Rating of natural remedies for potency

There were problems in his personal life? It is time, with the Rating of the best national resources for the potency. Sooner or later, in every man's life, the acceptance of sexual activity. If you don't take action on time, this leads to a complete impotence.

To improve the potency

The pharmaceutical industry provides a large number of drugs for the treatment of this problem. Self-application of drugs can be harmful for the body. Folk remedies are safer, less side effects, while the use of some of them brings you joy!

Do not hesitate going to the doctor! His tips and Tricks to help develop a comprehensive approach to get rid of the problems in the shortest possible time.


Many men suffer from a decrease in potency, and can't understand why it's happening now, and it is with them! And these causes are very common:

  • Circulatory disorders of the organs of the small pelvis;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • Frequent Depression;
  • Overweight;
  • Psychosomatic Problems;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Drug dependence and drug abuse;
  • The exhaustion after an illness.

In such a Situation understanding for the wife or girlfriend of one of the most important remedies. If a woman brings in her Partner the assurance that it is better soon, supports and helps to cope with depression, what is the recovery of the man comes in the shortest amount of time.

Where to start

Before you are treated with homeopathic medicines, you must change your life! Start with a simple Jogging in the morning in the fresh air. You totally abstain from alcohol and Smoking, you will develop useful nutrition, learn to relax, try to avoid Stress. Often, these measures alone are sufficient to increase the male hormones in the body.

If you are taking natural remedies, then you should not expect instant results. Such treatment can take several months, but the result is a reliable and impressive.

The effect of natural remedies

Recipes, increase the potency of men — it is an experience from Generation to Generation. Traditional methods of treatment have a General healing effect on the entire organism:

  • For prophylactic purposes;
  • Eliminate of inflammatory processes;
  • To restore the hormones;
  • Make it easier let the water;
  • Sperm Increase Number:
  • You can increase the attraction;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • For the improvement of the metabolism;
  • Help in the fight against obesity.

Rating of natural remedies for potency

There are several groups of natural remedies to help improve the quality of sexual relationships and the healing of impotence. Here, the valuation of these funds is:

  • Essential oils and fragrance;
  • Seafood;
  • Food;
  • Plants from nature;
  • Products of animal origin;
  • Russian Steam Bath;
  • Massage.

Most of the products from this list are aphrodisiacs, whose name as the name of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. You give strength, self-confidence, increase sex drive, promote the strong inflow of blood to the sexual Organ. In the result, the duration of the sexual contact increases the sensitivity and quality of sex, improve orgasm improve. To understand which medium suits you best, consider this list more.

Essential oils and smells

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For sexual arousal is by far not the last role play of scents. But here you should be careful. Not all people like the same smells, and in some cases, they cause allergies. And yet, clean the body of the pretty woman who exudes a fragrance of lavender or roses, even sexually attractive.

Of course, impotence with the help of the aroma therapy to cure does not succeed, but with a little dysfunction of the reproductive system, it helps to live diversify sex, and inspire the man to new exploits.

Means for potency

Men turn always to the girl, comes from the delicate scent of perfume. Sexually attractive to consider the smell of ambergris. Oils of exotic plants to help with their fears, self-confidence and relieve the premature interruption of sexual intercourse. Lubricating oil, Patchouli, Rose, vervain, rosemary, and tangerine, that ripple of the place. Add a few drops of these oils in a warm bath and immediate effect.


Seafood are rich in iodine and zinc, which helps produce large quantities of the hormone testosterone. In addition, they contain a lot of protein power there are considered to be delicacies, and are expensive. In the preparation of food from these products, should have a minimum thermal treatment.


The most famous food that we use daily, can improve the potency:

  1. On the first place in this category, dairy products are sour. The daily consumption of sour cream, Kefir, and sour milk, and flaps of the sexual function, will give cheerfulness and mood.
  2. The second Position is the eggs of chicken and quail. They provide the body with protein. The folk medicine recommends the eggs in raw Form in the morning on an empty stomach. Not a bad effect and a fried egg.
  3. Very useful Avocado. The appearance of this fruit the structure of the male genitalia is similar to, in addition, it is rich in vitamins, contains natural hormones and fatty acids.
  4. Nuts and seeds of all kinds to improve the potency help. They are rich in nutrients and give a lot of energy. Chopped nuts with honey need to take a tablespoon after meals for a month. Special influence of the seeds of the pumpkins. A handful of, before the Breakfast is eaten, it allows you to forget about failures in bed.
  5. Such usual onions and garlic are establish in raw Form, to be able to sexual function of the man by the contained zinc, iron, iodine, essential oils, and vitamins of group B, and P
  6. The non-negligible role in the improvement of the power play with herbs and spices. Red and black pepper, in a dish, the blood and a touch of liveliness. To extend the parsley, coriander and celery
  7. Sex and increases the feelings.
  8. Strawberry just has magical properties. It contains the hormone of joy — Endorphin, and in combination with a glass of champagne, the drink of love is

Decoctions and tinctures

A lot of strength and energy gives us the nature itself. Sun, air and water — also the peculiar aphrodisiacs. The field of medicinal plants in the cure of almost every disease. Useful, not only to drink tea with the addition of a pinch of saffron or ginger, but you can decoctions cooking special:

  1. Very good effect of the alcoholic tincture of Ginseng, the root is ground 150 gr Mixer, pour 500 ml of vodka and give it brew in a dark place for 40 days. Take 25 drops of tincture per day;
  2. Amazing tincture of exotic plants, available in pharmacies — yohimbine, helps in the most severe cases, and enjoys great popularity;
  3. Good powder, made from horse chestnut helps;
  4. A decoction of St. John's wort, herbs, two tablespoons of dried and pour a glass of boiling water, after cooling, strain and drink up to three times a day on a tablespoon one hour before meals;
  5. Four tablespoons of root vegetables parsnips RUB with 6 spoons of sugar, cook for 15 minutes, beginning with the following day — drink a tablespoon three times a day;
  6. Prepare to pin a tea from hops, and brewed as usual, and take half a Cup several times a day.

Products of animal origin

Once the local healers for the treatment of impotence used in a completely exotic medium — toads, peretertych ants, and the like. Modern science has proven that some of these resources that really help:

  • Antlers of Maral — the powerful means for potentiality increase, and, in addition, it protects the body against the effects of radiation and chemical substances;
  • Castoreum — in large amounts of pheromones it contains, the women;
  • Bear bile contains many essential fatty acids and promotes the production of testosterone;
  • Under the guidance of an experienced doctor, take a course of treatment with application of mumiye.

Steam bath

Warm up in the Sauna is always very useful. And Massage with birch — a miracle industries-all means for rejuvenation of the body and the acceleration of the blood through the vessels. The sharp change in the temperature (after the sauna directly into the cold water basin) stimulates and promotes the flow of blood to the genitals. And yet, the steam bath has a healing effect.


In order to increase the effectiveness, needs a Massage, improves the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, as well as the stimulating points in connection with the reproductive System of the man.

The first type of Massage is rubbing the slight movements in the area of the loin and the sacrum. Acupressure is pressure on the sacrum within 3 seconds, as well as points on the soles of both feet.