The desire of every man is a strong potency, and endurance in the time of the intimacy because of their satisfaction and fun for the provisioning of the partner.

how to increase the potency in men

But the factors that surround the modern man, lead to opposing effects. Therefore, it is important to know how quickly the potency and strengthening sexual activity increase.

First, you need to understand what a negative impact on the power of men in bed:

  • Addiction disorders
  • Diseases, including chronic
  • adverse ecological condition of the nature
  • Poor-quality products
  • Intoxication of the organism by contact with household cleaning products and similar products
  • no life in Sport and physical activity
  • Malnutrition
  • Lack of sleep and lack of sleep
  • Stress, Lack Of Exercise.

These factors excluded, the man recovered with time, of course not in one day, it will take a while. But what to do, to wait if no time and potency to restore to a specific point in time, e.g. before the Sex? To solve this problem there is a solution in the Form of drugs, Folk-ways and loads.


Medications, and potency, are enjoying unprecedented demand. This can be explained that act require, quickly, without any effort to tighten the sex organ, the time of the effect sufficient to a full-fledged act.

Drugs for male potency

In addition, not only answers to the question, how quickly male potency increase, but also can not afford in most of its negative effects on the body, so that you can take without fear of side effects.

Among these advantages there are also disadvantages, such as mental addiction. It occurs in some cases: when the Sex seems to be without the Medium of the man not as bright as you are tortured with them, or with the awareness that the potency is raised only by the tablet, the representatives of the weak sex of the understanding of his helplessness.

Whatever it was, and the medications must be taken together with the Sport, the correct and balanced diet.

Popular today, these medications remain:

  • Tablets Viagra. Medicine need to take careful, as it vessels actively stimulated, and the frequent use can lead to even greater problems with potency. Ideal for the small cans and the rare application.
  • Levitra is a good drug that solves the Problem of how quickly the potency increase for 15-30 minutes before intercourse. Well the cure for the fact, that is rapidly excreted from the body, has no side effects, but there is one condition: in order to increase duration of the sexual act it must take constantly for 30 days.
  • Cialis with contraindications. In the properly selected dosage, it causes no side effects. His action starts a little later than the preceding preparation, and the increase of the effect you can see, after 1.5-2 hours.

Pharmacy elements offer a variety of medications to strengthen the skills of the man, but before you buy, it is important to consult a doctor.

Traditional Methods

traditional methods

Asked and traditional methods that help enhance the men's features. About how fast potency increase for men, written many books on traditional medicine. Well-known brewing, Infusion, tincture, can help improve male issue. But every decision should be together with a specialist, because reduced potency and a sign of a serious Problem can Prostatitis, for example. You also can not lose, and the fact that medicinal herbs and fees may trigger allergic reactions.

To extend the improvement in potency through the use of natural remedies is because the vessels, to bring in the standard circulation system, has a positive effect on the smooth muscles. Because most of the time the reason for the decline of the potentials is congestion or infection in the prostate accompanied by inflammation. Herbs offer the possibility to overcome all these negative factors.

  1. Is asked the nettle, the increased Libido, no negative impact on health. Enough prepare a tincture from 100 G of crushed plant with boiling water (300 ml) and infuse. You drink the liquid three times before eating. The nettle components to stimulate metabolic processes, improve the urogenital functions. Not less effective than a mixture consisting of honey, wine, seeds of the stinging nettle in equal quantities. Takes even before meals three times.
  2. The root of the Ginseng has a positive influence on the potency, speaks a powerful stimulant. Home method of preparation involves the use of Tools of crushed root (1 tablespoon) and honey (3 tablespoons). They eat the mixture should be 4 times in the TL
  3. It is also possible, in the diet of thyme. This plant is very useful for the male half of humanity due to the enormous content of zinc. As you know, this Element affects the normal production of male hormones, but it takes time. The inflorescences of the plant in an amount of 100 G with 200 ml of boiling water, and the resulting mixture drunk after the filtration per day.

Physical Activity

Many years of practice shows that there is a special technique that quickly restores the potency of the house and stabilize the sexual. Even doctors recommend to give preference to simple stresses, which increase the blood flow to the Penis, improving his endurance.

