Reduced potency in men - the first symptoms, therapies

The main causes of the deterioration of male sexual function, Stress, diseases of the sexual organs and hormone system , poor blood circulation in the pelvic area are. Reduced potency in men (impotence), can only be eliminated in the determination of the causes. In this patient, it is important not simply most effective course of treatment to happen on the basis of tablets, but also get rid of bad habits. With regular Sex, and elimination of Stress erection, longer and longer and more intensely.

Potency in men

What is potency

In the sexual science of masculinity is the ability to meet the needs of women to satisfy, the ability of a child to understand. The most important characteristics of a good potency occur the normal erection, the presence of the Libido, the functionality of the sperm , a sufficient duration of sexual intercourse . The number of Sex is not the ultimate indicator, because each person has their own individual characteristics. In the presence of regular sexual intercourse in the week, the average man in 30-35 years Sex 2-3 times in 50 years - 2 times in 60 years - of 1 change.

The reasons for the decline of potency

Reduced Libido can occur in men of any age, as the sexual health influenced by many factors. If you don't analyze the deterioration of potency, this is further aggravate the Situation. Decline of sexual function reasons for such:

  • Lack of exercise and lack of physical activity due to lack of exercise, disturbed blood circulation in the pelvic area, spermatogenesis deteriorates;
  • bad habits - alcohol, drugs, and nicotine are able to reduce the amount of produced testosterone , they do not affect the functionality of the testicles ;
  • nervous Stress and lack of sleep suppress masculinity;
  • there is no stable sex life leads to a decrease of potency, the Penis should always be in good shape, the quality of the sperm was accordingly;
  • obesity leads to poor erection because the male sexual Organ is a muscle that needs to be in good shape;
  • improper diet with lack of the necessary mineral substances, vitamins, hormones are disturbed, the overall health;
  • age-related changes - after 50 years, the amount of the male hormone, testosterone, drops produces , as the result of a strong decrease in potency;
  • the failures in work of endocrine system , reduces the level of testosterone;
  • neurological disorders - epilepsy, Parkinson's disease , multiple sclerosis , disorder of blood circulation to the brain and pelvic area, auto-immune diseases, injuries of the organs of the small pelvis diseases and systemic;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system , prostate ;
  • psychological and emotional problems - self-doubt, complex.

In Young Men

In Young Men

The decrease in potency after 40 is a common Problem, but impotence can occur in younger men. The causes are disruptions in the work of the cardiovascular System, or hormonal disorders. Can the in the last hypogonadism (lack of testosterone), the excess production of the hormone prolactin , the most important male hormone suppressed, such as estrogen . Complications can occur as a result of the injuries of the CNS and the peripheral nervous system .

After 40 Years

Problems with potency in 40 years, manifest itself in a weak erection, that is, the increase in the length and thickness of the Penis during sexual arousal is not as intense as it used to be. This is related to the reduction in the quantities of collagen and loss of elasticity of the Tunica albuginea. As a result of the blood flow in the veins of the groin, an ischemia of the corpus cavernosum , the Penis, and falls, destroyed gladkomyshechne cells receptacles.

Sharp Decline In

When the Manifestation of erectile dysfunction is recommended to see a doctor. The sharp decrease in the potency in men at any age . in connection with diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, the bark in the occurrence of tumors in the pelvic area and temporal portions of the cerebrum Provoke Diabetes mellitus , brain Trauma , chronic Stress and fatigue, medication can impotence. Even of tablets, such as diuretic drugs, or drugs that reduce the acid content, can the adverse effects on sexual function.

What to do in case of reduction of potency in men

First you need to determine the cause of the impairment of the function of the reproductive organs. Install doctor, of studied, decreased or lack of potency in men andrologist. In the case of detection of the disease should exclude from the diet of fatty, sweet foods, Smoking, alcohol. It is recommended to go in for sports, to improve blood circulation and get rid of body fat. Is completely Stress-eliminate and pay attention to proper rest, healthy sleep. Through the identification of physiological symptoms, one can understand how to increase the potency and the desire to have Sex.

The treatment of the reduction of potency in men

What to do in case of reduction of potency in men

Pills for the male not to return to power an erection, make it possible for a certain short period of time after their admission. These drugs do not treat the sexual dysfunction. To provide long lasting sexual intercourse in achieving orgasm and ejaculation, or have the possibility of being able to conceive a child, when to start taking the appropriate medication (hormonal Substitution tablets). You may want to contact the national methods, the course of the Massage, improves the blood circulation to the member.


Viathine offers a really strong erection that remains throughout the sexual intercourse , but also significantly strengthens orgasm. The drug has proven itself in Europe, and recently appeared in Russia, and at an affordable price. Viathine well tolerated, not addictive. Doctors prescribe the drug active if you rates problems with potency and allow for the combination of a moderate amount of alcohol.

Some drugs improve sex life and not cure potency. You can help the cause of the dysfunction. Prescribed a sedative, if it is tiredness or the constant Stress. In severe disease, which appears to be sluggish potency, which should focus on the treatment of this disease. But the bulk of the medications for impotence to improve blood circulation . If the body is a lack of testosterone, written hormone replacement drugs.

Folk Remedies

Effective non-hormonal therapy in the fight against male sexual dysfunction - phytotherapy. You can take these herbs: thyme, St. John's wort, hawthorn, Ginseng. Improve the function of the nervous system, cardiovascular system. St. John's wort, willow-herb, Schisandra stimulates the production of testosterone. Tea from the ginger root, improves the sensitivity of the erogenous zones , improves the blood circulation in the Penis.