As the strengthening of potency in men in the home

To know all of the useful, such as strengthening the potency in men in the domestic environment, the intake of foods and natural remedies into your diet. To increase Libido useful to pay attention to diet, physical exercise and life-style. An Alternative to this method is the application of recipes, fees, medicines with natural composition and special instruments, the strengthening of the potency in men.

What is potency

What is potency

In the translation from the Latin, potentia's ability to act means. In medical practice, this is understood to have to commit the ability of the husband high sex , to sexually satisfy a woman and a child. In the concept of potency consists of several components:

  • the sexual desire;
  • Erections ;
  • Ejaculation ;
  • the duration of sexual intercourse .

What affects the potency of the man

On the reduction of the individual components in the term of the potency of the man, the following factors:

  • Cardiovascular diseases - high cholesterol , bad work of the heart decreases erections;
  • Diabetes mellitus ;
  • Obesity ;
  • age-related changes in men, the causes of the violation of Libido, can increase;
  • Oncology, multiple sclerosis , Parkinson's disease , spinal cord injuries ;
  • Depression, Alcoholism, Tobacco Smoking ;
  • heavy loads, are able to mental health problems increase the Problem;
  • Vitamin D in its chemical nature, is a Steroid hormone. A reduction in the concentrations in the organism leads to disruption of the function and of the muscle-skeletal System, and cardiovascular, and of course the sex organs. Vitamin a lack of Vitamin D is associated with a reduced production of testosterone . The quality of the sperm drops ( reduced the number of motile and viable spermatozoa ), which could lead to the development of male infertility. Therefore, it is important for the preservation of men's health and energy, regular intake of Vitamin D , for example, in the Form of chewable tablets Ultra-d. 25 µg (1000 IU) cholecalciferol ( Vitamin D3 ), by the Form of chewable tablets Ultra-D you can take at any time, not washdown require water.

What are the potency increases in men

In addition to the basic physical treatment, or mental health problems increase the potency of men of all ages to stabilize in the following way:

  • the drug therapy. Viathine offers a really strong erection that remains throughout the sexual intercourse. In addition, Viathine orgasm is greatly enhanced. The drug has proven itself in Europe, and recently appeared in Russia, and at an affordable price. Viathine well tolerated, not addictive. The doctors appoint active, if you have problems with potency and allow for the combination of a moderate amount of alcohol;
  • Vacuum device - a hollow plastic cylinders for reinforcement of the blood flow in the Penis ;
  • Drug injection - papaverine, phentolamine, Prostaglandin to increase the circulation of the blood;
  • use Instant to the effect of creams, ointments;
  • the Revision of the power supply, failure of beer;
  • surgical and medical implants, the erectile function is not to help strengthen, when other methods do not work.


Folk Remedies

The most popular question in the case of violation of the Libido: what are the products to increase the potency of men? A normal diet is the key to the normal function of the male reproductive system . According to the recommendations of doctors, men eating 30% fat for hormone production, Protein, phosphorus, zinc and Vitamin E. Useful to include in the diet the following products for potency:

  • with phosphorus - brewer's yeast, bran, pumpkin seeds, almonds, beans, Cheddar cheese, mushrooms, parsley, celery, meat;
  • with zinc - oats, rye, eggs, legumes, beef liver, oysters, ginger, Kohlrabi, olive oil , algae;
  • Vitamin E - whole grain bread, nuts, soya beans , sunflower oil , sunflower seeds , spinach, peanuts , bananas, lamb;
  • a small amount of tea, coffee, a few glasses of alcohol do no harm to the flow of blood to the genitals of the man .

Folk Remedies

From the methods of traditional medicine, the following decoctions and tinctures of medicinal plants used to increase potency in men:

  • a decoction of nettle dioecious in an amount of from soup spoon to a glass before a meal for the promotion of the urinary functions;
  • the blend of nettle seed, red wine and honey for increase of a potentiality;
  • Herbal tea with Ginseng and honey, or a tincture made from the root of the plant;
  • the Infusion of thyme glass of the drink per day is used to treat sexual disorders;
  • Pieces of dried calamus root;
  • a mixture of honey, carrot juice, red wine, ginger and nuts;
  • Drink warmed up, white wine, juice of orange and lemon, honey, mint, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

As for the improvement of the potency

Are suffering from sexual dysfunction interested in how to improve the potency in men a natural way. The most popular answers to this question are the revision of the diet for the proper, appropriate physical exercise and special exercises for the stimulation of the genitourinary system. Men useful, the standard of the received alcohol, to get rid of obesity, Stress and nervous overload track. Should improve the quality of your sleep and only in the absence of the effect of all of the possibilities that pills and stimulants potency.

The methods of the increase of

Doctors-urologists arrange the following fundamental factors, which are able to strengthen the potency in males:

  • Food;
  • traditional methods;
  • Training;
  • Taking medications;
  • Psychotherapy;
  • in addition to these men, to check the recommended hormones.



TOP 5 products are in the list for stimulating the Libido. This is what the improvement of the potency of men nutritionists advise:

  • camel stomach takes in dried Form or in the Form of an alcoholic tincture half an hour before the sexual intercourse;
  • Oysters - rich in zinc and rare amino acids that stimulate the production of testosterone and increase the volume of semen , you need to be raw, preferably fished in the spring;
  • Flounder fish contains useful zinc, amino acids, vitamins A and E, is better, cook it for a few, steaming or cooking;
  • boiled mackerel - another useful fish for men due to the content in the composition of the Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, in the strengthening of potency, increase the amount of sperm by iodine;
  • Kohlrabi - a vegetable can be eaten raw or boiled Form, mixed with honey, and pureed carrots or cow's milk.

To improve the potency of folk medicine

Among the tips, such as the strengthening of the potency in men popular are the methods of therapy are:

  • the blend of walnuts and honey - take a tablespoon after eating 2-3 times per day rate per month, and food instead of between meals;
  • Tea with the addition of cloves, ginger, or saffron normalizes erectile function;
  • two tablespoons of St. John's wort pour a glass of hot water, leave for an hour, strain, drink 50 ml three times per day;
  • four tablespoons of root vegetables, parsnip mash with six spoons of sugar, boil for 15 minutes, leave for eight hours, drink three times a day one tablespoon before meals;
  • Tea made from hop cones of the drink half a Cup twice-three times per day course of one and a half months for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

How to train potency

How to train potency

Good methods, such as the potency, special exercises, in the daily exercise of the men. A half-hour start-up time hours of instruction per day erections to increase five times. Here are a few useful exercises for eliminating erectile dysfunction problems:

  • 10 seconds standing, sitting and lying down, tighten the muscles of the perineum , imagine that the bladder, the jet of urine when emptying the urine;
  • you are, hands down, reduce, run, lifting the knees as high as possible;
  • get up, a bit of bending the knee, tightening and relaxing your gluteal muscles, presented the trapped stone between them;
  • run on the spot, without socks from the ground, only the heels;
  • you lay on your back, half bend knees, lean feet on the floor, lift the pelvis;
  • Supine position, legs spread apart, tension in the muscles of the perineum between the Anus and testicles;
  • sit on a chair, make yourself mentally buckwheat, try to "collect" them, the muscles of the buttocks .