To belong to this procedure the following exercises:

  • Deep knee bend with the return to the starting position
  • Steps with alternating lifting the knees to the belly at a right angle
  • Relaxation and tension of the buttocks by partial squats with a distance to the width of the shoulders legs
  • the elevation of the pelvis from the supine position
  • exercise bike, lying on the back
  • Training the muscles of the perineum: with the knees slightly apart, slightly bent, the tension and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum and the coccyx, the gluteal muscles remain in a relaxed Position, in the proper execution of the exercises in a more intimate place you feel the heat, the discomfort disappears
  • running on the spot, without interruption from the floor socks
  • Stand on the tips of your toes with a straight back.

Such a simple strain, you give the body first for 5 minutes per day, to increase the time, prohibited sharp exercises begin immediately with 30 minutes of the day. For a week you can see a great result.


It is the time to improve the skills in bed does not happen, then you have to know how fast the potency increase before the fact. Such opportunities are also available. And in fact, people, the of K. in the matter of complaints to be checked.

How quickly the potency of to increase the intercourse

In the first line to say about the drugs in any pharmacy. It is a well-known Viagra, Impaza, Levitra and other.

Bad for increase of a potentiality

In addition to them, there are methods that do not cost a require material and work almost immediately, resulting in an increase of the erection:

  • The Bathhouse. Steam bath helps in blood circulation, and the means to cope with the question of how quickly male potency increase before the fact. It is worth noting that support for the regular hike in the Sauna, the masculine strength and potency make proud.
  • Contrasting Baths. To change the temperature of the water must, by every after 1 Minute. In the container is pre-hot and cold water alternately choose Penis plunging into them.
  • Ice-Lotions. The ice wrapped in gauze, will be the first to bag on the head, after to the heart, more to the testicles.
  • A hot beverage. Before Sex, you need to prepare tea, with honey and ginger or other hot drink. Not recommended to drink coffee.
  • Squats. Directly in front of the Sex while the Partner is showering, you can 15 times in the squat, in order to improve the blood flow to the intimate Organs.

How to control ejaculation

For the pleasure of the partner, and even get, man you must try it. Here it is important not only to focus on the solution to the question of how quickly the potency of to increase the intercourse, but also try to resist to an end quickly.

  • the Penis must be inserted into the vagina slowly and gently, his elimination should be quick and sharp
  • correctly flat and 1 feel deep PUSH to know about the method 3, it will help, 81 impetus for a trip
  • in the case of strong excitation, it vagina important to stop trembling, get out of and calm down, continue to act
  • the method 5 assists, followed by 9 shallow thrusts and 1 deep penetration
  • Introduction Penis deep with the Commission of short bursts you avoid a strong irritation of the head and extend the time of Sex.

Treatment for premature ejaculation

If methods such as fast increase the potency before the act work, but holding back quick ejaculation, and also the observance of the basic rules, non-pure, then it is necessary to help in the clinic.

Arrange the following methods of treatment of the symptoms:

  • Drugs.
  • The Laser Therapy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Massage and Stimulation.
  • Surgical operations: circumcision of the foreskin on the Penis, microsurgical Denervation (effect on the nerves of the glans penis), injection, Implantation (introduction into the head of the Penis and hyaluronic acid).

Techniques of strengthening of erection

Among the methods of increasing the erectile function of the following factors:

  • Natural (diet, exercise)
  • the correct setting before the fact
  • a healthy lifestyle without bad habits
  • the curative and preventive gymnastics
  • Folk Remedies
  • Medications, on the recommendation of your doctor.

Nocturnal Emission

nocturnal polyutsii

Wet dreams in the night - the process is in control when a man feels his ejaculation. The fact that the reproductive system produces sperm continuously. And, of course, you need to disappear somewhere, when you have a sperm count more measures. The nature of such phenomena, such as wet-dream.

If this Manifestation does not happen every night with the release of large amounts of semen, no need to worry. Need regular Sex, then everything is stabilized.

Also reduce or get rid of them completely, you can with the help of:

  • regular physical activity
  • Showers with cold water
  • the correct mode of the day
  • Observance of personal Hygiene
  • Sleeping on solid beds
  • when you fall asleep in the mouth of a state to
  • Masturbation in the absence of Sex.

In addition to these methods, you can medicines. In any case, it is important the consultation of the physician to exclude in the situation, more serious diseases.