore, I do not think that, regardless of age, if the man himself sat on the "cross," as on a full male individuals, he should worry about how to increase the potency

In view of the fact that, not infrequently, have to take serious measures in the case of the modern man of the time is, we provide the means to increase potency, which may be used at home to treat and prevent.

Why the potency can decrease? The reasons can be many, it can also occur due to obesity, Diabetes mellitus, and possible cardiovascular diseases. Either, cheesy, due to the weakened organism, lost the original shape under the influence of constant Stress, abuse of alcohol and nicotine, lack of exercise, and the like.


So you increase the potency in the home

Active style - the best friend of the potency of life

In view of all this, the first and most important measure to increase the potency should style an active life. You bring to the morning gymnastics, a gym hall, and to run only the regular.

To limit the alcohol and cigarettes, if categorically, these factors exclude from your life, then at least a strong effort, recording.

In addition, you see, perhaps your body is weak only because of the fact that they do not work for a long vacation or a second (third, fourth ...) the month with no holidays.

Not to mention you fatigue out of it accumulates in the body and so easy, give your body the opportunity to recover, otherwise you will not complain about a weak potency.

Folk remedies for the potency not only increase your level, you are in addition, and completely harmless to the body.

I think many men will be thrilled to learn that the organic coffee is the cheapest way how quickly the potency increase. But it is important to remember that it's not worth, this means to misuse it, here is the simple rule: a Cup for the night – use, two -, and more damage.

The means to increase the potency

The most effective natural means to increase potency, you can tincture of Ginseng or Eleutherococcus. Infusion of these herbs take according to the following scheme: on the first day – half a glass of water diluted with a drop of the tincture in the following days, the number of the tincture increase on a drop is the amount of water remains the same.

Is required, the number of drops up to 28, so the entire course lasts for 28 days. Once in three months, the course can be repeated.

Attention! The course is designed for people with high blood pressure and severe heart disease.

Training the blood vessels of the sex organs contrasting bath

Perfect the potency of Home therapy pools for the lower part of the body is increased. For the procedure we need two pools: one with cold/cool water, and the second with hot. Starting with hot water alternately sit in each pool to 30 seconds.

The Session Duration Of 15 Minutes. The duration of the entire course – not less than 2 weeks. Also like the previous one, once in three months, a course can be repeated.

If the cause of the weak potency chronic fatigue

Especially for those connected to low potency, with chronic fatigue and processing, we recommend a relaxing recipe – Baden with the Bay leaf. To brew leaves, Bay leaf, need to prepare this Infusion to merge in the filled bath. This procedure must perform before you go to sleep, duration of intake of Laurel baths – 15-30min.

Alternatively, you can use Bay leaf flowers of the chamomile to replace.

In addition to the relaxing bath, for the reduction of fatigue, we recommend in addition, Yoga, aromatherapy, exercises to increase the potency.


Products that increase potency

The phrase, which has managed, to get bored because of the frequency of his use of "We are what we eat", however, not lost relevance. The right food can work wonders with the male potency.

Make your choice in favor of a diet of seafood, it is a natural source of zinc (over the Link to know more about the importance of zinc for male potency), trace element, plays an important role in increasing the male potency. The More You Eat Protein – Eggs, Meat.

In addition, they eat large quantities of nuts, seeds, legumes. Not to forget herbs, such as parsley and celery perfect potency to stimulate. In addition, salads from vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, is a natural source of whole complex of vitamins and good for a natural remedy to increase the potency.

So, if you listen to the recommendations in this article, you can easily get a home of its potency to increase, and in addition, the level of immunity and increase the General health of the whole organism.

In addition, the recovery of his body recommend in the daily practice.