As for the improvement of potency in men folk medicine?

Folk remedies for the improvement of potency apply quite generally. What are the methods, recipes on the most effective and can help you quickly deal with the Problem?

Medicinal herbs

Herbs for potency

Prior to the acquisition of the folk remedies for potentiality increase, decoctions, and other methods, the male Libido, you need to consult a doctor. Reduced male potency may be a sign of Prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate. Apart from that, the components of medicinal plants can cause allergies. Therefore, they consult with the doctor about which method to apply, must fail.

Whether to improve the potency in men folk medicine? Of course, Yes! Herbs have the property of blood vessels, restore blood flow, act on the smooth muscles. Almost always, the male potency decreases against the background of Stagnation of the blood or in the presence of infectious inflammation of the prostate gland. Male member will be weak and does not reach the hardness for the implementation of sexual intercourse. Herbal, and Libido, and can help you quickly of Stagnation, get rid of, can bring the infection.

Recipes and ways to improve the potency of folk medicine:

  1. Nettle (100 G of chopped herbs) in 300 ml of boiling water, take before meals 3 times. Due to the components of the nettle, a Stimulation of urinary functions, improvement of the metabolism. Not less effective composition, if you mix equal amounts of seeds of nettle, red wine, honey. Take before meals 3 times. Particularly effective is the method according to 50 years of age.
  2. Raising the potency can root with the help of Ginseng. It is a powerful stimulant potency for men and can quickly be restored. To mix for the raising of the standard of Libido, 0.5 tbsp. L. crushed root, honey (2 tablespoons). You take 4 times on 1 h. l.
  3. Increase in Libido happens if you take thyme. Is considered to be one of the most useful for men. It is for the prevention of adenoma, impotence, Prostatitis. The most important Element zinc. It helps to normalize hormone production. 100 G of dried inflorescences, pour 200 G of boiling water, drink throughout the day.
  4. Calamus also plays an important role in strengthening the potency in men. With this herb you can quickly achieve the desired effect. Rhizome razjevarve like chewing gum 3 times. From the root you can do, Infusion: 2 tbsp. L. root, Calamus crushed, you pour 150 ml of vodka. Forward 3 days, take 10 drops 3 times. It is recommended that the method after 50, 60 years. Calamus helps the male Organ.
  5. St. John's wort (100 G) cook for 10 min in 300 ml of water. Insist day. You drink 3-4 times a day 50 g. of the mixture, the blood circulation back to the man.
  6. Pasternak has Tonic, anti-inflammatory properties. 100 G of grass pour boiling water, 3 hours, drink as a tea up to 4 times.
  7. 150 G of lemon, 50 G of rosehips, 50 G of leaves of gooseberries pour 1 Liter of water, boil the broth for 20 min. After cooling, drink 3 times 200 ml.
  8. Hemp seeds, a little roasted, before eating, 1 teaspoon of the metabolism, the blood circulation is recovered. Increase male potency already after 3-4 days after ingestion of the composition.
  9. 200 G of Dubrovnik infused for 3 days in 400 ml of vodka. Take tincture before meals 5 times a of 30 drops. If you take a decoction, gymnastics, the use of other methods, the male potency after a week of recovering.
  10. Anemone (100 G), poured of boiling water (250 ml). Drink a decoction of not more than 2 times on 1 h. l. is the Plant toxic, so the dosage must not be exceeded. The restoration of the Libido happens after 3-4 days.
  11. The roots of pink Rhodiola can be crushed with water in a ratio of 1:2 are on the steam bath for 10 min. Composition 100 ml of 3 be taken. After 40, 50, 60 years is particularly relevant.
  12. Strengthen the potency is what happens when you of garlic every day. It expands the blood vessels, prevents disorders of the development of the tumor, the potency in men. Volatile, bear in garlic, to restore the functions of the prostate gland. Day 2 Eat Garlic Cloves. By the way, the unpleasant garlic smell from the lemon cleans.
  13. For the recovery of potency be useful to drink milk with garlic. In 250 ml lukewarm milk 1 tbsp. L. Minced Garlic. Composition boil on low heat for 2 min. Then through a fine sieve filtered. Drink 2 Tbsp. L. after a meal, in the course of the day. You use the method after the age of 40 years to the male Organ acquired its former strength.

Honey and Propolis

Honey and Propolis to increase the potential

For a long time bee products have been as effective for the strengthening of the erection, as a Folk remedy for the improvement of the potency.

In ancient times, people have always eat honey with walnuts.

