What foods increase the potency of men

Individual products, the required trace elements and vitamins, can help improve sex drive, representatives of the stronger sex. It is important that the diet of breeding ever-present "vitamins", vitamins, like A, B, E, for the improvement of the patency of the nerve impulses. We need to try to consume more food, the impact of the activation of the metabolism, and for that you should find out which products increase the potency of men.

Products for potency

Assessment of useful products for potency

Among the large selection of products are very effective seafood, fish, vegetables (especially beets). Yet been proven that Lab (camel-stomach) has a positive influence on the potency. Significantly, not only the right products, but also the manner of their use, but because the information below will be useful in many ways.

In the first place. Lab

We start with the fact that the stomach of a camel is considered to be the best product for the recovery of male power. Its effectiveness is almost the same as in "Viagra", this is only for the body, it is completely harmless. And the only disadvantage of secuieni is that this product is extremely difficult.

What he is presenting? In fact, it is the stomach of a normal camel, only arida in a special way. The Tool is assumed to be (enough for 3 grams is about the size of a pea) 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse, or directly in front of him, and the effect occurs almost immediately.

On the second place. Oysters


Are aphrodisiacs, as is also able to stimulate virility. The fact that in shellfish, a lot of organic organic zinc and some amino acids – they increase the production of testosterone, increase the amount of seminal fluid. In addition to oysters, there is dopamine that increases Libido. It is demonstrated that zinc and other elements in shellfish more precisely in the spring, i.e., during the active multiplication. In short, in our case, preferably, the oysters, which were caught in the spring.Due to the heat treatment, a large part of the nutrients lost, because the product is preferably a raw. For a better taste, you can use lemon juice – asperget you the mollusks before meals.

Please note! Together with the fact that frequent consumption of oysters and damage to health, including reproductive function, due to the high content of mercury. Also, studies have proven that in the raw bacterium Vibrio Vulnificus, which is capable of oysters often leads to numerous diseases.

As to the contraindications to, in this case:

  • Diabetes;
  • weakened immunity;
  • low-acid content;
  • Diseases of the liver;
  • Reception antatsidov, corticosteroids.

As a safer Alternative, you can take a bath, filled with 1/3 of the shells from the hot water. If the lie is improved in such a bath for at least an hour, sexual function significantly. And 5 treatments for impotence can cure.

In The Third Place. Flounder

It is very tasty and healthy, has a positive effect on the work of the Penis. In this fish a lot of balanced Protein, digestible due to the small amount of connective tissue. In order for the fish to fully maintaining all of its properties, you must cook them on a couple of (as an Option – you can boil, stew). After the completion of up to readiness need to heat to stop treatment.

The fourth place. Mackerel cooked

Contains many fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, the biological synthesis of testosterone, and therefore have a positive impact on the sexuality, where both men and women. If you often eat boiled mackerel, then you increase the potency and sperm production.

In the fifth place. Turnip


It contains many useful substances that strengthen the body in General, potency and, in particular, the increase in the production of testosterone. Erection seeds of the radish to improve, the same is the effect of cooked vegetables, in addition to the dishes made of meat.

There are also special therapeutic mixture, which easy to cook by yourself: boil a large beet in 0.5 liters of cow's milk, then RUB and mix them with him. To enhance the therapeutic effect, still can add 100g of honey. This means you need to take 50 G 4 times per day.

Important! The agent is contraindicated in people who suffer from cholecystitis, a variety of inflammatory processes in the intestine, Hepatitis, and pathologies of the CNS!

Which products can still be useful?

There are many other products to increase the potency. If in the diet from what is shown below, you can get rid of the problems with the erection without the use of pharmaceutical agents.


A product with high energy density, stimulates the production of thyroxine, which in turn reduces the excitability of the nerve centres of supports. In meat a lot of nutrients and vitamins, but because it is necessarily to use in case of problems with the erection.

Berries, Fruits

Raspberries for the potency

These include bananas, grapes, raspberries, Mango, and other similar products. They contribute to increasing the Libido in both fresh and in dried Form, and still provide the body with the necessary energy. Improved the functionality of the endocrine system, including the production of sex hormones.


In them it is a lot of Magnesium, zinc, Vitamin B and E, i.e., substances that are beneficial for erection. To increase the last you can various nuts – walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc.

If the greatest possible use of food should be eaten raw. Even better, if you are several kinds of nuts and combine them with honey. Note also that the effect of cedar and nutmeg nuts.


Is a Pollen (it already consists of the male germ cells), the in a special way, treated bees. In Perge a lot of protein, without which it is not possible to live a normal sexual. For a good effect needs energy reserves, which from the lining of the dough. It increases the production of testosterone, improves the blood supply to the Penis. In short, the product has wide-ranging effects.

To improve the potency, every day you drink at least 10 grams of food dough. If you can increase impotence, then the number of the product, after consultation with the doctor.



Apply as a main dish or a side dish to products, as described above. For the potency better fit:

  • Onions (all types);
  • Garlic;
  • Cabbage;
  • Pepper;
  • Carrots;
  • Asparagus;
  • radishes;
  • Celery.

These vegetables contain a lot of useful substances, to increase the Libido and the potency. Eat cooked and raw.


In the dark chocolate a lot of theobromine (the effect is similar to what is increased in the case of caffeine) and phenylethylamine (the Libido, provokes a feeling of infatuation). It also contains antioxidants that improve mood. The preference to just dark chocolate with at least 65% cocoa, but alcohol only in small quantities. But the products and fillers are not suitable (except nuts).

Drinks, that increase the potency of men

The constant use of drinks, which are listed below, helps with the problem with the erection and strengthen the body in General.

Ginger tea
  1. Fresh Juices. Sure, helpful, not placing an additional burden on the body. The undisputed leader is pomegranate juice contains nitrogen (promotes the relaxation of the circulatory system) and improves the blood circulation. Copes with sexual problems, the juice of pumpkin, rich in zinc and other nutrients. Watermelon juice promotes the Vasodilatation, a positive influence on the potency. This also includes all of the juices of fruits/vegetables, in which a lot of Vitamin E. include them to keep in Mind that the juices should be purchased only freshly squeezed and not in the store!
  2. Ginger Tea. Rich in amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, minerals, and contributes therefore to the dilution of the blood and strengthening the walls of blood vessels, stimulates the brain activity, and detoxified. As a result, the male health is improved. To boil this tea, you should be a part of the ginger root (about 2 cm), peel and chop. The resulting mixture filled with boiling water, infuse for 10 minutes. If desired, you can add lemon, honey.

And what is with products that can damage the potency?

Individual products can lead to male malaise, decrease in sexual activity. It is obvious that these products from the diet is desirable to eliminate or at least minimize their number. Everything that has a negative effect on potency, it is impossible to state, therefore you focus only on the main points: meat, alcohol, coriander, coffee, carbonated drinks, soy, Flaxseed oil, full-fat milk.

Finally, note that, in addition to all the above on male viability can be negatively affected, because an excess of salt, sugar and other substances that the person needs daily.