How to improve the potency of folk medicine

If earlier sexual problems of this type related to men in relation to the older age group, which today, unfortunately, this Problem is increasingly concerned about the relatively young representative of the male sex. The quintessential negative influence on the male force, a considerable number of factors that are present in our daily life: Stress, Smoking, alcohol, obesity, etc., The occurrence of problems with potency, men are in a hurry to go to the doctor with such a delicate annoyance attempt, with the disturbance of the sexual functions. Some begin to consume generic drugs potency and irritant, others use traditional remedies for increase of a potentiality, which are often very effective, and cost require virtually no.


First aid in case of weakening of potency

Before you begin, the strengthening of the potency with the help of the means of folk medicine, you need to correct some areas of your life, so that the people's recipes given to maximum efficiency. For the beginning of the stronger sex, the weaknesses you must learn, so this is a tautology. Men have to relax the nervous system, discharge from the daily Stress-depressive effects. Sport and a sensible healthy diet is also a constant companion of the man. But with cigarettes and alcohol recommended, to say goodbye, if you, of course, want to improve the potency.

Testosterone, which begins the base of the male principle, generated actively, if a man gets a sufficient amount of animal fat. Just as a representative of the male extremely important to eat every day meat products: meat, poultry, lean beef, liver.

Well-known aphrodisiacs for a long time than any kind of seafood and meat fish, also recommended to eat parsley and celery, contain a lot of vitamins In-group and zinc, to the secretion of testosterone. Do not forget about fruit and vegetables, which is also very useful for the potency. As soon as the man starts to follow the above recommendations to improve its potency, and if, in addition, Folk remedies for the improvement of the potency, erectile function is restored much faster.

Herbal help

The practice shows that herbal teas and infusions are also very useful in strengthening the male power. Herbs have vessels a widening effect on the blood, have a positive effect on blood circulation, promotes muscle relaxation. Herbal teas usually have a healing effect, they have virtually no side effects. But before the use of traditional medicine is recommended to visit a specialist, since the potency may decrease, and on the background of the very dangerous diseases.


Pretty big for the power use of the nettle. This herb using individual raw materials or in mixtures with other drugs. Mixed with boiling water nettle (per Cup of a tablespoon) takes care of the food. The resulting Cup of nettle Infusion to drink in three steps. It stimulates the genito-urinary functions and improve the actual exchange.

The centuries-old experience of the botanist shows that the nettle is a man is a good helper in the restoration of the potency, strengthens the Libido, and improves erectile function. Not less effective is the blend of nettle seeds, red wine and honey. These components are in equal amounts and take it before the meal. Similar remedy increases Libido and increases potency.


The root of this plant has long been regarded as the strongest Stimulator of the Libido. In the rule for powers of tea to be used with this plant or a tincture. To make a tincture, mix half a tablespoon of crushed root of Ginseng with honey (350 G) and one and a half weeks. You take such means need three times a day. After 1-2-month course of treatment significantly improves the General condition and increases the potency. Experts say that the treatment of this period is sufficient for the removal of very serious disturbances of potency. The effect of Ginseng normalizes the endocrine system, increases the brightness of the male orgasm, stimulates the Libido, and improves erectile function.



This grass is considered to be one of the most useful for the health of men. Use for preventive purposes against prostate adenoma, impotence, Prostatitis, etc.

Thyme is rich in zinc, therefore, able to increase the activity of sperm, the production of testosterone, and the sexual possibilities of the man.

For the treatment of sexual disorders are used an Infusion of thyme, what the dried inflorescences of the plant (tablespoon) pour boiling water (one glass) and drink it throughout the day. The treatment lasts up to half a year.


For increasing the male power often rhizomes used Aira Marsh. You can easily add small pieces of peeled roots, such as chewing gum, do not chew more than three times per day From the roots tincture (1:5), and alcoholic and, although you two weeks, take a couple of drops (20-30) three times per day. Therapeutic course lasts for a month. Calamus root is an effective remedy for exhaustion , in the situation, the reinforcement of the sexual functions and the sexual attraction.


Popular folk recipes

Recipes help in the restoration of male power, are not only limited to herbal teas. In folk medicine, there are many proven ways.


Honey has long been attributed to the strong stimulants of male sexual functions. It is mixed with carrot juice, red-wine, with ginger, with nuts. A pound of nuts mixed with the juice of the Aloe (100 ml) and honey (300 G) and mixing the mixture to 35-40 g. Analog and honey, Aloe juice and red wine (2:1:3), and insist a couple of weeks before the food and drink.

White wine

On the basis of white wine-specific sexual irritation produced agent that works immediately after ingestion. For the preparation you take a litre of white wine, pour a glass of orange juice and half a Cup of lemon juice. Then, the mixture must add 2 tablespoons of honey (canteen), spoon liqueur Beloe vino(El), fresh mint and cardamom, and cloves or cinnamon (a quarter teaspoon). Mix everything and heat up without boiling. The drink should be in the fridge for three days, then filtered and drink shortly before Sex. According to the allegations of this drink, the men tried, the effect is stunning.

Traditional medicine offers a wealth of practical recipes to increase Libido and potency, but they do not fit everyone. Therefore, if the ineffectiveness of a method worth trying another, maybe he will be more efficient. Although an independent treatment, we still recommend consulting a doctor to avoid dangerous consequences.