How effective are the methods of penis enlargement are?

Marketers claim that the extension cords, vacuum devices, tablets and lotions can enlarge the dimensions of the Penis. But whether all of these methods are effective? And how are you sure?

Dimensions of the Penis — the most common source of worry for men. This concern led to the emergence of a whole industry to increase the sexual members. The turnover of the world market of the goods and services amounts to millions of dollars per year.

In the current article we will the effectiveness and side effects of the methods of penis enlargement. We also discuss the average length and girth of the male Penis, and explain under what circumstances, men should consult a doctor.

Whether men the size of your Penis increase?


Most of the men want to increase the size of his Penis, have a normal, i.e., length and girth of your Penis enable you to implement normal sexual function and urination.

Manufacturers claim that their products, including tablets, creams and stretching devices, the increase in the size of the Penis. Some men with this Problem, also apply to the variant with the surgical enlargement. However, experts of the American urologists believe that almost all of these methods are ineffective.

Under each of the Penis enlargement methods are explained in further detail.

Fitness devices for the Penis

Fitness devices are for increasing the size of the Penis by stretching its tissue. The man puts the load on the Penis or other device, careful stretching.

In 2010, American scientists an overview of the point out published that the growing are devices the only scientifically well-founded technique for the extension of the Penis. The experts stated that the effectiveness of this technique can not surgery give.

Stretching devices are the Central object of several studies, which gave mixed results. In some cases experts noted that such devices are able to increase the length of the Penis by 1-3 inches.

In most studies, the participants used the devices for enlargement of the Penis within 4-6 hours daily. Only in one study, test subjects the fixtures contributed to 9 hours of the day.

The researchers were also able to learn, to improve, whether stretching device perspectives of patients, surgery on the Penis.

However, one must admit that the evidence for the effectiveness of Stretching devices are limited. Scientists should further study in order to install a more accurate feasibility and security of your applications. At the Moment, the American Association of urologists recommends the use of this method for penis enlargement.

Vacuum Device

Typical vacuum device is a tube that fits over the Penis. By suction of the air inside the tube is a vacuum, this provides extra blood flow in the Penis, thereby increasing the dimensions of the latter.

Men often use vacuum devices for the treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction. There is no serious scientific evidence that such devices are able to enlarge the dimensions of the Penis.

Pills and lotions

The modern market offers a wide variety of tablets and creams that are according to the statements of manufacturers, will be able to enlarge the dimensions of the Penis. Such compositions contain large amounts of various vitamins, minerals, herbal components or hormones.

There is no serious scientific evidence that with the help of tablets and lotions for men increase the dimensions of the Penis.

Operations on the Penis

There are two basic types of operations to increase the size of Penis.

The augmentation of the Penis represents an injectable entry in the Penis fat cells. Doctors can increase the thickness of the Penis, and in some cases the length.

To understand men, the pull breast enlargement surgery, the Penis, that this procedure poses serious risks. Among the side effects of the following:

  • Swelling of the Penis;
  • penile curvature.

If the side effects will manifest in severe, the patient may need removal of the Penis.

During the Operation, men can fat cells from another part of the body in the Penis to be transplanted. These less invasive method of augmentation. On average, there is an increase in the Penis to 2.39–2,65 cm within 12 months.

However, the body may lose from 20% to 80% increase in volume within one year after the Operation. To achieve acceptable results people to endure multiple operations.

The second type of Operation provides for the overlapping of the attachment of the ligaments of the Penis.

This ligament holds the Penis to the pubic bone area and provides support to the authority during erection. Notching her the surgeon the angle of the Penis, making the last one takes a longer view.

In average Operation, for the fastening of the ligaments of the Penis to its length of 1 to 3 inches, but the index of satisfaction increased with the results of this process were lower than in the patients, as well as the sexual partner. The fact that there is no sufficient support in the Penis during erection more difficult vagina, the introduction of the Penis into the

Taking into account the above-described difficulties of the American Association of urology does not believe that Penis enlargement surgery is neither safe nor effective.

The average size of the Penis

Penis size

The size and shape of Penis in different men in very different ways.

In 2014, British scientists presented data from the study, which involved about 15,5 thousand men, in different regions of the world. On the basis of the results of this study revealed the following:

  • the average dimensions of the Penis is 9.16 cm long and 9,31 cm in circumference.
    the average dimensions of the erect Penis 13,12 cm long and 11,66 cm in circumference, respectively.

The authors point out that only 5% of men had a Penis, the length of which exceeded in the case of the erection of 16 cm in the same proportion of subjects, the length of the Penis was smaller than 10 centimeters.

The cases In which men may have recourse to surgery?

The medical community believes that surgery is appropriate only in cases, in which men in a state, the term refers to a small Penis. It is diagnosed when the length of the erect Penis larger than 7.5 inches.

Risks and side effects of penis enlargement

Penis-enlargement-surgery condition, are able to the side effects, including swelling and infection. Sometimes these side effects are manifest in such a severe extent that the doctors have to remove the Penis.

Surgical procedures are able to also cause erectile dysfunction.

In addition, misuse of devices vacuum cause damage to the tissues of the Penis, and it is also causes the problems with erection.

How to enhance sexual life?

Negative thoughts about the size of the Penis can press sexual satisfaction among. In the overwhelming majority of the penis enlargement methods are ineffective, but counseling are able to increase self-esteem and the failure to change the understanding of men on your body.

Among the most effective methods are also the shaving of the pubic hair, which enlarges the Penis visually.

In addition, you should understand to reduce that excess fat deposits in the abdominal area, the type of Penis.

When you need to go to the doctor?

For the benefit of the communication with the doctor people, the health condition, the da has a name can get.

There are two types of PRD, but each of them consists in the underestimation of the size of your own Penis and re-evaluation of the size of the penis in other people.

PRD can lead to depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. Some men suffer from this disorder, observe the problems with potency, and low satisfaction with Sex.

PRD is one of the types of physical BDD. This term is defined in the medical practice, the excessive worry of the people, describes the appearance of his body in relation to the existence of apparent anatomical defects.

Syndrome of small Penis

In this condition, the man worried what others think, your Penis is too small. Because of such experiences, you do not want to undress in the presence of other people.


Many men are worried about the size of their sexual organs. Such a worry has developed, the rapid development of a large market of goods and services in order to enlarge Penis.

But there is only limited evidence for the use of such funds. In addition, some of them are fraught with high risks.

If the man is experienced about the size of his Penis, he can discuss this with your doctor.