What affects the decrease and increase of male potency?

Modern representatives of the stronger sex are increasingly interested, that affects the potency of men. And not in vain, because in addition to the genetic predisposition, which is way male power is largely dependent on the life, the laid-diseases, nutrition and many other factors.

What is a positive effect on the potency

  1. Intake of foods rich in protein of animal or vegetable origin: chicken and quail eggs, cream, cottage cheese, cheese.
  2. Inclusion in the diet of nuts, peanut, sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, pistachios, almonds. Read the article on the best nuts for potency.
  3. Regular menu, to add honey for men, but also Pollen;
  4. The consumption of seafood.
  5. Application of Vitamin (Vitamin-Mineral) values that are used to liquidate the existing deficit of the important trace elements in the diet.
  6. The increase in physical activity: the activities are run in a moderate or slow Tempo, morning exercises, abdominal exercises, strength training.
  7. The liberation from the effects of Stress through the application of the methods of Meditation, Yoga, or Meditation.
  8. Healing of chronic diseases, weakens the male body and leads to a reduction in Libido and a marked reduction in the erection. To keep particularly important to control the level of sugar in the blood, prevent the development of Prostatitis or hemorrhoids, to monitor vessels the condition of the heart and of the blood.
  9. Contrasting water treatments and hardening. The spraying with cold water stimulates the blood circulation, including in the area of the sex organs, and so contributes to the strengthening of erection and sexual desire.

Also has long been established that a good effect on the potency of self-esteem of the man, his personal achievements and successes. In the more prosperous, outwardly attractive and self-confident representatives of the stronger sex, the problems in the genital area occur much less frequently, because you need to worry about, to impress a woman. So achieve success in all areas of life — a direct way to improve the sexual power.

What a bad influence on the potency


There are many factors that have a negative impact on masculinity:

  • Abuse oily and calorie rich food. In the result of the condition of the blood deteriorates blood vessels, impedes blood flow to the genitals.
  • The surplus in the diet of sugar and harmful sweets. Sweet tooth risk of hormonal balance and a whole bunch of diseases get, one of the most powerful of which is Diabetes mellitus. An erection in this case, suffer the most.
  • Excessive Body Weight. In the case of obese people to fat is waning on the "female" type and Libido quickly.
  • Lack of sleep, lack of time for recreation. Workaholics risk, the prematurely impotent, became no less lazy. A tired body will not be able to fully perform their function, so that it begins to "save" on the reproductive area, reducing the Libido to a Minimum.
  • The abuse of alcohol and nicotine. The effects of alcohol on the potency of known. And even beer harmful, because it has an estrogen-like effect and increases the synthesis of female hormones. Nicotine promotes narrowing of the blood vessels and worsens the condition of the sexual organs.
  • Excessive movement or, on the contrary, a lack of exercise. So men, to run, hooked wide routes which often suffer from a lack of testosterone. Experts have found that when joint jog more than 60 km within a week the production of the male hormone to 17%. Useful moderate load, such as Jogging after 1-3 km, or a 30-to 45-minute sessions in the gym no more frequently than 3-4 times per week.

Also found that the effects on male potency a negative, long — lasting Stress-the scourge of modern life-lasting. Years of experience lead to the development of many diseases, weakening of the Libido and has a negative impact on the ability of the men in the bed. To help yourself, you need to learn to help themselves, with the consequences of Stress or consult a specialist.

The influence of certain drugs on the potency

Artificially produced materials, in contrast to the natural factors, can influence on the male force enough to quickly and efficiently The only Problem is that you can have an impact on the potency, not only positive, but also negative, but also have symptoms some side effects.

Often men are interested in whether Valerian on the potency. Extract of Valerian is mainly used for sedation, the elimination of the effects of Stress. If you do not exceed the normal as indicated in the instructions, and resort to this means only in regular intervals, the effect of Valerian on the potency a positive effect, because of the effects of this drug, eliminates cramps in pelvic area, improves blood circulation, eliminates the symptoms of nervousness. In case of exceeding the dosage drowsiness may, and then all that is interested-weary Macho a soft bed and a good night's sleep.

Clearly, the effect of steroids on the potency is. Similar medicines are. primarily for muscle building by athletes and people interested in the development of embossed male figure The composition of some of the drugs of this group are hormone-like substances, such as testosterone. On the one hand it is good: in humans, the efficiency, increases your endurance. But at the same time, the body begins to produce less testosterone, which later in severe hormonal disturbances, and Libido arise may disappear altogether.

So playing sports better taking do without steroids. May only be specific sport will be.consumed in the diet in the Form of enriched Protein mixtures, but only trusted manufacturers

If the man does not solve intimate problems. The presented Tool is a bio-stimulator of plant origin, contains no hormones and synthetic materials. The preparation contains proteins, herbs (hawthorn, Ginseng, etc.), mineral substances. The result is an increase in potency, the sexual intercourse will be longer, perceptions in the orgasm of the man, and the Penis may even increase in size.

To feel under the condition of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and regular intake of specially developed additives to address problems in the area of reproductive, every man able to maintain their health permanently in the standard, and all the pleasures of life. The reward for the careful and thorough attention to your health is not only the quality sex, but also the strengthening of self-confidence, strengthen the work ability and the acquisition of a well-deserved reputation for harmoniously developed people.