So you increase the potency of folk medicine using bee products:

  1. Grind Product.
  2. Pour the vodka in a ratio of 1:2.
  3. Make a homogeneous mass.
  4. You are the mixture for 2 weeks, occasionally capacity shake.
  5. Drain.

Every day 3-4 times, add 35 drops into the warm milk (200 ml) and drink 20 minutes before a meal.

Produce at home:

  1. In the container of wax-pomace, add vodka (1:1 ratio).
  2. Cook on the first water bath up to the time when the composition is to acquire, dark-brown and thickened.
  3. Without a bath of any fat (pig, badger). A ratio of 1:1.
  4. Good composition, stirring, and making candles. They survive in the fridge for a day.

Some of the traditional healers to raise the potency, it is recommended to add a candle for men, yet another component of Aloe juice. The leaves of the plant, the crushed be older than three years, wrung, and juice. And, after they are cut, you need to support your 5-6 hours in the freezer. Experts say that, the nutrients, the gains for maximum power. In the composition for at least 2 El is added. L. Aloe Juice. Improvement and recovery of potency already happened a week later.

Are banned such methods those men in which there is an allergic reaction to bee products. It is the recommended method for men of 40 to 60 years. Male member is very quickly restored.

Miraculous Pumpkin

Boost male sexual potency by pumpkin seeds. Many are skeptical of this method, and very vain! Pumpkin seeds contains a large number of components that help to quickly restore male potency. The seeds should be crushed raw (!), mix equal amounts of honey and take the drug 5 to 6 times in 1 tbsp. L.

Not less effective is the problems with potency in men, pumpkin seed oil helps to get rid of. In the same way restored, and the female potency. The availability in the oil large amounts of zinc makes it essential for men.

However, it is precisely this Element contributes to the normal formation of hormones and helps to restore the male Libido. In addition, zinc, the function of the prostate gland, normalizes the reproductive ability. For the improvement of potency, zinc is one of the most important elements.

For the improvement of potency, the healers recommend, do medical enemas with pumpkin seed oil, as methods for effective therapy. Preferably, the method results 2 times in the morning and in the evening. It is recommended that the input by 100 G of oil. This is completely sufficient for the normal functioning of the prostate and improve the potency in men.

Aspen Bark

Aspen Bark for potentiality increase

If the reduced male potency, men immediately with the question of what methods and ways you can repair it? The improvement of the potency which not only men but also women can bark with the help of aspen.

What are the properties of Bark:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesic;
  • diuretic;
  • Tonic;
  • Anti-fungal, and.

Coniferous trees contain phagocytic cells and flavonoids. Therefore, decoctions, tinctures on the Basis of the very widely apply to the treatment of diseases not only among men but also in women. The components of the earth's crust, the immune system of a man, improve blood circulation, have a positive effect on the organs of respiration, calm the nervous system, help to quickly increase the male Libido. Often, deterioration of potency happens on the background of Stress, worry, and other emotional outbursts. In the case of the use of the bark of the aspen, the man of quiet and the restoration of Libido. Improve the potency not long to wait. Erections in men after 5-6 days.

It should be noted that the contraindications for the use of decoctions of aspen bark almost non-existent. The prohibition extends only to those men who are allergic to this plant and those that are gastro-intestinal disorders. Aspen Bark has astringent properties, so if a stomach ulcer apply the medicine on the basis of this plant and use of such methods must only be taken after consultation with a specialist.

What recipes are the most effective:

  • the bark (200 G) with boiling water (1 L) for 40-50 minutes, drink 100 ml 3 times a day (shelf-life 2 days);
  • Propolis extract mixed in equal quantities with a decoction of aspen bark, take 1 tbsp. L. 3 times per day
  • the bark of the aspen you do not pour alcohol, insist 2 weeks, of the tincture before eating 50 grams of that.

Folk remedies for potency are effective, and give a positive result in a reduced Libido. The different methods of Massage, gymnastics. But in any case, in order not to hurt yourself, you should consult your doctor.

The increase in the potency in men folk medicine is effective, if you are using the recommended techniques regularly and constantly. But, the male Libido methods just addition, a preventive manner. If diagnosed with prostate adenoma, and a little bit folk recipes is not the primary therapy. With such simple techniques, the man will be able to quickly regain their health.

Problems with sexual arousal in men can occur for a variety of reasons, such as injuries to the genital organs, inflammation, fatigue, Stress or self-doubt get Rid of the cause will help only a specialist, but quickly temporarily remove a Symptom for a couple of hours to improve sexual capability may be sold with the help of pills and drops at the pharmacy or self-made.