As for the improvement of potency in men after 40 years?

As for the improvement of potency in men after 40 years

After reaching the 40-year-old start, the majority of men confronted with erectile dysfunction. Their potency gradually fading away, and there are a number of reasons. The first of these is the emergence of various age-related diseases of the genitourinary system, and the second – a decrease in the production of testosterone.

All of this is due to the presence of harmful habits, and frequent stay in stress situations. In this age, many well known pills for the enhancement of the potency of short duration and weak effect, so man must.the advantages of the additional effective methods

Impotence: causes and consequences

According to the statistics of the natural potency begins after 35 years. You can slow down this process, but you need to take care about your body and change your life style. The risk of the occurrence of the symptoms of early erectile dysfunction helps the correct diet, regular movement, the liberation from harmful habits and timely treatment of chronic diseases. Equally important is the overview of your hormonal Balance, because in most cases, that it is a basic cause for impotence.

Causes and consequences of impotence

Unfortunately, many men ignore the advice of experts and not in a hurry to change their habits. Excessive consumption of fatty foods, alcohol, Smoking, poor sleep, Stress – all this leads to the fact that you are in 40-45 years night appear to be negative changes in the working of the sexual organs:

  • the weakening of erection or complete disappearance;
  • Decline in the quality of the ejaculate;
  • short-term excitation;
  • Pain in the organs of the small pelvis during the coitus;
  • no sex drive (Libido).

This caused emotional Stress, the development of a range of complex about your male's ability to pay in the bed, dejection, Depression, problems in the relationship.

At the first signs of functional disorders of the reproductive organs, you must immediately make an appointment with a doctor, who appoints a number of analyses, with which the cause of the disease.

Important! Without consulting with a specialist, and the existence of laboratory diagnostics, no self-treatment does not help to solve the Problem. The wrong medication will only aggravate the Situation.

Elimination of the causes of the disease

If in the course of the investigation it became known that the weakening of the potency of the impact problems are psychological in nature, the Patient is assigned, the course of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication. Conversations with a professional help to understand the internal emotional state of the man who relieve him of the experience, the opportunity to be free of a number of complex. Sometimes, the psychological tension is sufficient, that blocks the normal function of the reproductive organs.

In the case when a provocateur for the development of erectile dysfunction any chronic diseases or hormonal disorders, doctors your preferred course of drug treatment of discovered pathologies and hormonal preparations choose to prescribe. In particularly severe cases, the Patient, surgical Intervention may not be assigned without the rid of the basic causes of problems with impotence is possible.

If impotence has occurred due to the damaging effects of harmful habits, excessive consumption of calories food or inadequate physical activity, and also for the return of male power need to rethink your life style. To do this, attention must nutrients on a healthy diet with sufficient, do physical activity, renunciation of alcohol and cigarettes.

Restoration of potency

After elimination of the factors adversely affected the condition of the work of the reproductive system, a man must do only the improvement of the potency. Help him in this:

Restoration of potency
  • special medications;
  • Hardware Methods;
  • the folk medicine;
  • the manual therapy.

The normalization of the functioning of the organs of the small pelvis after 40 years – a very complex process that requires compliance with a huge number of recommendations, as well as the use of all these possibilities at the same time. Only a comprehensive effect on the Problem helps, a strong potency.

Tablets to strengthen the potency

Most of the modern medicines to strengthen the erection, not for young men older than 35 years. After this age, their effectiveness is significantly reduced, due to which you drink must be given in large doses and more frequently than in the instructions. An excessive amount of tablets to increase potency, a negative effect on the work of the liver, so your choice should be with great attention.

Important! Every drug has contraindications and side effects. About you need to know in advance, before buying the medication.

Hardware-strengthening potency

Along with taking medications, you need the Hardware technology, the strengthening of potency. This method involves the use of special devices.

Hardware effects on the lower belly, the area around the Penis, and the area between the testicles and the Anal hole helps to get rid of many diseases of the organs of the small pelvis, accelerates the production of testosterone and restore the blood flow. In addition, this technique is able to:

  • reduce receptors the sensitivity of the pain;
  • the restoration of the gonads;
  • Intensification of metabolic processes in the body.
  • get rid of Stagnation;
  • increase the elasticity and tonicity of the pelvic floor muscles.

When selecting a suitable device it is important to take into account the fact that in the presence of a cardiac pacemaker models, which are the electrical impulses, not suitable.

The folk medicine for the return of male power

To suffer with 40 years of an adult's body begins under the strong deficiency of vitamins and trace elements that cast a bad light on the potency. Lack of useful substances can complex with the help of special Vitamin-and means of folk medicine.

Our ancestors knew about what the majority of man needed for the liberation of impotence. Based on their findings in the grass, they invented a large number of recipes, the widely used up to the present day, are far below the people suffering from weak potency.

Alcoholate from medicinal plants

For the production of this medium in the pharmacy bought the following herbs:

  • Nettle;
  • Cloves;
  • St. John's wort.

You need to take a tablespoon of each herb and pour 500 ml of dilute alcohol (1: 1). The resulting mixture is in a cool and dark place for 5 days, then it is necessary to drain and pour in a clean bottle or jar. Drink the finished drug daily in the morning and in the evening, 2-3 tablespoons. After a few weeks of the body a sufficient dose of nutrients and potency receives significantly strengthen.

A decoction of the roots of calamus

Calamus – potent plant, which helps for a short time, to say goodbye to the erectile dysfunction, improving the quality of sperm and increase Libido.

A decoction of the roots of calamus

Broth from the calamus is preparing very easy. You have 100 grams of crushed root of the plant, and cooking. in a Liter of water. Further, the root in a clean container and drink every day for half an hour before meals with 50 ml. For the amplification of the positive properties of the calamus Folk healers, add in the boiling recommend broth, a teaspoon of ginger powder.

Manual Therapy

Massage is a good way that helps to improve the potency after 40 years. He has a lot of positive feedback from physicians and consists in the direct physical impacts on the sex organs.

Manual therapy has a number of advantages:

  • enhances the effectiveness of taking the medication to strengthen the potency;
  • the work of the sex glands;
  • improves blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis;
  • stimulates the flow of secretions of the prostate gland.

Massage for erectile dysfunction should consult a professional, but you can do it yourself. To do this, you need to know a few rules of the procedure.

  1. First, you need to gently massage the area between the Anus and testicles. It should be slow with light pressure.
  2. Further, the attention should be paid to the Zone above the pubic bone.
  3. Once in a circular motion, the body is massaged between the lower branch of the pubic bone and testicles.

Doctors warn that during the entire Massage, not all of the manipulations you perform to the intense. Strong pressure on the reproductive organs to cause damage.